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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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Matte shadows. Too Faced. Warm tones. It was always going to happen some way or another at some point or another. I know I justified my using my Too Faced Natural Matte Palette palette to purchase the Tarte Toasted Palette but I think it’s more appropriate to justify the acquisition of this gorgeous new palette from the same brand instead. I’m babbling now - in writing - because obviously I didn’t need another warm toned palette and it was an excessive purchase since I have so many other palettes but its happened, I’m thrilled with the palette and so let’s move onto the actual review portion of this here saga.

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette
£33 - Too Faced Store, Carnaby Street

This palette contains 12 eyeshadows each the same size (Natural Mattes had those ridiculously large highlighting shades I never really used and I kind of resented) and the palette as a whole leans very warm with an underlying peach theme about it. They shadows are described as velvet mattes with an intense colour pay-off and a peaches and cream scent. The formula is infused with peach and fig to lend some moisturising properties to the shadows, or so they say. It comes in a gorgeous medium sized compact that is secure and would travel well with a large mirror inside and the names of each shade printed beneath the pans.

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First of all, this palette is gorgeous. It looks like yet another warm toned palette but once you use the palette you realise these shades have something different about them. They all work together really well with some unique shades in the mix, at least to me. I am so accustomed to having a few different versions of brown to choose from but this palette actually forces me to try new hues and looks because the shades are so different to what I already have in my collection. There are a couple of shades here that actually terrify me but I’m not writing them off at all because I feel like the rest of the palette will actually make it easier for me to create looks with these shades without looking completely crazy or making me feel super uncomfortable.

The shadows are super pigmented so you definitely need a light hand when it comes to using this palette, especially with the deeper shades. The upside is that they are so buttery and easy to blend so even if you apply too much it’s not the end of the world (as can be the case with my Lorac Pro Matte). I find these shadows last on my relatively oily lids really well over the hours, and I’ve tried them without a cream shadow base and it’s been just as long lasting which is super impressive.

This palette is not an every day palette for every one the way Natural Mattes is with a selection of staple shades you can use to create very neutral and everyday looks. This is for those that truly love warm tones and are not afraid to try a bolder eye look for their day to day makeup. That’s not to say you can’t create more subtle looks with this because you absolutely can. It’s just that the shades and intensity of this palette would appeal more to those who want to try different looks with one palette and aren’t looking just for office-appropriate makeup.

I’ll admit I’m yet to fully experiment with the deep wine shade or the bright neon peach but even still I’ve been able to create so many looks with just this one palette. So if you’re someone who likes to have the ability to mix up your looks with one palette, you will enjoy this. I quite like doing a plain but bright peach eye with a winged liner and equally enjoy a dark smokey reddish brown look with the shades in this. And all the looks in between.

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I love the names of these shades as they all go with the theme of the palette without being crude or silly, which I never really understood with the Natural Mattes, even though they may have used the word Peach one too many times ;) When I first got this home I had my eye on the shade Fresh Picked which I was convinced I would use the most. Having used the palette I've come to realise that Peach Cobbler is very similar and in fact when I use them on my lids or in the crease, you cannot tell the difference between them. Aside from this, all the shades are distinct and look different on my eyes.

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Peach Meringue (ivory) - I rarely use this kind of shade but I appreciate having it there for all over the lid or as a matte brow bone highlighter
Peach Tea (caramel) - this has become my most used shade so far as it looks great all over the lid and in the crease for a nude eye look
Peach Cobbler (toasted peach) - a beautiful light warm crease shade
Peach Tart (deep brown) - a deep smokey shade or lower lash line shade
Peach Butter (peach cream) - 
Just Peachy (matte peach) - another highlighter shade I don't use that often
Peach Punch (peach daiquiri) - a very bright shades I've only tried as a pop of colour along my lower lash line
Just Ripe (spiced plum) - a gorgeous shade to create more reddish purple toned looks
Peaches and Cream (peach sherbet) - a light peach I'm loving for brightening my entire eye lid and as a base
Fresh-Picked (ginger peach) - one of my favourites for the whole eye especially in the crease
Peach Sangria (wine) - the only non-matte shade, this deep burgundy has a slight shimmery finish and is one that I'm yet to properly try in a look
Chocolate Dipped (smoky brown) - a deep neutral blackened brown perfect to use as a liner or for smoking out the eye look

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The only downside to this palette is that it is only available to purchase directly from the Too Faced Store in Carnaby Street here in London. I live in London but have only managed to visit Carnaby Street once in the last 5 years, so imagine what an oversight this decision is for every one else living all over the U.K. You can’t purchase it online unless you buy it from Too Faced or Sephora and have it shipped over. I’m hoping they do eventually make this available across Debenhams stores and online because I do believe so many people would enjoy this palette if they could easily get their hands on it.

Other than that, I would say this palette is a great addition to my collection. The quality of the shadows has impressed me even more so than the Natural Matte, which I am still in love with.

Do you need this palette? Probably not if you have lots of warm toned shadows in your collection. Are these shades absolutely unique? Again, if you have an extensive collection, probably not and you could perhaps recreate this entire palette. But if you love playing with makeup and you enjoy trying new things and you love intense warm toned shades, then I know you will love this palette as much as I do.

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Do you like the look of this palette and the shades? Is this a palette you would buy if it was available easily online? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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