The Secret To A Flawless Base

Monday, August 21, 2017

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Or...How To Make Any Foundation Look Instantly Better On Your Skin! :)

And also, its not a secret. At all.

It's just that I came to realise this not-so-secret secret recently after a series of bad experiences with a number of foundations that I usually love but just looked horrible on my skin in one way or another.

So really, its a story of sorts. A story of how I came to fully realise The Secret To A Flawless Base.

I don't actually know what has been happening to my skin lately. I feel like I'm going through some sort of morphing phase whereby my skin is changing colour by the day. In both directions - lighter some days, darker others. Its strange and disconcerting and that's saying something because I'm more accustomed to sporting one face with several shades of skin than one might think. But seeing my face fluctuate from an NC37 to an NC42 and back down to an NC40 every few days is confusing. I actually think I am currently at an NC44 level if that even is an actual shade.

Anyway, I digress.

I also started noticing foundations that usually make my skin look sublime would do the complete opposite by sitting awkwardly on top, catch at dry patches in a horrifically obvious way and sink into my pores so much so to aggravate my trypophobia. Imagine, scaring yourself with your own reflection by triggering a hideous phobia, writing about which is enough to creep you out and leave you with heeby-jeebies!

Now I know what you're thinking - what did you use to apply them? Well of course I used my holy grail foundation brush: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which never lets me down. Never! But when that was failing me miserably I then switched things up and used a large flat top buffing brush, then a tighter packed flat top brush, then I tried a slanted buffing brush and even my fingers. It was too no avail. Makeup was depressing me (I love being dramatic though!).

Why it was my final resort I can never explain but I finally turned to my Beauty Blender | £16. I love this sponge, and enjoy it when I do use it but for some reason I rarely use it. Weird. Again, I have no explanation.

NARS Sheer Glow, dotted around the face, followed by a minute of some bouncy action with the soft, egg shaped sponge, left me with a glowing, even complexion. I was speechless. Wowed once again by a foundation I hold in high esteem. And there was me, kicking myself for a fortnight of wasted effort. My Beauty Blender was lying there all along. Through those dark days. Staring at me. The solution to all my troubles. The secret to a flawless base.

Just to make sure, I tried it with other foundations too. For example, I was trying a sample of Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation and was underwhelmed and, dare I say, disappointed. Applied and blended with the Beauty Blender bought it to life on my skin. I am super impressed.

I just needed to be reminded of the power of this little squidgy icon of a product.

Now that I know the secret of course, I need to get one in every colour ;) The makeup addict in me is alive and kicking.

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Did you enjoy my story of sorts? Do you own a Beauty Blender? Do you dare to neglect it in the way I did? What applications tips do you have to make foundation apply flawlessly? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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