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Friday, November 17, 2017

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Without diving unnecessarily into an introduction on the brand (because if you haven’t heard of Glossier where have you been?) or by apologising for yet another blog post in an ocean of blog posts about their eventual arrival to the UK, I will very quickly say that it’s been a month since I received my Glossier goodies. And during these past few weeks I’ve been putting the products I’ve lusted over for long enough to the test. It’s been wonderful to finally have them and to hold them, and use them of course. I didn't want to just do another haul/first impression post but actually use them for a few weeks before coming on here and sharing my thoughts.  And so we come to my haul and review of my Glossier products one month on.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser | £15

There was no way I wasn’t going to try this. The Balm Dot Com which I wanted to try for years is just a glorified Vaseline to me now and so I was able to scratch that off the list. Even the Priming Moisturiser didn’t tickle my fancy as I have a couple of hydrating primers already on the go. But this cleanser - cutely packaged, cutely named, with rave reviews - was going to happen regardless of anything. And it was well worth the wait if you ask me.

Gentle, creamy without being overly rich or thick, and scented ever so delicately with rose, this cleanser can be used to remove makeup or as I prefer, as a morning or second cleanse. You can use it on dry skin for a more jelly balm experience or on wet skin for a milky lotion cleanse and can be rinsed off or removed with a warm damp flannel, which is my preference. Either way, this is an effective cleanser that leaves my skin feeling hydrated and happy. I love that it is gentle enough that I can take this right up into my eye area. It reminds of the elusive The Body Shop Nutriganics Softening Cleanser which offers a similar gel-cream hybrid cleansing experience without stripping the skin, causing irritations or congestion. I’m really enjoying this and imagine it will be a repurchase for a while to come.

Glossier The Super Pack | £60

I only bought these because you get 20% off your first order (if you order through a rep link) and I knew this would be the only way I would try them. Firstly, it should be noted that these serums are only 15ml each which annoys and confuses me. Especially for the price that they’re being sold for, I don’t understand why they couldn’t be a more acceptable 30ml each. Secondly there is no information given as to the concentration of actives present in these serums. This is another faux pas if you ask me, as consumers are more and more interested in what they are actually applying to their faces.

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Glossier Super Glow | £24 (Vitamin C + Magnesium) - I use a vitamin C serum every morning so I was interested to see how this would compare to my current Klairs one. Whilst Vitamin C is great for improving the overall look of skin, I couldn’t ever attribute any discernible glow to just this step as I use so many products to work towards a glowing complexion. Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection, improves collagen production, helps brighten skin and enhances the effectiveness of SPF. So I wasn’t looking for any observable results from this really in terms of a glow and would’ve been satisfied with a product that doesn’t irritate my skin and is pleasant to use. But this product isn’t pleasant to use at all. It has a watery texture so it’s impossible to apply directly to the face as it rolls right off, nor is it easy to cup between my fingers because it just seeps through them. The formula is far too runny so much so that I’ve used up double the amount of this serum because of it. The only upside is that it absorbs ultra quickly. I feel like if I saw some dramatic brightening results or this was a more appealing product to use it would’ve been good as a summer option as it’s so light-weight and my other Vitamin C Serum is quite oily. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this because the runny formula combined with the miniature size just doesn’t make it worth it. The Ordinary have so many Vitamin C products now to choose from now that I think there’s something for everyone without having to spend quite so much on something as less than mediocre as this.

Glossier Super Pure | £24 (Niacinamide + Zinc) - This one is also a little on the runnier side but thankfully isn’t as watery in its texture as Super Glow. It also absorbs really quickly into the skin making it easy for me to get on with my skincare routine pretty quickly without having to give each of these time to properly sink in and dry. I love incorporating Niacinamide into my skincare regime to help with congestion and blemishes, and I tried the Ordinary one for a number of weeks and gave up on it as it did nothing for me. I’ve seen better results with this one and whilst I do think it’s quite pricey for a basic serum, I am happy enough with it that I would recommend it if you also struggled to see the effectiveness of the more purse-friendly option.

Glossier Super Bounce | £24 (Hyaluronic acid + Vitamin B3) - This is the best of the bunch. It’s as simple as that. It has a wonderful serum texture that is a dream to apply, dries just as quickly as the others and instantly feels plumping on the skin. I’ve previously complained that I’ve had no luck with other hyaluronic acid serums and that I find them sticky and gloopy and not hydrating enough. Well, this is the answer to my dehydrated skin prayers. It’s a very elegant formula and actually does the job it claims to. I know at 15ml this works out to be so much more pricier than The Ordinary version, which so many people love, but for me this is a more sophisticated formula that is effective on my skin that I will happily repurchase in the future. If you are curious about these Super Serums, I highly recommend this one.

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Glossier Boy Brow | £14

Of all the makeup products, this little icon was obviously the one I was dying to try the most. As someone with quite sparse brows I’m constantly looking for something that will help me achieve the look of fuller brows quickly while keep them looking natural, and I’m happy to report this product ticks all the boxes for me. It’s got a little brush and the formula is like a whipped pomade which makes it perfect for filling in the brows with ease and speed. My brows aren’t left feeling hard or crispy and the colour is distributed evenly. I find it a touch tricky to get a very fine defined tip with this but for its overall ability to butch and bulk up my brows it gets top marks. I opted for the darkest shade and whilst I like it, I have been told my brows look a little mean (Lol!) but I’m pretty sure the shade lighter would be too light for me. Personally I wish it was a little more long wearing as I have found it to start crumbling after a few hours. Otherwise it’s a product I am so chuffed to finally try - I finally get all the hype and I find myself reaching for this over my other brow products of late.

Glossier Wowder - Light/Medium | £18

As a powder addict, I felt I needed to try this more out of a loyalty to powders than anything else. I love the packaging and wish all loose powders came this way to minimise the mess - the mesh material allows a fair amount of flexibility to bounce enough product out and the domed shape of the inner packaging means you can easily swirl your brush inside to pick up the powder. I went for the lightest shade because the two darker shades look like they would be too dark for me, though I am curious to see how the medium shade would work for me now. This shade is perfect for setting my under-eyes as it’s slightly brightening. It can look cakey and dry if you apply too much so I find a little bit of product patted onto each section of the face gives the best look for a blurred out finish to makeup. I’ve tried this powder without any foundation and it has this lovely ability to blur out pores but this shade doesn’t work for me without any base. I can’t say it has the best mattifying properties as I do get pretty shiny after a couple of hours but I don’t mind touching-up and it does look fine after adding more product on top. I don’t think this is a necessary purchase as there are so many great loose and pressed powders on the market (see my powder collection reviews here) but I am happy to have it and use it.

Glossier Phase 2 Set | £35

This set is fab for trying out a few of their makeup bits altogether. The best thing is that it is fully customisable so you simply choose which shades you want of each product. The set comes with Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer & a Generation G lipstick. I got myself a back-up Boy Brow because I did pretty much fall in love with it instantly.

Glossier Stretch Concealer - Dark | £15

A sheer concealer, with a dewy finish? I‎t doesn’t sound like what we generally look for in a concealer. Alas, curiosity got the better of me and I just had to try out such an intriguing product for myself. I ordered Dark having seen a lot of lighter skin tones using Medium but when it arrived it looked far too dark for me. Funnily enough, once I tried it, it was a perfect match. The formula is very greasy and feels more like an eye balm than a concealer. The finish is very sheer and definitely sheerer than any other concealer I’ve ever used. It also does have quite a shiny finish but I make sure to powder this. My biggest issue with this product is that I’m confused by it because on the one hand it creases on me really badly to the point where it looks really unflattering and on the other hand it is really easy to blend out with only my finger making it the perfect product for early morning makeup when I need a tiny bit of brightening on my eye area. I enjoy using it, the way it feels and how quickly I can use it without the need for any brush or sponge, but I hate how sunken it can make my under eyes appear if I use too much or too little powder to set it. It’s a strange one because I enjoy using the product but I hate the way it looks after a while. I still reach for this first thing in the morning but it’s not suitable for when I wear fuller coverage foundations.

Glossier Generation G Lipstick - Leo | £14

I don’t know why I got this. I knew it wouldn’t be the product for me. But I thought if I get it with the set at least then I could try it and know for sure it isn’t for me (crazy, I know!) This is a sheer, very sheer, lipstick that’s meant to give you some colour on your lips without looking like makeup. I love the idea and in theory it’s the perfect everyday product, but if you have hyper-pigmentation on your lips, this product is redundant. You’re better off getting a tinted lip balm or an actual proper lipstick. It’s meant to have a matte finish but it didn’t seem all that matte to me. When I have worn this, I couldn’t see any tint on my lips but I would convince myself I could just because I knew I’d applied some of this which is just silly. I have however found a new use for it which I’m enjoying quite a bit and that is to use it as a cream shadow. It’s got a slightly glossy finish which I love, and the pretty medium brown tone works wonderfully on my eyes so all is not lost.

Glossier Cloud Paint - Dusk | £15

Cream blushers are so appealing. I just love how natural they look and how easy they are to apply, generally speaking. This cutie comes in four shades and I opted for the peachy brown shade. The gel-cream formula is so lovely and it really is hard to go overboard with this. It has a sheer finish and you can build up the colour if you want. The result is a just blushing look with a very subtle sheen helping the complexion look more radiant. I am always looking for the next best nude blusher and this is the one for me now. I actually prefer to use this on my bare face but its also lovely on top of makeup. I feel like this is a product that most people will love.

Glossier Haloscope - Topaz | £18

I’m not one of those highlighter addicts and already think I have one too many because it’s the one product you use the least so it doesn’t make sense to me to have too many. But I watched enough reviews to sway me and I have to say I’m quite impressed with this. The golden bronze hue isn’t too intense or dark on my skin thankfully and just gives the prettiest gold sheen to the high points of my face. I actually really like the fact that the highlighter encases a balm centre as it lends to that wet appearance to the finish. I’ve seen so many people say the balm means they can swipe this directly on to their makeup but I still find it moves my foundation which is never pleasant. So I use this with my fingers to just tap it on. I love how natural it looks, and it can be built up to a more intense finish too. I use this on my no-makeup days too and love it.

I wanted to share some parting thoughts before I sign this off about my whole experience with the brand so far. I am so pleased the prices are fair for us here in UK in comparison to the US because very often we are left paying more so that's refreshing. I also had to contact customer service for a couple of issues with my order and found them to be most helpful and accomodating. I love that about a brand when they go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied.

I hope my reviews have been helpful for anyone who hasn't yet tried Glossier and for those of you looking for some recommendations. I know I will definitely be ordering some new bits and back-ups from them in the future. And if you're in or around London, you can now visit their beautiful pop-up shop which opened a couple of days ago until next Wednesday :)

Have you tried anything from Glossier yet? Are you even interested in anything from them or do you think they're overhyped? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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