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Monday, December 04, 2017

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This weekend my husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Seven years has both flown by and dragged their feet, I’m not going to lie. In the age of social media, the seeing-is-believing-because-if-you-don’t-post-a-picture-of it-did-it-even-happen mentality and over-sharing, we like to keep our marriage and home life relatively private. I feel like I mention my husband here and there but it’s never really anything too personal. So to celebrate this special occasion I thought I would break those barriers a little by sharing some of the products I used on our anniversary day and why they are so special to me.

I’m not the easiest person to buy presents for because I buy a lot of makeup and skincare so it can be challenging for my husband to buy me something that he knows I will be passionate about and enjoy using that I don’t already have (or have an opinion on). Having said that, he has still always found ways to impress me over the years.

Despite being surrounded by makeup and beauty products all the time, my husband couldn’t tell you the difference between a concealer and a mascara. Okay I exaggerate but in all honesty, I don’t mind at all that he doesn’t know or care much about makeup because that’s where my passion lies and I don’t need him for beauty chats (that’s why I have you guys). He does however have a serious love for perfume in a way that I can’t even relate to. He’s bought me some lovely ones over the years, and because I don’t douse myself to live and breathe in perfume the way he does, I still have most of the ones he bought me years and years ago.

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This anniversary I chose to wear one of the newer perfumes he's gifted me. Penhaligon's Empressa is a truly decadent perfume, from its mother of pearl box, to the fruity floral concoction inside. It has top notes of blood orange, bergamot and mandarin, Damascun rose at the heart and patchouli, frankincense and sandalwood at its depth.When my husband presented it to me I thought it was a nice scent, nothing more. But knowing that he’d gone to the store, spent an hour in there smelling all the different scents and that he'd chosen this one for me because to him it smells like me, makes it precious to me in a way I can’t even really describe. Yes I’m gushing a little as I type this. And even now, when I spritz this on myself I can barely smell it, but as soon as my husband comes home he will recognise it instantly and it’s the only scent he can do that with. So yes, this was my perfume of choice, of course.

Okay, I might have guided him to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit (Volume 1) (including but not limited to: texting him the link several times, pausing movies to remind him about it, interrupting him on the phone to gauge where he stood in potentially buying it for me, and nothing short of begging basically) as it stands, it’s still the most luxury makeup product I own. It is beautiful, versatile and most importantly, I feel super glamorous every time I use it. It’s so precious to me in fact that I never travel with it, even though when I say travel I mean going across London. I love every shade in this and nothing else compares to how flawless these powders make me look. The palette is perfect for that glowing from within finish, and I make sure to point out the reason behind my radiance to my husband each time I use it. I mean, for that price he does deserve to know that it is fully appreciated and adored.

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My lipstick of the day can only be my lipstick. So it wasn’t named after me but it might as well have been. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips - Secret Salma is a gorgeous rosy plum shade in the Matte Revolution formula that makes lips appear fuller and more alluring, whilst feeling creamy and comfortable. This was my first Charlotte Tilbury product thanks to my lovely husband so really he is to blame for the expensive obsession that ensued ;) When I told him that a lipstick was being released with my name on it, he decided I would need to have it, even if it was a 50p lippie from a bargain bin on some street corner or something a little more premium. Little did he know that this luxury brand was at the top of my wish list regardless of the namesake lipstick. And unbeknown to me, my husband called the Covent Garden store to try to have Secret Salma sent to me before it was even released. It was only when he asked me if the lipstick even existed that I realised his wonderful plan, and so I swooped in and ruined the whole surprise and made a right meal of it. Oops? But to me, Secret Salma will always be my precious first CT product and I’ll always cherish knowing that my husband would go out of his way to try to make this lipstick a part of my life.

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that my husband is my biggest fan. He might not read every word about every product, he might not even see the beauty in the products I am swooning over, but he supports me and my hobby like nobody else. If I haven’t posted on Instagram or written any blog posts for a few days he gets worried. If there’s anything pretty he comes across, he will save them for me to potentially use in pictures as a prop. In fact, my husband was the one who bought me my first ever plant prop to use in my pictures so I wouldn’t be left out. But he knows that as much as I love blogging and photography, I don’t like to clutter my (real) life and living space with anything related to it all. I would love to add some lighting element to my pictures but the thought of lights taking up space in my room irritates me. I don't even have a tripod for my phone. All the things I use are tucked away after my picture taking sessions as I like to use my space to live in more than anything.

So I was thrilled, over the moon and every other adjective to indicate my current level of exuberance when my husband surprised me with olloclip 4-in-1 Lens a few nights ago. It’s something I’ve wanted for a couple of years now but I’ve never even mentioned it to him. He thought it would be something different to extend my blogging photography while being easily tidied away into my desk drawer. And I couldn’t be happier. This little gizmo has 4 lenses neatly packed into one tiny phone attachment, with the two macro lenses cleverly hidden behind the fish-eye and wide-angle. I’m not an expert at photography by any stretch of the imagination but I am so happy to have this now to get creative with and maybe even take my blog photography to another level.

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I know this was a soppy post and maybe at times cringe, but I hope you guys enjoyed hearing a little bit of about my life and about the products that mean the most to me.

Do you like reading more personal posts from bloggers? What do you think of my anniversary choices? What products do you cherish the most and why? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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