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Monday, July 31, 2017

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Away with all the nutty, warm and spicy scents and bring on the zesty, fruity and fresh scents - its summer. And my current body care routine and products are definitely reflective of the sunny season. I'm currently using products formulated with facial peel technology, coffee grounds and irresistibly delicious scents during this season and my body is loving it. Gone are the days of dehydrated, itchy, dry skin and hello glowing, radiant and nourished skin. I give you: Summer Skin | Body Edition.

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I've been trying out some advanced body care products from Mio Skincare over the last couple of months. Like firming and tightening facial skincare, these products are formulated to improve skin texture and appearance with prolonged use and are meant to help with delaying the signs of ageing on your body.

Mio Skincare Skin Tight Body Serum* is a potent formula that helps to gently exfoliate, refine, smooth and tighten skin. It contains exfoliating papaya enzyme, hydrating hyaluronic acid, pomegranate and green tea for antioxidant protection and what they call their 'unique oat protein complex' said to protect skin from wrinkles. This isn't one for all over the body but rather targeted areas - I apply this on my tiger marked belly after showering and let it sink in before following with a moisturiser. It instantly feels firming and tingling which is a fascinating sensation on an otherwise wobbly, jiggly surface. I don't expect this will get rid of all my stretch marks but it has lessened the pigmentation of the marks, making them appear less obvious. I'm also going to start using it on my knees and the bumpy areas of my arms because they need some exfoliating action. This is the kind of product you will appreciate if you have dull, uneven skin or if you've lost a lot of weight and you skin has lost some of its elasticity. This product promises to help with problems over time and to provide long lasting benefits by protecting the skin from becoming aged or damaged as quickly and I'm glad to have this in my body care routine.

I really enjoy slathering on the contents of the giant tub that is Mio Skincare Future Proof Firming Active Body Butter*. This moisturiser has an utterly lush texture and keeps my skin hydrated all day. It contains organic sweet almond oil and organic olive oil to provide rich moisture, nourishing organic argan oil, blueberry seed oil which is a source of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to help skin retain moisture for longer. This product is like a hydrating serum, antioxidant serum and moisturising cream all in one, that continues to hydrate and protect skin throughout the day. I notice the effects of this mostly on my legs, because I have such dry skin there. When I slather this on in the morning, my legs remain smooth and glossy till the night and I don't get any itchiness during the day.

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Believe it or not, this is my first time trying a coffee scrub. It seems strange that a coffee lover like myself wouldn't have tried one already especially as they are very popular. I've just always been afraid of the potential for mess but I squealed a little when I was contacted by Grounded Body Scrub, because I actually saw this brand on one of the very few Dragon's Den episodes I've ever watched. It's been amazing watching them grow and expand their brand, and it's good to see they stay true to their origins and continue to deliver one of the most popular and best loved coffee scrubs on the market.

Grounded Grapefruit Coffee Scrub* smells incredible and from the moment you open the pouch, it is mouth-watering torture that one would be judged if they ingested some of this product. Made from a signature blend of natural ingredients, this scrub helps to enrich and exfoliate to reveal brighter and smoother skin that glows and feels hydrated. Along with coffee, you have brown sugar and sea salt that remove dead and dry skin cells, sweet almond oil and vitamins C and E to nourish and soften the skin and of course grapefruit extract oil to give this version its distinct scent. It is messy, yes, and it does suggest using the scrub for 10 minutes which is quite a long time but its well worth all that effort. My skin is loving the invigorating experience and radiant results of this scrub.

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An exciting new launch comes in in-your-face, as bold as you'd like, feisty eye-catching packaging and is the younger sister of the classy, underrated and generally non-daring Sanctuary Spa. Being by Sanctuary Spa has launched a vast array of body care products in 5 exciting scents. I've been using these products for the last fortnight and I'm absolutely obsessed. We all know that Sanctuary Spa have some wonderful formulas, and this brand takes that effectiveness and pushes them to the next level of sensory pleasure.

Being by Sancturary Spa Hibiscus & Coconut Water Body Lotion* is a super hydrating but light textured body lotion made with shea butter and coconut oil. It is such a treat to use mainly because of the delicious scent, that starts off quite fruity and fun and slowly develops into something much deeper and sexier as it warms up on the skin. Being by Sanctuary Spa Salted Caramel & Macadamia Body Mist* is a great way to add some fragrance and sheen to the skin. To merely say that this smells delectable is a bit of an understatement. I also have Being by Sanctuary Spa Water Lotus & Pomelo Hand Cream* which smells good enough to eat. I think this brand will definitely serve up some favourites for a lot of people and because they're sold at Boots, they will often be part of some special offer or discount. I have my 'fruity eyes' ;) on their makeup bags - I just can't choose which one to get.

Like I could talk about body products and not include the current Soap & Glory bits in my routine (read '5 You Must Try | Soap & Glory Body Products' here). I absolutely love their shower gels because they're such good value for money and they are the perfect formula for me - not too thick or too watery, they lather up nicely and never leave my skin feeling stripped. I'm currently using Soap & Glory Orangeasm Showerwash which is a zesty scented number that helps awaken the senses first thing in the morning. The scent has a bit of a salad hint to it (sounds weird but it's true) but I find once you use it for a while the salad scent does disappear and all you're left with is the orange.

Summer is the perfect time for the Sugar Crush range and as always I've cracked open a new tub of Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub. It smells delicious. DELICIOUS! And the scrub itself is so effective at buffing away dead skin cells and leaving my skin glowing. I like to use this every couple of days on my scaly legs (nice, right?) and on the bumpy backs of my arms and I love how smooth this scrub makes them feel. This is more gentle than the Grounded Coffee Scrub which I would only use once every week or so.

I am a huge fan of Merumaya products and think they are some of the most effective formulas available and so during their recent sale I took the liberty of adding Merumaya Hydrate & Protect Hand Cream with SPF15 to my collection. I am loving this non-greasy, sweet smelling hand cream for when I go outside. I think its so important to have SPF protection in your hand cream and this formula contains hyaluronic acid too making this a hydrating and protective treat perfect for summer.

What body products have you been enjoying this summer? Have you tried any of the ones mentioned here? Let me know...

Sal xxx
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