Beauty Products You Won't See Me Rushing To Buy

Monday, February 19, 2018

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You know we have a perceived version of our self and then there’s the actual reality of who we are? Well this is a post talking about all the things I think I steer clear of and don’t tend to buy when it comes to all things beauty. The reality of course is very different (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here) and in fact I’ve purchased a number of these things in the last month alone! So yes, this is a lighthearted post meant to be taken in jest. It’s just a list of things I tend not to be interested in purchasing or buy very often although it seems everyone else does. 

Again, perceived vs actual self...

I know being a foundation junkie is almost synonymous with being a makeup lover. We are always on the hunt for that perfect base product. But I just don’t seem attracted to trying out lots of foundations. I have my firm favourites and on the rare occasion I will add a new foundation to my collection. I just think it’s difficult to finish off a full bottle without commitment so I tend to keep my collection quite trim. Also I am usually years behind in trying out popular foundations for this reason. (Of course I broke this trend very recently - read my review of the new NARS foundation here).

I talked about this recently in my highlighter collection post. I love using highlighters but I just don’t see the sense in collecting them because I use the smallest amount of highlighter with each makeup look. So it would take me 'a lifetime' to get through even one highlighter I would assume. Therefore I don’t have an extensive collection and I don’t rush to purchase every new sparkling shimmering work of art despite wishing I owned them all. Again, I went against what I think of myself here too as I purchased a brand new highlighter recently. Though in my defence it is a mini. Hah!

Celeb brands/pseudo-celeb collaborations

This might be controversial but I just don’t get the hype with these kinds of brands or products. Maybe it’s because I don’t know most of the celebrities or YouTubers or don’t watch them and what not. Sometimes it’s because I just don’t find myself interested in them or I’ve taken a disliking to them for some random reason. Either way, even if I think a product or brand looks fab or sounds great, if it has an associated pseudo-celeb/celeb name tag, I just look the other way. It’s a personal thing and it’s not because I don’t like to support people. I just don’t care for them or know them enough to be interested. In the past there have been products I’ve purchased that were collabs but I wasn’t aware or I didn’t know who the celebrity was - aka Gerard Cosmetics 1995 lipstick & Colourpop with Kathleen Lights & KaePop?!?

Bath Bombs
There was a time when I had a massive long list of bath bombs I wanted to try after watching endless mesmerising videos on Instagram. What I didn’t realise was that Lush stores are packed to the brim with younger people trying to pick up Zoella’s or whoever’s latest favourite bathing treat. And on top of that, Bath Bombs seem to entertain my girls more than me. And they do nothing exemplary for my skin. So they definitely have no appeal. They are quite a pricey treat too and really I’d rather indulge in a Laura Mercier Honey Bath (call me old, I’m embracing it) than traipse through the sweet scented bubble factory that makes my children swoon and me a little sick.

I don’t buy perfumes for myself anymore. As I’ve grown up, I’ve come to realise that perfumes are like jewellery. They should be gifted to one and not on one’s own shopping list for one's self. Aren’t I the entitled one today? But seriously though, it’s one of those products that I much prefer to be gifted. Maybe it’s because I like gifting perfumes. Or because I’ve been spoilt by a perfume obsessed husband. Either way, I rarely buy myself perfumes anymore (or at least that's what she believes about herself because she's actually bought herself 3 in the last 12 months alone)!

Over hyped limited edition collections
I understand why brands need too keep things fresh and interesting by dropping limited edition collections. I personally do think that there may be one too many these days with hardly a two week period going by before another one drops in honour of some obscure occasion or another. But it’s the hype that puts me off. If a product is that good, a brand will make it a permanent product. And I personally don’t want things in my collection that I might fall in love with but that I can’t recommend to anyone else because it’s no longer available to purchase. And while we here, I’ve lost so much respect for people in the past that buy more than one LE product only to go on to sell it for a much higher price tag a few weeks down the line, claiming they “accidentally bought 14 of them...oops!”. Rolling my eyes so hard! (And excuse me being all judgemental when I myself own and LOVE a couple of killer limited edition palettes)!

Brush sets
When I first discovered Real Techniques I bought their eye set. And since then I’ve never purchased a brush set. I’ve been sent a few and I only tend to use a couple of the face brushes and maybe one of the eye brushes. So for that reason I only purchase single brushes. I’d much rather get one brush that I like the shape of that works for me than a whole set of brushes. To me this just makes more sense. Also, if I did buy a full set, I would feel like I would have to use all of them even if it doesn’t work for me or doesn’t do the job just right. Just so it doesn’t seem like a waste of money.

What beauty products do you feel you avoid purchasing? Do you have any beauty buying habits you think you have when in reality you are the complete opposite? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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