Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer vs Naked Skin Concealer

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

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Whenever I get a new concealer, I compare it to my Urban Decay Naked Skin concealers because I love the formula so much and the two shades (Med Dark Warm & Med Neutral) I have work so well for me. So when I was kindly gifted the new Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer, I was even more curious to see how they’d compare to one another. I’ve mostly been wearing one on each side of my face for the last few weeks just to see for myself. It should be noted that I don't use concealer to spot-conceal and this is my comparison review based only on using them on my under-eye area...

Naked Skin Concealer | £19.50 offers a medium, buildable coverage with a demi-matte finish. It’s one of my favourite concealers because it performs well for everyday makeup and special occasion makeup just as well. It is a weightless creamy formula that is easy to work with and has a flexible sponge tip applicator that doesn’t tug or pull on the under eye area.

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An extension to their popular foundation line of the same name, the All Nighter Concealer | £20 promises full and matte coverage in a long lasting and waterproof formula. It comes in 14 shades, beautiful gun metal packaging to match the foundation and has a stiff doe-foot applicator.

I have both in the same shade Medium Dark Warm but I feel like the Naked Skin version has a touch more yellow to it, adds just enough brightness while concealing my under eye area and matches me really well. The All Nighter is slightly darker and warmer to begin with and also oxidises on my skin quite badly. It applies fine but after about 30 mins it looks quite orange. I have to use my BenNye Banana Powder to counteract some of the darkness.

In my swatches I only demonstrated how it darkens after 5 minutes but on my face over time it darkens to a much deeper shade.

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The formula is also noticeably different between the two as you’d expect since one is meant to be weightless and luminous on the skin while the other is full coverage and long lasting. So naturally the formula of All Nighter is thicker and drier than the Naked Skin and I find the stiff doe-foot applicator actually makes the situation worse because it tugs and pulls on my under eye area. I use a damp sponge to blend out my concealer and you have to work quite quickly with the All Nighter as it does seem to set. It doesn’t move around as easily as the Naked Skin, which is so creamy and spreads really nicely all over the area.

The All Nighter is a much more drying formula than the Naked Skin so you have to make sure your under eye area is very hydrated or it will look really unflattering whereas with Naked Skin you can kind of blend it to suit your skin type and my under eyes never look overly sunken or creased. All Nighter is so drying though that it does accentuate any fine lines and texture. I don’t even need to powder the All Nighter if I choose not to because it does set in place and has such a matte finish whereas with Naked Skin I have to powder it to keep it locked in place. I still find myself setting the All Nighter out of habit though especially as a means to add some extra brightness to the area.

In terms of staying power, I don’t think there’s any significant difference for me because I set them exactly the same way and I don’t think I generally wear makeup for long enough during the day to say more. I can say the All Nighter does last a long time but having worn them together I can’t see any difference after even 8 hours. The only way they differ for me is that the All Nighter is more resilient and doesn’t fade even if I touch the area by accident while Naked Skin is more likely to transfer or come off.

Also, a final note about how much product you get in each tube. With Naked Skin you get 5ml but shockingly the slightly more expensive All Nighter only contains 2.4ml of product. As much as I appreciate the sexy packaging, I wish that didn’t comprise the amount of product. And yes, this might not be the kind of concealer you reach for everyday but rather if you have a party or special occasion to attend and you’ll need less product as it’s more full coverage, it still seems cheeky that they’ve halved the product quantity.

Personally I think I still prefer the Naked Skin which is just easier to work with and lasts as well as I need it to. If you have plump and hydrated under-eye areas and next to no lines, then you will enjoy the All Nighter. It’s not a bad formula at all...I just feel it’s predecessor is tough competition and this time I remain unmoved in my love for the Naked Skin Concealer.

Have you tried either or both of these concealers? What are your thoughts? Will you be trying the All Nighter? What is your go-to under-eye concealer that you measure all other products against? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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