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Monday, December 18, 2017

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A year ago I made the decision to cut down my makeup collectionkeeping only the things that I use often and enjoy using. Although I have significantly fewer products I am happier now with my makeup collection than ever before. It can definitely be cut down a lot more and I've somehow accumulated a few extra bits and pieces since decluttering. I thought I'd share which products remain in my collection for each category and why I kept them. And also use this as another opportunity to see if there's anything still lurking here that I can get rid of. Oh and I've snuck in my wish list for each category too ;)

N.B. I use recycled Ferrero Rocher boxes for storage and use this as a limit for how many products I can keep for any given category. Generally this works great, in some cases this hasn't worked at all. You'll see...

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Nobody can deny the beautiful effects of a good bronzer. A once matte, flat, monotonous skin surface can be transformed into a glowing complexion, with all the appearance of health and vigour and golden from within. I most often use bronzers to add dimension back to my face after applying all of my base makeup. I actually prefer the look of bronzer added to certain parts of the face than a harsh contour powder because I think bronzers are more forgiving and applying them effectively doesn’t require a huge amount of talent. Sometimes a good bronzer is great for making my foundation match my face a little better. Quite often I also use bronzers as a crease shade on my eyes especially the matte ones as they are warm and brown toned so they work wonderfully to add dimension to the eye area and enhance them.

When it comes to finish I’m not too fussed as I find I reach for both matte bronzers and ones with a slightly more radiant finish too. For me, it comes down to the shade as I don’t like overly pigmented bronzers nor do I like muddy or pale ones. And also the formula because it has to be a nice formula to pick up easily on the brush, that is nice to work with when I sweep it across my face by not sticking to any one area and one that blends out well. I think my bronzer collection is quite small, only made more substantial thanks to a number of face palettes.

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Ciaté The Cheekbone Cheat Duo

This has a beautiful buttery formula that is so easy to work with. The shade is perfect as it’s only a giving my complexion a little depth without looking obvious in anyway. It is just such a lovely product to work with as it appears to melt into my skin making it a firm favourite.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder - Medium

This has a similarly lovely formula that works just as well on the face as it does over the eyes. It’s got a lot more red to it and is darker than the Ciate. I really enjoy using this one when I want to warm up my complexion to the max as its the darkest bronzer I own and is about as dark as I could comfortably go.

KIKO Fall 2.0 Baked Bronzer*

My most recent obsession, this light toned bronzer has the most subtle hint of a sheen about it. I love dusting this along the perimeters of my face to give it a glowing appearance that doesn’t look like it’s achieved by makeup. The effect is so pretty even though the shade is so light that I can't seem to stop using it. It also helps that it smells like vanilla cookies.

Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light

This is more on the shimmery side of a sheen, and is a touch more golden bronze. Again, you wouldn't think it looks great on the skin but its so pretty and natural-looking with an irresistible radiance. This also makes for a beautiful bronze wash of shimmer on the eyes.


Benefit Hoola

I got gifted this mini as part of a set a couple of years ago. I like the shade but would’ve preferred it more if it has a touch more warmth about it. It’s quite powdery and I find it sometimes concentrates on the place where I place my brush. It might be because this is such a small pan because I know this is very popular.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

I love the formula. I love the finish. I love how I can get quite a subtle sculpted look with this. I just wish it was darker. I can still get away with it as I don’t like anything too dark anyway but it could still be a few shades darker and would easily be one of my favourites.


NARS Laguna

Some days this works for me. Some days it doesn’t show up very well on me. To add insult to injury, this very quickly developed that weird tough film on top so I have to really dig in with my brush. If this wasn’t part of this palette, I would’ve gotten rid of it already.

Mahogany Naturals Bronzer*

I started off loving this because it is a beautiful deep bronze shade and gives such a radiant sheen to the skin. I used it for days and days on end. And then this too got that tough layer on top which is such a shame as I loved using it. But I don't like the experience of having to gouge the bronzer with a brush to use it.

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I'm not rushing out to buy a new bronzer any time soon as its not high up on my list of makeup priorities but there are a few that have caught my eye over the last year or so that I would love to try one day:

  • Becca Sunlit Bronzer
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion

If you missed the previous installments of this series, you can catch up here:

Do you have a favourite bronzer that you just use to death? Do you prefer matte or luminous bronzers? Do you also like to use bronzers for some light contouring? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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