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Monday, November 20, 2017

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For makeup junkies swatches are very important as they help us make some important decisions and very often, for me, its one of the main reasons why I will visit a blog. I always feel the pressure to have polished and pretty swatches in relevant blog posts. But I genuinely feel that I fail in that department, making jokes that my swatches are awkward when really inside I'm cringing that I'm putting wonky swatches up on the internet for anyone to see!

I've often looked at other people's perfect swatches and wondered how they have the time and energy to create such flawless, sharp looking swatches. I don't think I could even manipulate a roll of tape half as well as that nor could I take it upon myself to fashion a functioning template of any sort.

And that's where Swatch Perfect come in.

Having failed to find such stencils easily, my lovely friend Alli - decided just to do it herself and bring to the UK market a range of wonderful makeup templates in a variety of designs to cater for those, like myself, who struggle with The Art Of Makeup Swatching or those looking to get more creative. I am not only thrilled by her brand and how empowered I feel by the potential of my swatching future, I am also so impressed by her proactive attitude and entrepreneurial flair.

I was super lucky to win the recent Swatch Perfect giveaway over on their Instagram (@swatchperfectuk) and I literally squealed with glee when both the Swatch Perfect Palette Junkie Kit | £12 and Swatch Perfect Starter Kit | £10 popped through my letterbox.

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Swatch Perfect Makeup Templates are low-tack vinyl stickers that you place onto your dry arm or hand (or wherever you want really, except maybe your eyeballs) and simply fill in each blank space with whatever product you'd like to present. They come with varying numbers of swatching sections accomodating the variety of palettes out there or posts you might wish to create. Once you've chosen the correct stencil for your particular project and coloured in the sections you merely remove the sticker gently to reveal perfect PERFECT swatches!

I am so scarred by my hideous swatching attempts that I was actually really nervous to try these and was convinced I would find a way to mess it up. But in all honesty, it was so easy and so much quicker than when I do my regular awkward swatches. I did struggle getting the positioning of the template correct in the first place and took a while removing it and adjusting it. Once I had it though, it was a straightforward route to swatching satisfaction.

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For my first attempt I decided to swatch Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette as it was missing from this post: One Brand Face | Charlotte Tilbury. I shocked myself with how gorgeous these swatches came out and there is no way I could achieve anything like that without the Swatch Perfect 12 Pan Stripes Stencil. I mean, just have a look at my previous swatches and you'll see the world of difference for yourself ;)

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I also used the Swatch Perfect 8 Pan Bricks Stencil to swatch the Lorac Pro Matte Palette which I've also never swatched entirely before. I think I did better with the stencil the second time around as I wasn't faffing around with the positioning so much. I love how sharp and crisp those lines are. There's something utterly satisfying about the neatness of these swatches. And to think, little old me was able to do that!

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It is suggested that these stencils are one-time use for the best results, but I managed to salvage both of the ones I used here to see if I can get any more seamless swatches from them. If not, all is not lost as they are very affordable and easily replaced over at Swatch Perfect UK. I can't wait to try some of these templates out with some lipsticks because they are always the products I find hardest to swatch, and the lip shaped stencils just look stunning.

I know for sure that all my future swatches will only take place if I have a Swatch Perfect Makeup Stencil to use otherwise I just won't bother ;)

What do you guys think of my profesh looking swatches? Do you love/hate doing swatches? Do seeing swatches in posts make a difference to you or are you not bothered? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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