Makeup Collection Series | #7 EYE SHADOW STICKS AND SINGLES

Thursday, August 03, 2017

A few months ago I made the decision to cut down my makeup collectionkeeping only the things that I use often and enjoy using. Although I have significantly fewer products I am happier now with my makeup collection than ever before. It can definitely be cut down a lot more and I've somehow accumulated a few extra bits and pieces since decluttering. I thought I'd share which products remain in my collection for each category and why I kept them. And also use this as another opportunity to see if there's anything still lurking here that I can get rid of. Oh and I've snuck in my wish list for each category too ;)

N.B. I use recycled Ferrero Rocher boxes for storage and use this as a limit for how many products I can keep for any given category. Generally this works great, in some cases this hasn't worked at all. You'll see...

As much as I'm growing to love palettes and powder shadows more and more, I'm a true cream eyeshadow lover at heart. There's just something so much more appealing about a product you can swipe on and blend with your finger in 10 seconds, that doesn't budge all day that gives your eyes a little dimension and colour. I just love them and I'm not fussed if they're in pot or crayon form. I also am a huge singles fan. I much prefer having just the one shade I love and will use over and over than having an entire palette with a number of shades I never touch and only one or two that I steer towards. Again, this is changing but that's my preference despite how my collection weighs up now.

I haven't included my ColourPop Super Shock Shadows here because I have so many of them. Therefore I am working on a bonus post with just those. Also, I didn't include my Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadows here because I genuinely see that as my little bespoke palette/quad and I wanted to include it in the palettes post rather than talk about them as singles.

Right, onto my current collection and I have a mix of cream shadow crayons and pots, a few single powder eyeshadows and one liquid glitter that is sublime!


Topshop Smoke Sticks | post

Although these are the newest in my collection, I must begin with them because I can't seem to stop using them. These crayons come in the form of chubby pencils and both shades that I have are from The Nudes Collection, so very everyday wearable shades. The formula is so impressive as they glide on with such ease and thanks to them being in this crayon form, I have full control of where I want to place the product. They allow some movement for a short while and can be blended out with fingers or a brush. Once they set they are set and don't budge unless you apply some amount of pressure and warmth with your fingertip. I don't find these to crease on my eyelids and they wear incredibly well throughout the day. I cannot rave about them enough and my only true wish is that they were retractable because I have had to sharpen these a fair few times now. The shades I have are both gorgeous and easy to wear. Trickster is a pearlised golden bronze which has some micro-shimmer in it, catching the light delicately and giving some luminosity to the eyes. I use this with a warm brown through the crease for a simple but stunning everyday smokey look. Sphere is a matte neutral taupe brown that I either wear alone blended right out into my crease for some all over colour or as an eyeshadow base as I find it grips the shadows very well. These are super affordable and I am obsessed with them. I honestly need to force myself to use anything else these days.

Maybelline Color Tattoos | post

These will always be a favourite for most people I think because it was the high street/drugstore cream shadow that everyone fell head over heels for. And with good reason - these little glass jars come in an array of shades from everyday neutrals to vibrant shimmers in gold to pink to turquoise and perform incredibly well in terms of colour pay-off and longevity. There are very few that have tried the iconic On & On Bronze (called Bad To The Bronze elsewhere in the world) and not loved it. It's a perfect shimmery and flattering bronze shade that works on all skin tones that isn't glittery or chunky, but rather brings some light to the eyes with its beautiful sheen. My other favourite is Creamy Beige and for those who followed me on Instagram a couple of years ago, would've seen this featured almost daily on my makeup of the day flatlays. That was because I did use it almost every day. It's the perfect base shade for any other eye shadows but for me it was a great one to just apply, blend and be on my way. It's neither too cool nor too warm, and not far off from the colour of my natural eyelid, so this was great at making the colour of my eyes uniform and evened out. And while this may appear matte, to a more discerning eye and in the correct lighting, you will notice this has a subtle sheen to it making it a lovely everyday product to use without looking like you're going overboard. Again, at a super affordable price point you really have to check these out if you haven't already.

Stila Magnificent Metals - Bronzed Bell | post

This is another newer product in my collection and one that has blown me away. I wouldn't use this on a day to day basis at all, but for special occasions there isn't a single other glitter or shimmer product I've used that compares to this. It's a liquid glitter eye shadow that comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator, perfect for precision application which is a must for a product like this. The glitter particles are all different sizes and slightly different hues with a base liquid shade too and they come in a variety of colour ways. This one is a warm coppery bronze shade with a mixture of gold and silver sparkles in it. I've used this with my regular brown smokey eye look, and I simply swiped some on all over my mobile lid and my look was instantly transformed. I've said it before, I'll say it again - this product is like bling for your eyes. I love how bright and sparkly it makes my eyes without much effort at all. I find it stays put once its dry on the eyelids but if you touch it there is a bit of fall-out. I will definitely be using this for every party and wedding I attend for a long time to come.


KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows | post

These twist up stick crayons are absolutely amazing at lasting all day and come in an amazing range of shades. I love how creamy they are to apply and how nicely they blend out, especially because you don't really need to use anything else with these. They add depth to the crease and shimmer to the eyelids making them perfect when you want a polished look but don't have the time. You can also use these as eyeshadow bases for which they are fantastic but you do lose a lot of the sparkle. I use these for dinner makeup because they have a decent amount of shimmer and sheen without being too over the top and can be sheered out nicely too. My only gripe is that the packaging is so cheap and I've got one where the crayon has detached from the case and another where the crayon doesn't twist back down so I have to push it back in every time. But to be honest, for the cost it's not that big of a complaint. The shades I have are pretty easy to wear for any look, with only one more cool toned shade which I love when I wear anything with silver embellishments.

NARS Velvet Shadow Stick - Goddess* | post

This is the exact same thing as the KIKO ones but at a much higher price point. I actually find this one applies quite patchy on my eyelids so I only use this as an inner corner highlight. The light, warm champagne shade is very flattering and brightening. I personally don't think you need to splurge on these if you find a similar shade in the KIKO formula because they're exactly the same thing. I like having this in my collection though and will always cherish it as it was sent to me by NARS during my early Instagram days.

KIKO Infinity Eye Shadows

I've gotten so much use out of these but you can hardly tell and that's because these are so pigmented and buttery. Sadly, this range is discontinued which is a great shame because they had a wide range of shades and finishes and allowed us to customise our own palettes at a super affordable price point. I recall paying only about £2 per shadow which is such a bargain considering how much I've used these. Before I purchased my Too Faced Natural Matte Palette, I was using these shadows a lot mainly through my crease along with Creamy Beige. I don't actually reach for them as often anymore because I have so many other matte shadows to choose from but I'm not ready to let go of these shadows just yet. I obviously have a few matte warm browns, one sparkly shade that doesn't actually show up much colour or glitter to be honest, and one striking yellow gold that I like to keep in case I ever fancy a classic Asian eye look.

THE ONES I'M UNSURE ABOUT (and probably could/should get rid of)

MAC Eye Shadow - Pink Venus (lustre)

To begin with, I've had this in my collection for almost 7 years now. Don't worry, I don't use it anymore and in fact only really used it a couple of times. I bought this to wear during my engagement party because back then I had to match my eyeshadow to my outfit which was a chiffon blush pink dress. This pink shadow has some silver micro glitter in it but applies really sheer on the lids. I remember struggling to get the intensity I wanted. I only held onto this for sentimental reasons all these years but I think I'm ready to put it aside to trade in as part of a back-to-MAC soon. As sweet as the memory is, I don't really need this in my collection being completely useless.


I honestly don't want to add any more products to my collection right now especially when it comes to eyeshadow because I have all of these to work on using up and so many palettes too. The only shadows I actually want and will probably get as soon as I hit pan on a few more shades are Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadows - Crushed Walnut & Milk Chocolate. I used to use Crushed Walnut on my brows and I love the quality of these super affordable shadows and would love Milk Chocolate as a crease shade I can easily travel with without needing to take a whole palette with me.

If you missed the previous installments of this series, you can catch up here:

What are your favourite eyeshadow singles? Do you prefer cream shadows or powders? What is your most used eyeshadow of all time? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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