3 Hydrating Primers Perfect For Dehydrated Skin

Friday, March 09, 2018

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My skin can be quite fussy and high-maintenance given that it’s made up of an oily t-zone and a combination periphery that is also dehydrated in parts. With my skincare I address these different needs accordingly and even with makeup sometimes I find myself needing to make certain adjustments. When it comes to primers, I can’t skip them as I firmly believe they aid in the longevity and overall look of my makeup. But I also cannot apply something completely mattifying all over my skin without resulting in a horrible, patchy, flaky mess. So for me a hydrating primer is invaluable and thankfully I’ve come across some that not only keep my skin feeling happy but work to grip my makeup better in the places I need makeup to last too.

The first time I ever came across a hydrating primer that didn’t result in me looking like an oily shiny mess was This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up | £25.50. This beautiful concoction is really nourishing but leaves a matte finish to the skin. The best of both worlds for my combination dehydrated skin! I can use this over greasy oils or serums and it will lock all the hydration into place but give me a slip-free surface to layer makeup onto. I was actually surprised when I first tried Pixi Rose Flash Balm* |£26 because it is incredibly similar to this, with a hydrating formula that also provides quite a smooth, non-greasy base for makeup. Both of these can be used as straight-up moisturisers or primers or both, allowing you to skip an extra step should you choose to. To me they are very comparable with the Pixi differing only with its delicate rose scent. I do however prefer the pump tube packaging of the This Works but in terms of product performance, I couldn’t choose between them.

If you are looking for a hydrating primer that doesn’t lean more matte in finish then you can’t go wrong with Too Faced Hangover Primer* | £27 which I’d heard rave reviews about for so long that I’m thrilled to finally try it and see for myself why. This is an incredibly sophisticated formula that keeps skin feeling and looking supple while keeping makeup in place and looking better for longer throughout the day. Some people may say this is just a moisturiser but I don’t think any hydrating moisturiser could lock my makeup onto my skin for longer than a couple of hours before the oils in my skin begin to break it all down. But this primer stops that from happening while keeping my skin from feeling dry or dehydrated throughout the day. I don’t think my skin will benefit from this in the summer when my skin is less dehydrated and more oilier but for the winter cold this has been absolutely perfect. And it has a beautiful and light coconut scent that I can’t get enough of.

What kind of primers do you need for your skin? Have you tried any of these that I've mentioned? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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