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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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We all have those days. Every now and then, I just feel like sitting in bed all day with my pyjamas on, though in all fairness those days are rare for me now and often stolen from a weekend here or there. I don't feel inclined to get up and shower or brush my hair or do a full face of makeup or anything. To be honest, having one of these days once in a while is quite refreshing when you're constantly busy and cramming in the use of as many beauty products as you possibly can on a daily basis ;) So here are the beauty products I do reach for when I truly can't be bothered to bother...


I genuinely don't bother with the whole ordeal of a Skincare Routine on these days. And just keep a couple of things to hand that I use in the daytime to make sure I've cleansed and moisturised and I don't bother with any treatments or fancy layering of products etc.

Perricone MD Blue Plasma* is such an interesting product because it cleanses the skin and works as a treatment in one go. I take some on a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face and the blue jelly serum cleanses, refreshes and hydrates the skin. It's a no rinse product which makes it ideal to sit on my bedside table when I can't be bothered to make an extra effort.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is another product I keep on my bedside table that I use as a toner if my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated. Or I use it throughout the day as an uplifting mist or if I get that dry pulling feeling. It is so lightweight yet so hydrating and soothing that I've really been enjoying this outside of my lazy days too.

Cane & Austin Mattifying Primer SPF50 keeps my oily/combo skin moisturised while keeping my oily t-zone shine free. It can also be used as a makeup primer, though it should be noted this has a very slippery, silicone texture that I'm not a fan of. But for a lazy day, it's perfect especially as there is the slightest hint of a tint so I can feel like I made some effort even though I didn't.

Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF30 is highly nourishing and makes me lips appear instantly plumped and healthy. The tint is a super pretty and flattering pink that brightens my complexion altogether and I think it makes me look put together on the days I just don't care to look it.


Here are a few things for if I even bother with makeup or looking presentable because in all honesty, days like these I don't even look in a mirror for it to matter. But if I do, it's super minimal, and just bare basics to make me feel like I'm making some effort for the sake of my own reflection ;)

Natural Collection Brow Pencil* is just your basic brow pencil that you use quickly to fill in your brows and add some depth and definition. It's not overly precise or too dramatic which is why I reach for it when I want natural looking fuller brows. It also has a spoolie on the other end making it a two in one product for those truly lazy days.

Rodial Smokey Eye Pencil is a must even on the laziest of days for me because I am never without a touch of eyeliner, and if I am, then something is seriously wrong. Haha! This one is easily smudged out and is super black but annoyingly doesn't set and stay in place. So I tend not to use it when I have a full eye look on because it just smudges so I use it on its own when I don't need to look too polished.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Blush - Aphrodisiac is one of my favourite nude blushes which is more on the pinky side of nude. It's the perfect shade to mimic my natural blushing/flushed shade so I just pat a little on each cheek to add some colour to my complexion.


Nope, hair washing (or even brushing!!!) is not a priority on days like these. It's just about getting some sort of manageability on the situation depending on how dire it is and getting it smelling fresher than it is.

Soap & Glory The Rushower is the best dry shampoo I've ever encountered. It doesn't leave white streaks, doesn't make my head feel heavy and doesn't make my hair feel crispy. It smells incredible (if you're an S&G fan, you'll know it & love it!) and best of all, keeps my hair fresher between washes and looking voluminous and deals with any greasiness or flatness instantly.

Invisibobble Hair Ties are my choice of hair accessory for lazy days because I find them impractical for regular days but ideal for when I just want to do a messy bun and not think about it. They don't pull the hair too taut and are quite comfortable to lie down wearing.

What products do you keep on hand when you just want to lounge around? What products make you feel like you've put in more effort than you have? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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