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If there’s one brand that makes everyone swoon in sync it’s Charlotte Tilbury. I myself tried to brush off the collective obsession as pure hype for a long time; that was until she released a lipstick with my name on it (literally!) and I’ve been infatuated with the brand ever since. It’s everything from the packaging, product quality, customer service to the very feel and weight of the products in your hands. From among the products I’ve tried, some I would consider holy grail status while others would make glorious gifts with a couple that don’t quite hit the mark for me. So I’ve put together a One Brand Face of all the luxurious goodies I’ve got and what I think of them...


Starting off with a little side note: I haven’t tried the infamous Wonder Glow yet but I do have a sample of it lurking around in my stash somewhere. And I can’t wait to give it a go because I’ve only heard amazing things. And who doesn’t love a nice radiance boosting base to kick start any makeup routine!?

Unisex Healthy Glow* | £35

I was kindly sent this to try out from one of their newer skincare launches and it’s referred to as ‘summer in a bottle all year round’. This is one of those creams that releases the pigment when you rub it in. It feels instantly hydrating with a lovely emollient texture. It contains some micro-shimmer which is noticeable on the back of your hand if you look closely but not so much when applied to the face. And the overall effect is a subtle bronze glow and a smoother looking complexion. I think those with lighter skin tones will see a more drastic effect whereas on me it’s like a very light tinted moisturiser. Unfortunately this leans a little too on the pink side for my skin so if I wear this alone or apply too much it actually makes my face look grey-tinged (never pretty) but as a base for makeup it can work as a light, glowy and hydrating primer. I don’t think this product is for everyone so its worth trying a sample out first.


I was also lucky enough to be sent both of their foundations to try out and I have to say, I would struggle to choose a favourite between them.

Light Wonder Foundation* | £32 (review) is the one that surprised me the most as I have oily/combo skin and something that promises a dewy finish isn’t one I steer towards. But this is actually really beautiful on my skin, with my oiliness and all. It gives a light to medium coverage, never looks cakey and actually just feels like skin - plump, hydrated and perfected skin. And the overall finish of this foundation is beautiful, making the complexion appear healthier and more youthful. My perfect shade is actually right between Shade 7 & Shade 8 although I have found I can get away with either shade with the right products alongside it. This is winner in my books.

Magic Foundation* | £30 (review) promises a fuller coverage finish in a long lasting formula. And it’s exactly that. It’s a medium to full coverage foundation, with a demi-matte finish and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. I love that it doesn’t leave my skin looking completely flat and lasts at least 8 hours on my face without breaking down. It’s actually become my go-to fuller coverage foundation lately because I love how it looks on my skin. I find it is best applied with a damp sponge as using this with a brush has caused some dry patches to be accentuated. And in this foundation Shade 8 is a great match for my skin. Another winner for me.


I don’t have any of their concealers but I did try out a little sample sachet of The Retoucher | £25. It really wasn’t for me. I found it to crease so badly on me, despite trying it with different eye creams and with other concealers and powders. It was far too drying and made my under-eye area appear sunken and settled into fine lines quickly. So for this reason I’ve stayed well away from the concealers. Having said that, the idea of having an eye cream and a brightening concealer together in one pen is completely intriguing and I still want to give Mini Miracle Eye Wand | £29 a go. 


Quite possibly my favourite Charlotte Tilbury product of all, Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder | £33 (review) is on my Holy Grail mantle and for a number of reasons. Let’s disregard the fact that it comes in the most chic and beautiful rose gold compact for a minute, and talk about how beautifully this works on skin. This powder sets makeup into place by melting into the skin, but it doesn’t make the skin appear flat or matte. It somehow manages to tame the oils and keep any excessive shininess at bay while giving a blurred, illuminated look to the skin. It never feels drying or powdery, gives the slightest hint of a tint and is the perfect way to finish off your complexion makeup. I sometimes use a fluffy large powder brush to dust this all over my face for an all over perfecting touch or I will use a smaller tapered brush to push some of this onto my skin area by area to set makeup for longer. And it never looks cakey or dry or unflattering. If you are going to get any Charlotte Tilbury product, get this. You won’t regret it.


Another one of my favourites comes in the form of this dinky little number. Legendary Brows | £18.50 (review) has the tiniest little brush with the teeniest little bristles and I find it perfect for filling in and shaping my brows without making them appear unnatural in any way. The darker shade is a great match for my dark but sparse brows, making them appear fuller and more defined. The brush is so small I can easily use this for the tail of my brows to get a really sharp and thin ends. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a brow mascara that is quick to use and doesn’t get out of hand too quickly.

The clear one is good for setting my brows into place. This isn’t a completely neccsssary product as there are other comparable clear brow gels on the market but it’s pretty and I like the mini brush so I’m pleased to have it.


I think it’s safe to say Charlotte Tilbury has created an iconic collection of eye products, with a new eye extensive eye palette released only just a few weeks ago. There’s eye crayons, cream shadow pots, quads, exclusive singles and eyeshadows in her all-in-one palettes.

I have Eyes To Mesmerise - Mona Lisa | £22 which is a beautiful and unique shade that works just as well for an everyday wash of colour with a little hint of something special as it does for creating a more glammed up look. The cream formula is more on the moussey liquid side and is easy to apply and blend out wonderfully with only your fingers. I love how easy this is to wear as it looks like such a delicate wash of colour and I can used this daily without feeling overdone, which I love. It can also be packed on for a little more of an intense look where the sheen is more obvious and catches the light. The only problem with this product is that it never really sets and so it creases on my lids and doesn’t last very long. I have to use the tiniest amount to avoid any creasing but then the less product I use, the quicker it fades. It’s such a shame as I love the shade but it just needs a little too much work to class this as a must have especially as there are so many other cream shadows out there that do a much better job.

I also have a few eyeshadows as part of my Instant Look In A Palette - Natural Beauty | £49. I don’t own any of the infamous quads so I can really comment on how the quality of the shadows compares to those although I would say to be wary as these are very powdery, with some kick-back. I do however enjoy using these, especially the Enhance & Smoke shades. I can see myself hitting pan on the smoke shade as it’s one of those shades that’s easy to blend into the crease along side any shadow, and it adds a very natural looking dimension to the eyes. The lighter Brighten shade is completely redundant for me as it doesn’t show up on my skin tone. I can't imagine these shades would be to everyone's liking as they are very subtle and really only work for a very natural makeup look.

I also recently got sent the gorgeous new Instant Eye Palette* | £60 which has 12 shades and is grouped into 4 easy-to-create looks for different occasions. This palette is absolutely stunning with a mix of mattes and shimmers and a couple of more glittery shades. I was instantly drawn to the Desk Look section of the palette with two gorgeous matte browns and a mid tone gold shimmer shade. Having tried the palette out though I’m actually surprised that I really enjoy the Day Look too. Personally the Date Look and Disco Look are not ones I will do often but I have tried them and I love how they look, and of course you can mix and match the shades across the looks as you wish. What I’m enjoying the most is how easy these shadows are to blend, making it so quick and easy to create flawless looking glam eyes. The only problem I’m experiencing with this palette is with the matte shades have started to form that weird film on them and so I'm having to use a scratchy brush to scrape that top layer off each time. It’s a little disappointing as this is quite a very pricey palette and you just don't expect that to happen. The shimmer shades however are super buttery and intense and I find they look sublime when applied with the fingertip for a full pigment application. I think this palette would be a great addition for any die-hard Charlotte Tilbury fans and collectors or anyone looking for an all in one palette to take you from day to night then this is a convenient, albeit pricey option.

charlotte tilbury instant eye palette review

(Sorry for a lack of swatches. I ended up having a busier week than planned.)


There are two mascaras to choose from and the one I have is the Legendary Lashes | £25. This promises longer and fuller looking lashes and there’s no denying that it delivers. The brush has lot of different sized bristles helping it coat all the lash hairs quickly and it instantly adds volume and length to lashes making the eyes appear wider and bolder. I think it’s a great product as it does what it claims to but personally I’m not one to sing the praises of high end mascaras too loudly as you can get so many from the high street brands that do the same if not more. I don’t see much difference in my lashes when using this product and my favourite Lash Sensational to be honest. But it’s a good product if you’re looking for a higher end mascara it will serve you well.


Another category where I feel the brand has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to wearable products and ones that people really enjoy using. The blushers have their very recognisable design that give us all a good giggle, as well as coming in a lovely range of wearable shades. And of course there’s the contour palette that’s become an absolute icon for the brand. Alongside this I have the face palette which contains 4 shades of complexion products too.

I only have one Cheek To Chic | £30 (review) blusher which is of a warm peachy coral persuasion with an outer coral shade and an inner pinky peach blush. Swirled together they create a very pretty peachy blush with a light golden satin sheen. I really like the concept of Swish & Pop where you apply the outer shade along the cheekbone for some definition and colour followed by the pop of more intense colour just on the apples of the cheek. It looks very flattering to have a slight gradient of colour on the face. It gives a beautiful peach flush to my face and can be worn with any look. It’s not a bad product by any means but it is one that I forget about a lot and will only use when I force myself to reach for it. It’s not one of my favourite products by the brand though that isn’t because it doesn’t perform well enough. It’s perhaps because it doesn’t excite me quite as much as I’d like.

Then we have the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette | £49 (review) and it is a thing of absolute beauty. A two part palette with a sculpting side and a highlighting shade, this palette is one I really enjoy using as it gives my makeup a very polished, flawless look without looking over done or dramatic. The powders are super fine and appear to melt into the skin. I did deliberate about getting light/medium as the contour shade is a little light but thankfully it works for me for the most natural looking subtle contour. If you’re not a huge fan of dramatic and obvious sculpting like myself, you will enjoy this shade a lot. The highlighter is one of the best formulas I’ve ever tried because it isn’t overly shimmery and just gives the most dazzling sheen to the complexion. This is another winner for me from the brand and one that I love reaching for because it just makes me makeup look phenomenal. I really do wish they would make another colour way of this palette with the deeper bronzer shade and the lighter highlighter shade as I know that would be well received by fellow consumers.

The final complexion colour products I have are part of the Instant Look In A Palette - Natural Beauty | £49. The bronzer shade looks very light and similar to the Filmstar palette but I find the formula of this palette is a little more powdery and the shade doesn’t really show up at all on my skin, which is a shame. If it was the same as the Filmstar I would it would have served me better. I do find it a good shade to use on my eyelids for an all over wash of colour or in the crease for some very natural looking definition. The highlighter shade is very pretty and although it is on the powdery side, is very similar to the highlighter in the Filmstar palette in finish and colour. The two blush shades in this palette are meant to be in accordance with the swish and pop method of the single blushers. Sadly the Pop colour is far too light to even show up on my skin but I do enjoy using the Swish shade which is a muted peachy pink. Again, the formula is quite powdery and the little squares of these shades are a tad small for my brushes to fit in comfortably. Overall I enjoy using this palette because it has everything in one place and is great for people like me that enjoy very very natural looking, barely there makeup looks but I just wish the shades packed a bit more of a punch and that the formula of these powders were of a higher quality.

best of charlotte tilbury, charlotte tilbury instant eye palette review, charlotte tilbury hollywood lips review


Finally, another area in which Charlotte Tilbury has created some stand out products. Among the popular lip products are the lip liners, and I have to say, although I think you can get a perfectly decent lip liner from any number of high street brands, this one is something a little special. I have Lip Cheat - Iconic Nude | £16 and its a good liner for me when I want to use a nude lipstick and often I will wear it alone. It has a slight grey tone to it making it a little more unique than your usual browny nude liner. The formula is so creamy and comfortable and doesn’t drag or catch on my lips. It feels so lovely on the lips and stays put. This isn’t a wholly necessary product to purchase from the brand but one that you would enjoy if you do.

When it comes to the lipsticks I personally prefer the formula of the Matte Revolution lipsticks as they are comfortable, pigmented and non-drying. Also Hot Lips - Secret Salma | £24 (review) is in this formula which is win win for me ;) I think if you find a shade or two in this formula you will thoroughly enjoy using it. The lipstick gives the lips the appearance of fullness while never looking overly dry. The K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick | £24 (review) formula is sheer with a glossier finish and the shade Stoned Rose is a balanced peach tone that brightens and complements the complexion without washing me out. It has a lovely light and smooth texture that is forgiving and easy to wear. I can’t speak for the other shades but I do really like having this to hand for when I want something pretty and natural looking on the lips.

One of the newest launches from the brand are their liquid lipsticks. Hollywood Lips | £24 have a very interesting formula where the texture is quite whipped and mousse-like and so very lightweight on the lips. They have a matte finish without ever really drying down completely therefore never irritating the lips or causing any discomfort. They are quite pigmented, especially the darker shade I have and I love the unique curved applicator for precise and quick application. Although these are not the longest lasting on the lips, they really do make the lips appear voluminous and bold without crumbling off or making my lips feel super dry. The colour selection isn’t the widest with a large number of similar lighter nudes and a few bolder reds. My personal favourite is Show Girl which makes me feel super glamorous and ready to go!

nc40 swatches charlotte tilbury hollywood lips show girl, best actress swatch, nc40 medium skin swatch charlotte tilbury eyes to mesmerise mona lisa


There are still a number of products I’ve yet to try from the brand that I have my eye on. Everyone raves about the Colour Chameleon Eye Crayons which I think I would really enjoy as I love cream shadow sticks and use them almost daily. The new Hollywood Wands Contour and Highlighter Sticks are the ones I’m really curious to try more than anything because I’ve not really tried many cream contour products but these look great and even the brush that goes with these looks fabulous. And speaking of brushes, I have my eye on all of the Charlotte Tilbury Brushes. They look luxurious but have the perfect shapes for their intended purposes. And finally I have high hopes for their Rock 'N' Kohl Eye Pencils which I’ve yet to try. They were on my original wish list many a moon ago but I got distracted by so many other products. Finally, I really want to try the Instant Look In A Palette - Beauty Glow in the hopes that all of the shades in that palette would show up on my skin.

What is your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product or what do you have on your wish list? Are any of her products holy grail for you? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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