Ten Things I Love About Beauty Blogging

Monday, January 15, 2018

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Beauty blogging is first and foremost a hobby for me. My blog isn't that big and I don't have blogging goals like others nor do I check my stats more than once a year (Google Analytics makes zero sense to me) but my blog has become an important part of my life. I assume everyone that chooses to do this comes into this for their own reasons. Because I can't imagine everyone else does it for the same reasons that I did and still do. I could never put into words, not publicly anyway, why my blog came into existence, what it meant to me then and why it is still such a precious thing to me. But I've been thinking about all the things that I love about having a beauty blog and thought I'd share them with you.


I’ve always been a writer. That weird girl at school that always carried a tatty journal around and secretly wrote random things in it all day. That was me. Stacks of notebooks with scribbled stories and illustrated poems. (I still have them in a box - I was pretty morbid as a teenager. Haha!) So of course I love blogging because it involves me writing.


On the surface, I don’t think people who don’t blog realise how much work actually goes into each blog post. But I love every aspect of it despite it being time-consuming and a lot of work. Okay, some parts I like less but I see them as cogs turning the same wheel and that makes it all enjoyable still. From scribbling down ideas for posts or thoughts on a specific product, to composing pictures, editing, researching, writing, hyperlinking (bane of my life) to promoting posts, connecting with others and their blogs, replying to emails and comments and the list goes on. It’s a process that if I didn’t enjoy wholly, I wouldn’t carry on to be honest.


It’s a way for me to connect my great passion for beauty products with writing and I couldn’t be more thrilled that a platform like this exists. When I was younger I would come across a product that worked so well but nobody around me cared for my insights. Now I can jot them down and have a place where all my random opinions are stored.


It goes without saying that one of the best things to come out of blogging for me is ‘meeting’ and connecting with so many like-minded enthusiasts. I love that at any moment I can pick up my phone and message any one of the wonderful ladies I now call my friends and ask them a question or seek their help on a matter or share information or even send them a random meme and they are more than happy to respond. It warms my heart when I think of the friends that I’ve connected with even though we’ve never physically met and might be hundreds of miles apart from one another.


Following on from that, I love that beauty blogging is just like one big conversation. Nothing is ever really absolute. It constantly changes and evolves and everyone is welcome. And opinions are shared and celebrated. I see it as one big rolling ball that you can just latch onto and ride along with at any moment because the world of beauty is constantly moving so of course it follows that those that comment on it and their works are too.


I don’t know about you but some days I can’t take in any more headlines. There’s a saturation point for me. With blogging there isn’t. There’s always something to read. Reviews. Hauls. Tips. Critiques. Controversies. New releases. Comparisons. Routines. Experiences. Recommendations. Warnings. I never tire of reading blogs and love that I can google almost any product name and someone out there has shared their opinion on it. Whether it’s to inform a purchase or just to learn new things, there’s never a saturation point.


I’ve always loved using products and my family joke about me having a separate product for every single limb on my body (lol!). I’m constantly using products and love trying new things alongside my tried and tested favourites. It’s always such an honour when I get something new to try from a brand/PR and makes my obsession with products feel normal. And when I think I'm set and I have all my holy grail products sorted, there's always another shiny new thing that gets me all curious and excited.


It gives me a chance to be creative again. Since becoming a mother I haven’t worked or studied and exploring my creativity became a measure between how to efficiently store piles of baby wipes and mapping a course around the room that doesn’t make the wood of the floor creak so much. Blogging opened up the door for me to not only be creative with words, but also with photography and even communicating with other adults. I’m the first to admit I'm happy to be a bit of a recluse from the real world but I can accept that and feel empowered just knowing that blogging has stopped me from feeling like I’m wasting away (deep...I know!).


It might sound a little cruel but it’s the perfect way for me to escape from my little world sometimes. Blogging is a place to me, where I can forget for a moment that I’m a mum of three at home. It gives me a chance to breathe air of my own. Even though I’m sitting in the same room as my girls, it’s just a little something that’s my own and just for me. It doesn’t benefit anyone else in my family, it doesn’t pay any bills, it doesn’t help us in any way except that it’s my little escape away from reality. Even though it is a part of my reality.


One of the things that keeps me going with the blog is that in the future when my daughters are all grown up, I’ll have something to show them and share with them that I did while they were babies and young dependent children. I can’t wait to be able to say that I created this blog and it’s content all while I was raising them. And to share the stories of how I would write little paragraphs and notes while breastfeeding them or in between nappy changes, using the crusty old Blogger app that would always crash and that I miss dearly. And how I would do my makeup while they napped and shoot my makeup of the day flatlays while they crawled around my feet and jogged everything out of place resulting in me using the same piece of sticky, fuzzy Blu-Tack every day just so they could play in peace. I just want to see them giggle when I point out the random props and objects that actually belonged to them that I ‘borrowed’ to use in pictures. I want to see their reactions when I explain how I squeeze in blogging tasks between school-runs and how I edit my images while cooking them dinner and that while they're drifting off to sleep I am currently sat here beside them typing up next week's posts on my iPhone. And really I just want them to be proud of me for doing something I love to keep me going through the hardest times, even though those hardest times will most likely be the times I’ll miss the most in the future.

What do you love most about beauty blogging? Do you still feel the same about blogging as you did when you first started? Do you still blog for the same reasons today? If you don't blog, is there a specific reason why? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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