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Monday, September 11, 2017

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I've been using some new and exciting things in my bath and shower time routines recently. Some of these aren't new products but new to me. Others are innovative products I'm happy to be trying out.

Urban Veda Soothing Body Range

The holistic approach of Ayurveda is based on knowing one's own mind and body type and tailoring one's wellbeing choices based on this knowledge. I've never (knowingly) tried any Ayurvedic products so I was super curious to find out more. A short questionnaire on the Urban Veda site revealed my 'Dosha' - the physical and emotional tendencies within the mind and body - to be 'Pitta'. The products tailored to this dosha is the sandalwood based Soothing range.

And soothing it most certainly is. The scent of these products is warm and comforting and not overly spicy thankfully. They're all made with natural ingredients including sandalwood, rosemary and ylang ylang to balance the 'Pitta' dosha. Urban Veda Soothing Body Wash* | £12.99 is a creamy gel that lathers up nicely with a puff. It's a great one to unwind with especially when paired with the silky Urban Veda Soothing Body Lotion* | £15.99. Although this has a runnier texture it is so luscious on the skin. Urban Veda Soothing Body Scrub* | £12.99 is very gentle so great to use more frequently, with the same gorgeous scent and leaves my skin so smooth and soft. This is microbead-free and instead uses crushed walnut shell powder and pumice stone. I am thoroughly enjoying these products and think they'll be great for anyone looking for affordable natural products that invigorate the senses and treat the skin. I told myself I'd wait to use these up in the winter because the scent is so warm but I can't stop using them.

Sister & Co Coconut Milk Bath Soak With Raw Vanilla | £25

I first read about this brand a few months ago in an online gift guide. I love the name of the brand so much, as some of you might know my sister is my best friend so of course the name of the brand is so appealing and heartwarming. That aside their products are all natural, handmade here in U.K. and housed in minimalist chic packaging. I've only had this for a couple of weeks but I've already used up half of it. It's a bit of a princess product in that it's not wholly necessary but I wanted to treat myself to a special bath treat that was different and this is perfect. Made with raw vanilla and coconut, this powder is packed into a beautiful glass bottle (I'm already seeing some upcycling ideas in my mind) and melts upon contact with water for some truly indulgent creamy swirls. You sprinkle some of the powder into a warm running bath and sit back and enjoy the closest thing to a decadent milk bath of the royals of old. It is so skin softening, leaving my skin fully nourished and in need of no further moisturising. In the bottle the coconut and vanilla fragrance is very strong but I wish it remained as intense when it's in the water. Also the bottle, however beautiful, gave me a fair amount of grief - think back to smacking a glass ketchup bottle up the backside and hurting your hand. The powder is so tightly packed into it and because of the natural moisture in the ingredients, it's all kind of stuck in the bottle. I made sure to stick a skinny old makeup brush end into the bottle and give it a good wiggle to get the product out the subsequent times I used this.

WALTZ7 Shower Tabs* | 14.50 Euros for 7 Tabs

This is such an exciting new product and concept to me all the way from Austria and I absolutely love it. These tabs provide you all the benefits of having a relaxing scent wrapped around you while you shower without the product needing to touch your skin. This is perfect for those who are easily irritated by scented products or for when you just want to have a shower to unwind without wanting to use a million products. They come in little packages and each tab can be split in half so there's enough for 2 showers. You just have to make sure you keep the unused part of the tab in a dry packet until you next use it. You place the tablet at the bottom of your bath tub or shower by your feet and as the moisture and heat comes into contact with the product, it starts to dissolve, releasing the aromatherapeutic scents. My favourite is the Inspiring Lemongrass scent as I'm always drawn to more fresh, zesty scents.

Michael Van Clarke 3''' More Inches Hair Care

I'm always looking for the next best thing for my hair and I'm still searching for the ultimate hair products. This luxury hair care line was developed by a leading hairdressing expert and works like anti-ageing for the hair, working to clean and replenish each strand of hair making the hair appear more youthful, shinier and feel softer. 3''' More Inches By Michael Van Clarke Moisturising Shampoo* | £18 and 3''' More Inches By Michael Van Clarke Moisturising Conditioner* | £18 are formulated with cashmere proteins which are said to match the molecular structure of human hair really well therefore fit and hold better. I'm really enjoying how hydrating and softening these are in my hair. Generally I think it's tempting to use a lot of product to get results but I love that with these, less is more. You don't need much product to cleanse and condition your happy hair. I love the amber plastic packaging, making these look super modern and chic, and they don't have any particular perfume scent. They just smell like professional hair care. Very clean. I look forward to seeing how these help to nurture healthier, longer hair over time.

Filorga Creme Universelle* | £30

The name of this product is so fitting because it really does it all. If your skin is dehydrated, sore, irritated, healing, burnt, itchy etc...this will see to it. It's like one of those do it all balms but in the form of this wonderfully lightweight yet rich cream. It contains a collagen boosting peptide which helps skin heal faster and so I've been loving using it on my legs, which are incredibly dry and prone to itchiness and often scarring from me scratching them too much (tmi?). It also contains Filorga's signature NCTF Complex made up of over 50 anti-ageing actives which help to penetrate deeper into the skin and provide hydration and protection instantly. This is meant to be a product for all the family but I haven't gotten around to sharing it just yet.

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter | £7

This is one of my favourite S&G products but recently I've come to love it even more. Since my girls started school, mornings are a mad rush for us. I just don't have the time to shower and then spend another 5-10 minutes moisturising so this product is perfect. Created with sweet almond, grapeseed and macadamia nut oils and combined with shea and cocoa butter, this is a serious boost of moisture for the skin to protect your body from drying out and becoming irritated. You simply apply it while you're in the shower, rinse it off and you don't need to follow with a body lotion. The perfect product for busy mornings.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Heat Protection Spray | £5.99

I've become obsessed with the Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Protective Primer but I've seen Dagmara & Leanne raving about this so I just had to try it. I mean the price difference is massive plus it smells like coconuts. And I'm thoroughly impressed. I don't heat style my hair as often as I'd like and like to air dry my hair but for those days when I need to dry my hair quickly I like to have a heat protection spray to use in my hair before using the blow dryer. And this does the job, smells like coconuts and seems to always be on some kind of offer. I have a petty complaint about it and that is that I wish the bottle had some gripping grooves or some texture as I find it hard to spray without it slipping sometimes (also, why is the barcode on the front?!?). I think I still prefer the overall hair softening and nourishing effect of the Bumble and Bumble but this is a great affordable alternative.

Have you been trying any new shower/bath products recently? What bath and body princess products do you love that you don't actually need in your life? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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