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Friday, August 25, 2017

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Queue sombre violins...I wasn't blessed with luscious locks. My hair is *insert any number of depressing hair adjectives here because it is all of them* and I am constantly trying out products that promise to transform my hair and I am just as constantly let down. So when something new comes on the scene and makes grand claims you can bet your bottom dollar I will be sceptical (and hopeful).

I've used my fair share of 'volumising' hair care over the years because my hair is naturally fine so of course I've tried products that are meant to give the illusion of thicker hair. And I've chucked out my fair share of them too. But I can wholeheartedly say that I won't be getting rid of these two:

Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner

This duo promises a gravity defying boost by adding volume and bounce thanks to a revolutionary formula that claims to never leave hair looking flat or thin. Music to my ears I say and made all the more appealing by being wrapped up in beautiful blush pink and rose gold packaging.

When I first tried them out I asked the Husband for his 'expert' opinion and his exact words were, "Your hair looks puffy!" Bingo! I mean, I wish he'd used any number of other more sophisticated adjectives but I'll take it. Because puffy indeed it was.

I've been secretly using this duo for the last fortnight and to say I'm impressed would be an understatement. After using these two products my hair feels thicker and fuller and just looks so much more healthier and better nourished. What I love most is that despite my hair looking and feeling so much bigger now, it doesn't feel weighed down thanks to these light-weight products. My scalp, which is generally visible due to the thinness of my hair strands, becomes fully hidden except where I make a parting at the side. Styling is easy, even just using my hands to move my hair and lift it is something new to me, as it doesn't fall flat. When I bunch all my hair up with my hand I can feel a difference in how plump my hair is now. I am thrilled with the results and am grateful to finally have the hair I have always wanted.

Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo, Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising Leave In Conditioner

So how does it work? This range focuses on treating each hair strand individually, plumping them up with a lightweight formula to nourish, protect and repair hair. Both products are paraben and sulphate free and the star ingredients are:
  • Pea Peptides – work to build up each strand of hair.
  • Amino Acids – bind to the hair cuticle for stronger, fuller and shinier hair.
  • Low and medium weight plant-derived proteins – conditions the hair fibre inside and out.
  • Feather-light active micro-emulsion – helps to repair and protect hair strands without adding weight or sacrificing volume.
Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo* | £15  is best used after using the Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox, which helps to exfoliate and prep the scalp, ensuring better results from this shampoo. I simply use a generous amount on wet hair, from the scalp down to the ends and rinse out. It can leave the hair feeling a little strange while its still wet, especially as you can't use a conditioner straight after to soften the hair in the usual way. I just wrap it all up in a towel straight after shampooing for about 15 minutes while I get on with everything else...

Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising Leave-In Conditioner* | £16 is a concentrated treatment that you apply to towel-dried hair before blow drying and styling. I actually like that the conditioner doesn't need rinsing out because every second you can shave off of your shower time is appreciated when you have three little ones running amok outside the bathroom door. So by the time I've done all my skincare, moisturised my body and gotten dressed, my hair is ready for this product. I take a few pumps between my fingers and run it through the entire length of my hair. This is quite like a serum, and I find I still need to add extra hydration to the hair by using a lightweight hair oil a little while after using this.

Personally I find that the effects of using these become more apparent as the hours pass, so when I use these in the morning, by midday my hair is huge. But I've yet to try them out at night to see whether I wake up to a full bodied head of hair in the morning ;) It also lasts longer on my hair from the mid-lengths to the ends for an extra day or two than it does on my scalp, though a little dry shampoo helps extend the illusion.

This range is perfect for anyone with fine hair like myself of course, and would be useful for those who love big, voluminous hair but don't have the time to add tonnes of products into their routine to achieve it. Also if you hate back-combing you will appreciate the results of these too as they do all the hard work for you.

grow gorgeous full bodied leave in conditioner review, grow gorgeous full bodied shampoo review

Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising range launched here yesterday. 
And is available to purchase from Boots today.

Does this new range excite you? Have you tried any volumising products that actually work? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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