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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

best colourpop super shock shadows for medium skin tones

This here is a bonus post I've created as part of my Makeup Collection Series.

I love Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in case you couldn't tell and have separate storage to house this obsession. I know they also do powder shadows now but the whole appeal and unique selling point of the brand once upon a not so long ago was these eyeshadows. Everyone was intrigued by their moussey cream to powder bouncy, pigmented formula all sealed off with an iconic design pressed on and packaged in cute little white pods. They are eye catching, come in an array of shades and finishes and are so easy to use. I can create looks using these that make it seem like I went to far more effort than I actually did, which is great.

top colourpop super shock shadows with swatches collection

As a fan of matte shadows generally over shimmers, I of course have more mattes shades in my collection. Some people say the mattes are not as good as the shimmers but I disagree. I think their shimmery shades are more obviously striking whereas the mattes appear simple in comparison but perform just as well as some powder matte shades I have tried. I find these Super Shocks are best applied with my fingers, but the mattes can be picked up and blended out with brushes with relative ease for a flawless look. 

I have definite favourites and some that I personally don't find myself reaching for but instead of breaking down the products in the way I usually do in this series, I will be going through each finish and describing the shades I have and mention which I love and those shades I could be without.

MATTE - bold matte colour

colourpop super shock shadows matte formula review

best matte colourpop super shock shadows review swatches

Cornelious - Warm caramel - I love using this all over the lids for a natural nude look, as an eyeshadow base, to even out and brighten my eye lids.
Wilshire - Mid-tone warm peachy beige - This is another good one for using all over the lids for a natural look, as an eyeshadow base, to even out and brighten my eye lids.
Flutes - Mid-tone yellow brown - I use this all over the lid to brighten and sometimes as a transition shade.
TO-A-T - Mid-tone warm brown - This is so pretty and perfect for me but I haven't used it as much as I should.
Crenshaw - Warm saddle brown - One of my favourites for all over and sometimes just in the crease to add some subtle definition, and I've hit pan on it.
Brady - Dusty rose - The one I reach for as a base for more pinky/purple toned looks. Works well with burgundy shades.
Elixir - Terracotta - A very pretty brightening shade that I don't really know how to use properly. I want to love it more.
Melrose - True rust - Another one I haven't used much but I would love more if I used it more.
Seeker - Reddish brown - A very deep shade that I use to add very warm definition to the crease and outer v of the eye.
Bandit - Warm rusty brown - One of my first ColourPop Super Shocks that I love, have hit pan on & have a back-up of. I love that when you blend this out, it has an orange tone while remaining quite deep. Great for the lower lash line too.
Mittens - Plummy Brown - A very deep shade that I swatched for the first time for this post. I don't know that I would get too much use out of this as I don't go for very dark eye looks. I may try to use it as a liner or just for the lower lash line.

colourpop super shock swatches nc40, colourpop crenshaw vs flutes vs to-a-t vs cornelious vs wilshire

colourpop super shock swatches medium skin nc40, brady vs elixir vs melrose vs seeker vs bandit vs mittens

SATIN - bold colour with soft pearl finish

best colourpop super shocks shadows satin formula

top super shock shadows colourpop swatches medium skin

Desert - Satin peachy tan - One of my first shades that I've used to death so much so I hit pan, its dried out & I have a back-up of course. This is very close to my skin tone & my perfect all over the lid shade to even out, brighten & add a subtle sheen. I apply this & usually take one of the matte shades in the crease & look instantly put together.
Smash - Satin natural beige with a soft golden sheen - A slightly brighter shade where the sheen is more obvious & catches the light beautifully. I really like this shade & definitely need to use it more.
Paradox - Warm satin burgundy red - This is one of the boldest eyeshadows in my collection that is gorgeous but is a little out of my comfort zone.
Hot Tamale - Rich coppery brown multi-dimensional satin - A very pretty brown shade that I would use in my crease but this contains shimmer so I don't really know how to use it to its full potential. Its a little dark for me to use all over my lids.

colourpop satin super shock shadows swatches desert vs smash vs paradox vs hot tamale


best shimmer shades colourpop super shock shadows

best shimmer colourpop super shocks for medium skin tone

PEARLIZED - bold colour with soft pearl finish

Jinxie - Soft satin gold - This looks great all over the lids but I prefer this as an inner corner highlight.
Sunset BLVD - Satin warm golden bronze - Absolutely love this shade for a simple but not glittery glam look because it has a lovely sheen and brightening effect.
Mooning - Blackened plum with a violet satin sheen - This is a little dark for my liking and also has some micro glitter in it so I don't really know how to make use of it.

colourpop super shock shadows pealized swatches medium skin nc40 jinxie vs sunset blvd vs mooning

ULTRA METALLIC - bold metallic foiled colour

La La - Ultra glittery soft copper - This is one of my first ColourPop Super Shocks that I loved using for special occasions because it is a gorgeous rose gold to finish off my warm brown smokey eye looks. Sadly this has dried out now & isn't as moussey and bouncy anymore but I can still use it though it doesn't have that striking look about it anymore.
Game Face - Ultra metallic rich copper - This is a beautiful penny copper shade that can be patted on the lids for a brightening metallic eye looks.
Boy Band - Ultra metallic red copper - I only swatched this for the first time now but it does look quite dark & I can't see myself using it much.

colourpop super shock shadows ultra mettalic swatches medium skin nc40 swatch la la vs game face vs boy band

METALLIC - bold colour and fine shimmer

Vega - Cool toned taupe gold sprinkled with gold, pink & violet glitter - A great shade if you like black/dark smokey eye looks & need a glittery shade to add on the lids. It is so stunning & instantly makes me look ultra-glam.
DGAF - Medium toned rusty brown with multi-dimensional gold glitter - Quite possibly the most beautiful & unique shade from this whole collection. I can't capture how stunning this shade is but I love this all over the lids along with my regular warm brown smokey to just take it to the next level instantly.
Thirsty Girl - Warm gold with a sparkle finish - This is one for special occasions for me because it is literally a gold glitter shade. The formula of this one is also significantly softer & creamier than the others so it doesn't need building up for the full impact of the pigmentation.

colourpop super shock shadows metallic swatches vega vs dgaf vs thirsty girl

Wish List

Yes, there are several shades here that I could get rid of, so many that need to be shown more love, and of course enough to keep me happily occupied without needing to add any more to the collection but I can't help but have my eye on a few more shades that I am sure I would love ;)

  • Sequin
  • Wattles
  • Amaze
  • White Rabbit

Colourpop super shock shadows review, makeup collection series, colourpop super shock shadows collection

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Have you tried ColourPop Super Shock Shadows? Do you love/hate them? What are your favourites? Which shades do you like the look of? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx

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