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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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I know we all love a good bargain. But I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed what I witnessed last week. BeautyBay offered up to 30% off everything for Black Friday. I’m pretty sure they do this a couple of times a year. It’s a fab time to stock up or try things you’ve had on your wish list. So imagine my surprise when I went to check on the status of my order on Wednesday and the homepage was warped into some sort of taunting punishment for latecomers who didn’t order their Black Friday goodies on the MONDAY or TUESDAY! I think there were 40,000 people on the site so I just closed the tab and assumed I wouldn’t see my package for another week. Absolute madness. Thankfully it arrived on the Friday (how ironic is that?!? Black Friday sales will be starting beginning of November next year, mark my words!) and so I thought I’d put together an old-fashioned haul post...

Part of the reason the BeautyBay site was so hot and in demand is that they stock such a good variety of products and brands across the beauty department. I don’t shop on there often but when I do want something I am sure to check them first as they have relatively cheaper prices on some products and they run some kind of discount or offer every now and then. I wasn’t even planning on getting anything but decided to pick up a few bits already on the wish list at a slightly lower price, which is both sensible and efficient. And I was pretty well restrained, even if I say so myself ;)


I keep going on about trying to cut down my makeup collection but I seem to be constantly adding some bits here and there with no excuse except that I’m unable to resist the temptation. Having said that, I think I did well with this order as I only got two things and they were both on my radar to try out if I could get them on sale. Firstly, Dose Of Colors - Truffle | £16 has been on my wish list probably since liquid lipsticks became a part of my life. It’s a formula I hear so many people rave about and this shade is that perfect dusky pink that I'm obsessed with. So far I’m loving it. I can’t even remember who recommended LA Splash Art Ki Tect Waterproof Slim Eyeliner | £11.25 to me but as you all know, liquid liners are my jam so I’m happy to try out new ones to see where they score for me. This is gorgeously packaged in rose gold with a brush tip and I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl.


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I’ve been looking to get a new Vitamin C serum for a few weeks now as I’m coming to the end of Klairs Freshly Juiced Serum and I used up Glossier Super Glow super fast. Previously I had a terrible reaction to The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension (original formula) but have read some promising things about the newer formulas. I’ve chosen to try out The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 15% | £9 which is a more gentle option and The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F | £15 which should be good to use on my dehydrated skin as it is combined with some fatty acids. I also got The Ordinary “Buffet” | £13 which is one of the few that gets accolades all round so I’m looking forward to trying it out alongside my retinol treatment. I'll give them all a good go and report back.


I don’t need any new brushes but a sale is a sale, and what better time to buy a few that have been on my wish list for a while. Even though I don’t completely hate the Elf brushes I bought recently, they didn’t quite tick all the boxes for me so I’m giving the Zoeva renditions a chance. Zoeva Rose Golden Vol.2 102 Silk Finish Brush is well-loved in the blogging world as a reliable foundation brush and I’m constantly expecting my 5 year old holy grail Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to give in any day now so I’m still for the next best thing. And of course the hunt for the perfect blending eye brushes continues and the Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush | £9 comes highly recommended so we shall see. I meant to also get the 228 Soft Crease Brush but accidentally got Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush | £9 which is one I have so many like already. I also got me a Beauty Blender Pro Sponge | £16 as I have never seen these on sale before for such a low price. My pink one is still going strong but I couldn’t resist this gorgeous black one, which is intended for a fuller coverage finish. Finally I got a new Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers | £13 as its smaller than my original one and will be perfect to go into my makeup bag.

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Did you manage to order anything from the BeautyBay sales? Is there anything here that appeals to you? Do you also think the Black Friday sales started far too early this year? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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