A Pre-Beauty Sleep Skin Ritual For Brighter & Plumper Skin

Friday, February 09, 2018

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Once a week I take one night out from my usual skincare routines to treat myself to some extra masking time and to focus on nourishing and repairing my skin. Currently I am alternating between a retinoid night and an exfoliation night so at the end of the week I indulge in some soothing and hydrating products to give my skin a little extra pamper and time off from any actives. It’s all about layering the hydration for me right now since my skin is at its driest and most dehydrated and I find these products work so well to give me the perfect beauty sleep routine. My skin always feels and looks so much brighter and plumper the next morning and I look forward to this night so much that I’m thinking of increasing the frequency of this pre-beauty sleep skin ritual.

Starting with a double cleanse, Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm | £39 is a beautiful multipurpose balm that makes the cleansing ritual so luxurious. Packed with botanical extracts and essential oils, this gorgeously scented balm softens upon contact with skin and melts away every scrap of makeup. It emulsifies nicely too so you can go in and add some water to turn it all into a milky cleanse before removing with a warm damp flannel. Following on from this I like to apply a decent layer of Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser | £18 and leave it on my skin for 2 minutes while I brush my teeth. It contains glycolic acid for a gentle exfoliating cleanse. Not only is this cleanser fabulous because it doubles as a quick detoxifying mask, it also softens my skin instantly and never leaves it feeling dry or stripped.

Next I focus on layering up the hydration and while a mist isn’t entirely necessary here, I am just enjoying this one too much not to reach for it at every opportunity. Pyunkang Yul Toner Mist | £9.50 has a simple and effective 5 ingredient list made up mainly of coptis japonica root extract (over 90%) which is an ingredient that calms and hydrates the skin while also having anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It’s the perfect way to neutralise the skin after acid toning and in this routine serves as the first layer of hydration. Following this I perform a few “Skins” with Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner | £33.90. If you are unfamiliar with the '7 Skin Method', it involves patting a hydrating toner into your skin in 7 light layers to thoroughly moisturise and hydrate your skin. I rarely do the full 7 even though it doesn’t take long, mainly because I get bored quickly, but to make the most of this routine it’s worth the extra effort. This toner is perfect for this too as it is a waterless, alcohol-free toner that doubles as an essence with its bouncy formula enriched with botanical extracts. There’s a reason this product is so popular the world over.

Next up I use a hydrating sheet mask to seal all that goodness in and my current favourite happens to be super luxurious and a pleasant experience all round. Blossom Jeju White Camellia Soombi Vitamin Mask* | £5 is a two part mask that fits my face surprisingly well and the first step of camellia oil is what makes this mask so much more effective and beautiful. The oil is rich and nourishing without being heavy and the serum of the mask seems to work in such harmony, lacing the skin in a silky layer of moisture. This is the kind of mask that I use and I’m never in doubt that it’s done my skin some good.

Another step you can skip is a facial oil and I’m currently using Goodness Organic Chia Seed Oil which is rich in fatty acids and truly nourishes the skin. It has a very earthy scent and thick texture. I use this oil a number of ways, for example by adding it to clay masks and mixed into moisturisers, but for my dehydrated winter skin it’s serving me best straight up, patted into my skin. It locks in all the hydration I’ve achieved from the previous layers and gives my skin that extra nutrition it craves throughout the day.

blossom jeju pink camellia soombi blooming vitamin sleeping mask, emma hardie moringa cleansing balm

Finally, just before getting into bed I apply a layer of Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Blooming Vitamin Sleeping Mask* | £41 (currently on offer for £36.90). This gel is formulated with anti-oxidant rich camellia and hyaluronic acid to work to protect, hydrate and improve the appearance of skin overnight. Niacinamide is also present along with other skin soothing and antioxidant rich ingredients such as arginine, liquorice root extract and centella asiatica to make this an absolute work-horse of a skin treat. It feels slightly cooling on the skin and stays put throughout the night, locking everything thing while pumping the skin with all of the goodness ready for the day ahead. Of course the matter is made all the more pleasant thanks to the beautiful packaging and divine but subtle floral scent. All skin types, even those with severely sensitive or even oily skin would enjoy this as it isn’t heavy or irritating at all.

And the ritual is worth it in the morning. The mask leaves a slight tack to the skin, which is always reassuring. And my skin looks so much brighter, plumper and clarified. It even feels softer to the touch. Makeup always seems to glide on with no dry patches in sight. As I mentioned earlier, I am definitely thinking of increasing this from a weekly ritual to a bi-weekly treat.

Do you have a pre-Beauty Sleep skin ritual that you can count on to transform your skin? What products do you rely on to help your skin overnight? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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