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Friday, August 18, 2017

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Out with my rich moisturisers, creamy cleansers and intensely hydrating serums, oils and balms...and in with a selection of products to tame the slickest skin my skin sees during the year. My skin is combination all year round but of course during the summer my oily areas are at their oiliest (pretty picture, I know!) and I'm more prone to congestion and getting blemishes than I am in the winter. Despite this my skin is still dehydrated in certain areas too so it's hard striking a balance between cutting down the rich products but keeping my skin moisturised and feeling comfortable without looking completely greasy.

I've switched out a few products for a few that suit my skin better right now and I'm loving how well it's working for me.

I find myself reaching for Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser | £26 for morning cleansing as it's a refreshing lightweight gel, that naturally foams a little and removes impurities without stripping the skin. It leaves my skin feeling clean with no tackiness and just restarts my skin is such a gentle way. I find it perfectly balancing for my oily/combo skin too because it doesn't nourish the skin in a heavy way but rather adds a little suppleness and light hydration. It is said to help reduce pore size and appearance of age spots but I can't vouch for that at all. It is very soothing and calming on the skin and would be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins.

For the evening second cleanse I am enjoying Grounded Clay Facial Cleanser* | £14.95 which comes housed in a happy looking green plastic bottle with a pump. This creamy clay cleanser is perfect to get rid of any excess oils at the end of the day as it contains white clay to remove impurities, and I find it leaves my skin feeling smoother and looking fresher. It contains aloe to soothe the skin and sea weed to protect and hydrate lightly. It has a light but zesty scent that I adore, and for this reason I also find myself reaching for this on some mornings too. I do find that I have to use a warm damp flannel to remove this properly otherwise rinsing alone can leave a greasy residue on the skin.

I love a good alcohol-free toner and this is one of the best ones out there. Grown Alchemist Balancing Toner | £22 is a very soothing, mildly hydrating toner that makes my skin feel plumper and look more radiant. This toner is very gentle and it works so well to cleanse, tighten and soothe skin without drying it out or causing irritation. Alongside olive and chamomile extracts, which help to smooth the skin, it also contains ginseng, aloe and Vitamin C to protect and calm skin in preparation for further skincare products. I love this product so much I could use this all year round.

To soothe my skin throughout the day I rely on mists and right now I'm all about Grounded Body Scrub Floral Facial Toner* | £12.50 is a gorgeous bottle of refreshment for the skin. It adds a light layer of moisture and helps pick me up when I'm feeling a little blah or when my skin is starting feel worn out. It contains chamomile to soothe, rose water to help absorb excess oils and protective aloe. I also like the spritz nozzle because it sprays quite widely and evenly. There's nothing worse than a mist that squirts too much onto the face especially when you want to use it over makeup.

For summer I need something hydrating but super lightweight to moisturise my skin with because I don't want that horrid taut feeling nor do I want to be a shining greaseball. The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA* | £4.90 one isn't the best textured moisturiser and doesn't have any pleasantness about it to make it more appealing but it does moisturise my skin sufficiently without making my skin appear greasy. This one is best for oilier skin types because it really isn't hydrating enough on its own otherwise. Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel | £14 is the one I reach for on those super hot sticky days when anything you apply slides right off but you need something on your skin. It is a soothing, cooling gel which is ideal for when the weather is warmer but doesn't provide much in terms of nourishment. I pat some into my skin and it does the job just fine and plumps the skin nicely too. This would be good for oily skin types but also anyone who finds their skin is easily irritated and looking for something to apply to instantly soothe their skin

I've also been using Odacite Pimples Serum Concentrate Black Cumin + Cajeput | £27.50 when I have a break out, my pores seem to be easily congested or when I feel like the two moisturisers I mentioned are not nourishing enough for me. It contains black cumin oil which helps fight blemishes alongside cajeput which works to stop spots from occuring. This is an oil serum and I add 1-2 drops into the NMF+HA or 2-3 drops into the Benton Gel and transform them into more nourishing, protective and anti-bacterial concoctions. It can also be used straight as an oil directly without diluting but I have Sunday Riley UFO for that.

Of course I use Pixi Glow Mud Mask | £18 all year round since it is easily my favourite face mask of all but with my skin at its oiliest at the moment, I find myself relying heavily on this to keep my skin in check. It contains aloe vera, Dead Sea mud, jojoba, rosemary and ginseng which work together wonderfully to soothe, heal and rejuvenate and extract all impurities from inside the pores and on the skin's surface. It has a lovely scent and changes colour as it dries most satisfyingly and most importantly, it is easy to remove and not a messy mask ;)

Ren Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial | £32 is one of those gems in my collection that I use but don't remember to recommend. As the name of the product suggests, this works overnight, like an overnight mask or super charged serum, to rejuvenate skin. I am loving this because I often find my complexion looking dull or feeling too textured and this works really well at addressing these issues. It contains a host of active ingredients including exfoliating acids and nourishing omega oils to perform a three phase treatment process overnight. It brightens the complexion, evens out skin tone and smooths skin surface and I love waking up to the results of using this.

Finally I am loving this Mimitika Face Sunscreen SPF50* | £14 because it is a highly moisturising cream that I can use comfortably without needing to apply an additional moisturiser underneath. This thick formula is so silky smooth, has a lovely delicate scent and just melts in to the skin. It is rather rich and I love it also because it makes a wonderful base for makeup. My other SPF is quite light textured and contains a lot of alcohol so I have to layer it on top of another product. This one does it all.

If you'd like to hear more about the body products I've switched for summer you can read the post here: Summer Skin | Body Edition

What skincare products have you switched to for summer? Do you spot anything here that you love/hate or would like to try out? Let me know...

Sal xxx
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