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Monday, February 05, 2018

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There was a time when good, affordable brushes were a thing of legends and for this reason my first ever makeup brushes were high end ones from Bobbi Brown. Thankfully only a year after purchasing them I would go on to discover more budget friendly brushes that performed just as well. And that movement was mainly down to Real Techniques. I remember watching Pixiwoo videos back in the day and would see them using these beautiful coloured brushes not realising that Sam was the creator of the line herself. It was only when me and my sister went to Boots to get some of these brushes that I put two and two together...well after seeing Sam’s picture on the back of the packaging that is. Haha! Long story short, almost 6 years on I still love my Real Techniques brushes and while I don’t have many of their newer more fancier versions, for me it’s mainly their original brushes that I still use daily and couldn’t be without.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | £8.99

This is my holy grail foundation brush. This was my first ever buffing brush and it changed my life. You have to remember, before that I was using the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush which is one of those classic flat paint brushes that would apply product but was useless at blending out foundation. So when I got my hands on this, the game was changed. Within a couple of minutes I could have a flawless base, blended with no lines of demarcation and looking like my skin with no streaks. And it’s still my go-to brush for foundation despite trying so many others. When this is too dirty or drying, I genuinely miss it. None of them quite do it as well as this brush does it for me. And what’s more impressive is that this exact brush is the one I bought all those years ago which is great because it proves how well it has held up.

Real Techniques 2 Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges | £5.99

These are actually the newest products from the brand that I love as my other favourites were released either right at the beginning or soon after. These little sponges are marketed as makeup erasers which are meant to help you correct any mistakes or clean up edges. But for me, they are the best tools for blending and setting under eye concealer. They fit perfectly into the space under my eyes and reach right up into the inner corner and they have a good bounce to them. I can no longer blend and set concealer without them which is why I have so many (also they’re super bouncy and wriggly little buggers and I’ve lost a couple of them!). I use them damp to blend out my concealer, and find they move the product easily and absorb just enough of the excess. And with whatever dampness is left on the sponge, setting or baking the under-eye area is a breeze as I simply pat on some powder and my concealer always appears flawless and stays put thanks to these.

Real Techniques Angled Eyeliner Brush (as part of Ultimate Eye Set) | £7.49

I bought this original eye brush set years and years ago (and remember paying much more for it too) and although I still reach for most of the other brushes in the set, this is the one I use almost every day. It’s the best brush I have found for applying my brow powders as it’s the perfect thickness and length for my brows. I’ve tried using smaller ones and just find it takes me far too long to get my brows done. This one is larger and angled so I can get the powder in place quickly and get a nice sharp brow tip. To this day, this brush has held up so well with no shedding and I couldn’t recommend it enough if you like filling in your brows with a powder.

Real Techniques Setting Brush | £6.99

Over the last few years, this is the only makeup brush I had more than one of. And just recently I spotted a bargain and picked up a few more. Why would I need so many of the same brush you ask? This brush is an excellent multi-tasking tool that I just couldn’t do my makeup without. It’s smaller and tapered making it easy to set under-eye concealer and even buff out concealer (this was my favourite method until those mini sponges came out) and it works just as well to powder the face by focusing on each area separately. I mostly use it to apply highlighter because it picks up just enough product and blends it out for that diffused, blended sheen. It works to buff out cream products, apply powder blushers and bronzers, buff all makeup today, even to apply brow bone highlight. Basically this does it all! I keep one in my handbag at all times and thankfully it’s nice and compact and not get easily damaged. I didn’t realise they changed the colour to a more vibrant hot pink over the years but regardless, I still love this brush and cannot recommend it enough. I now have 4 of them in rotation so trust me when I say, you need this brush!

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Contour Brush (as part of the Duo Fibre Collection) | £23.99

This is another good multi-tasking brush that allows a more natural looking finish to makeup. It doesn’t pick up as much product and makes it easier to build up the intensity of the pigmentation. I love this for blusher, bronzer and highlighter alike and I love the diffused finish it gives my makeup. You can use this with cream products too but I prefer it with powders. It’s the perfect shape and size for my face and despite trying so many other contour brushes or bronzer brushes, I still come back to this. Mine is from an older version of the set but I have checked and it’s still available but with coloured handles. I also really like the eye brush from the set but found the powder brush a little too big for my liking.

Wish List

As you can tell, I have such a soft spot for their classic brushes and am still yet to try their Buffing Brush, Contour Brush and Sculpting Brush. I also have my eye on their new Powder Bleu line because I am sure I would enjoy using those too.

What are your favourite RT brushes? Which affordable brush brand do you find yourself drawn to? Let me know....

Sal xxx
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