Bright & Warm Scents I Am In Love With For Spring

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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It doesn’t feel like Spring out there but it does look like it with a few blossoms popping up here and there and the sun reminding us how glorious it can be. I don’t tend to choose perfume based on the season and usually reach for what ever is closest or if I’m really thinking about it I’ll pick one for a very specific reason. My current favourites all have a touch of the floral with bright and warm notes and smell completely different to one another. And a part of me feels like I’m wishing Spring warmth and freshness to arrive a lot sooner every time I reach for them.

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken* | £25 is a light yet sensual perfume that I find myself reaching for over all others these days. It has notes of pink peppercorn, Peony and musk and while it isn’t the longest lasting scent, it is truly what I would describe as a pretty scent that I love being enveloped in. The rose gold packaging and the very appealing price point also make this a fragrance I am happy to recommend to everyone. Im getting through this a lot faster than I normally do with perfumes and I know I’ll be making sure another bottle of this is in my life as soon as it ends.

For evenings I’ve been using Penhaligon's Empressa | £134 which I’ve mentioned before is a perfume that my husband bought for me because he says it reminds him of my natural scent. The weirdest part is, I can’t actually smell this much and don’t think of it as anything but a decent perfume. But every time I use it my husband recognises it instantly and loves it which makes me love it. So I like to apply this before he gets home since he’s the only one that can smell it and truly enjoy it. This is described as a bright, soft scent and I do get hints of the bergamot, rose and vanilla if I try to smell it really hard but it’s not intoxicating or heavy. The bottle is so pretty and definitely gives me Spring vibes with its little fresh green bow.

I would say my signature scent is Givenchy Very Irresistible | £72 as I’ve been using it for the last 12 years and have used countless bottles and tried so many of its variations. For me, this original version remains the best and one that I have so many fond memories with that come rushing back with every spritz. This is a perfume that I like to reserve now for special occasions or when I want to feel super special but there was a time when this was my go-to everyday scent. It’s a little too intense for me these days and so I use it sparingly. Considering I love and am drawn towards sweet gourmand smells, this is a very floral heavy and warm scent that just becomes more and more beautiful with time on my skin. And lately its been giving me all the vibes for the impending Spring season.

What perfume are you loving right now? Do you prefer floral, musky or sweet scents? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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