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Friday, January 19, 2018

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A year ago I made the decision to cut down my makeup collection, keeping only the things that I use often and enjoy using. Although I have significantly fewer products I am happier now with my makeup collection than ever before. It can definitely be cut down a lot more and I've somehow accumulated a few extra bits and pieces since decluttering. I thought I'd share which products remain in my collection for each category and why I kept them. And also use this as another opportunity to see if there's anything still lurking here that I can get rid of. Oh and I've snuck in my wish list for each category too ;)

N.B. I use recycled Ferrero Rocher boxes for storage and use this as a limit for how many products I can keep for any given category. Generally this works great, in some cases this hasn't worked at all. You'll see...

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My blush collection is already hugely decluttered so I have a relatively small edit of products to share here. I mentioned in my previous post Part 13 Drugstore Blushers that if I didn’t have any high end blushers I would be just fine. That’s partly because as much as I love my high end blushers, I don’t reach for them as often for whatever reason. They have their appeal of course. I love the look of them and of course owning that something special but when it comes down to usage I don’t think they differ that greatly from my drugstore blushers in performance. There are definitely a couple here that I can declutter as I haven’t used them in over a year.

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I’ve had this for many, many years. But I won’t get rid of it. I really should get a new one and stop using this specific one. This was my wedding day blusher and in fact my first ever high end blusher. I used to wear it every single day when I first got it because to me it was the most precious blusher in the world. It’s a beautiful pinky brown shade that just works so well on medium skin tones as it gives the cheeks that flush of colour that doesn’t look overly unnatural while looking super pretty. I actually hit pan on this after preparing the pictures for this post but really I’m shocked it took me so long as I’ve used this so much over the years.

Becca Blushed By Light Blush Trio Palette
Limited Edition - no longer available (though two of the shades are sold as individual pans)

Get ready for my bold claim of the day: if I only owned this blush palette I wouldn’t pine or think I was missing out on anything else. It contains three beautiful shades, incredibly impressive formulas and has the most compact yet sturdiest packaging. Whenever I stay overnight anywhere or have a party to attend and need to do my makeup somewhere else, I always take this palette with me. Not only does the palette travel well but the three shades are so well chosen that it has everything that I might need. Wisteria is a matte, neutral muted soft pink that works with any makeup look. Songbird is a luminous orange brown shade with a faint golden sheen that I use the most because it works so well with a brown smokey eye and brown nude lipsticks. Snapdragon is a bold coral pink shade with a golden shimmer running through it. It looks scarier than it is really, though it does help to use a light hand as it is very pigmented. This is great for makeup that will be photographed. I can’t praise this little trio enough and can see myself using this until it can no longer be used.

NARS Blusher - Amour | £24

NARS blushers are known the world over as some of the best in the business and of the few that I have this one is my favourite shade. This matte rose pink works so well with my skin tone as it gives the complexion a flush of pink colour without overpowering or overshadowing the rest of my makeup. The formula is so perfect and easy to work with. Its not powdery or chalky and lasts so well throughout the day.

Limited Edition - no longer available

I really enjoy this blusher though I do tend to only use it alongside the bronzer. The matte dusty pink shade works with any number makeup looks. It’s a more pinky version of Bobbi Brown Tawny which has a touch more brown to it. I’m so impressed with the quality and performance of this powder which melts right into the skin. It has just the right level of pigmentation so it is buildable if you choose to go for a bolder look. I really wish they would re-release this or make it a permanent product because I know so many people would enjoy using this.


This is the one I am most conflicted about. I love the shade and I love having it in my collection because I have such a fondness for the brand. But I rarely reach for it. When I do use it, I like it. But again, it’s not anything special in terms of formula as special as it feels to own it. The blusher is made up of two parts - a coral outer ring and a peachy pink interior with golden shimmer. Swirled together you get a gorgeous peach sheen that brightens the complexion. I’m still not sure what to do with this. I want to keep it in my collection but not for the right reasons.

This fiery orange shade laced with a fine golden shimmer takes my breath away. It is highly pigmented so I need to barely touch my brush in the pan to pick up enough product. A heavy hand with this blush can be disastrous (trust me on this.) It’s daring but not scary which is probably thanks to the shimmer in it that helps reflect some of the light. If you love burnt orange makeup tones then this is one to check out as it really is beautiful.

My sister gifted this to me even though she thought I was mad that I wanted such an obscenely vivid blusher. This blusher duo can be used wet or dry but I only ever use it dry. It is quite pigmented so a little goes a long way. Made up of two blushers, a bright fuchsia and an orange pink, the two shades can be used separately or swirled together. I don’t use this as often as I should because I love the sheen you get from the finish and the shades look amazing on the skin in a way you wouldn’t believe until you try it. I’ll be making efforts to use this more this year.


I haven’t used this blusher for a long time and in fact I can’t remember the last time I did use it. I like this more for how it looks in the pan than it does on my face. The shades are described as a shimmery soft pink and a sparkling deep coppery rose. The light pink shade doesn’t work for me at all as it doesn’t show up on my skin tone except for the glittery sheen. The deeper shade does show up however I rarely reached for it because it’s a tricky colour to work with for me.

I feel sad including this here but again, I rarely reach for it anymore. I tell myself this is the perfect autumn/winter shade and yet another season has come and gone and I barely touched it. And I can’t really explain why. Perhaps because I don’t wear such deep blushers much anymore or because I have one too many dusty rose shades. I feel like this blusher deserves to find a new home where it will be better appreciated.

Benefit Rockateur | £24.50

This is a very beautiful barely there blusher for me, showing up just enough to give my face some definition and colour with a touch of a sheen. I love the peachy tone of this and even though this is only a little sample version, I feel like I’ve used it a fair but. For me it comes down to the formula which I find to be quite powdery. Maybe it’s just this sample version but my drugstore/highstreet blushers have better formulations. And for a nude blush shade like this I have my favourites and they don’t cost half as much as this.

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nars blusher swatches medium skin nc40, nars amour blush swatch, nars dolce vita blusher swatch, nars taj mahal swatch, nars fervor swatch, nars panic swatch


I said in my previous post that I don't have any blushers on my wish list, but I actually meant I don't have any drugstore blushers currently on my wish list. I do have my eye on a few high end ones, that I have been wanting to add to the collection for a while. I don't really need them even after decluttering so will hold off for when I truly deserve a treat.

Becca Luminous Blush - Tigerlily
Marc Jacobs Air Blush - Flesh & Fantasy
Any Tom Ford Blusher ;)

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What is your favourite high end blusher and why? Do you have a favourite formula? Do you lean towards a specific brand? How do your high end blushers compare to your drugstore blushers? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx

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