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Monday, July 24, 2017

dhc skincare makeup products review

Since falling in love with cleansing oils as a quick and soothing way to remove all of my makeup, there's been one cleansing oil at the top of my list to try. It's the one many rave about and rate as their top cleansing oil and so of course I just had to buy it try it out for myself. That was my first dabble into DHC Skincare, a Japanese skincare brand bringing innovative and exciting beauty products to the market without employing any gimmicks. Since trying out the cleansing oil, I've since been lucky enough to be sent some more products to try out from DHC Skincare and in a nutshell, it's been amazing discovering what kinds of things this brand has to offer.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

For me, cleansing oils should remove all makeup including waterproof eye makeup effectively, to have good slip on the skin and to come off easily with a warm damp flannel (also not irritate my eyes or leave a weird film on my eye balls). And this cleansing oil does just that. It doesn't have any significant scent, it glides around easily being neither too runny nor too viscous in texture, and is able to remove my makeup in a matter of minutes. Some people might think this is a glorified olive oil, but I personally don't enjoy using straight-up olive oil on my face, and this product has been formulated to get all the benefits of using olive oil as a base for cleansing with some added extras to make the experience pleasant. I'll admit these mini travel bottles aren't the easiest to get product out from, but they are a great way to test out the oil to see if you like it. I was recently surprised with a full sized bottle with a pump...which has me pumped! ;)

DHC Face Wash Powder* | review

I very recently featured this interesting cleansing product so I won't go into too many details. Cleansing powders are a bit of a revelation for me because their potential is great - I imagine they would have a longer shelf life, it would be so much easier to travel with as you'd just place some of the powder in a smaller container, and users have a lot more control over how much product they want to mix up to a consistency they prefer. The best thing about this cleanser for me is that it isn't stripping and I love the silky texture of the lather that forms. It entertains me wildly every time I use it. Even my girls eagerly wait to see me use the "powder bubbles" in the morning.

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs*

This seems like the simplest concept and yet I've never seen it done by anyone else. I always keep cotton swabs and some micellar water on hand when I'm doing my makeup just in case I make mistakes but this product has it all covered. Firm, thin double ended cotton buds saturated in an oil, these are fantastic for correcting makeup mistakes, sharpening up edges, and to keep in your makeup bag throughout the day. They come individually wrapped too and they're not overly saturated which I really like because there's no excess mess created by these. I've actually found them to be useful for tidying up messy swatches I do for blog pictures too.

DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX*

I'm just going to say it right from the get-go: this eyeliner is the closest dupe I've come across for the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen's brush side. That's a huge deal because eyeliners are an important product in my makeup routine and I've used a fair few of them and this gorgeous one from DHC is one of the best I've tried. The brush is flexible enough to fit the pen right up against the lash line at an angle that works for you. It doesn't drag at all and glides right across to create a very thin or thick precise line and the liner is as black as you'd like. The ease and speed with which I'm able to do a perfect flick is impressive, which is another reason why I compare it to the Tom Ford, which also helps make the task of getting perfect winged liner every time a doddle. I'm so glad to have tried this and can see why it's so popular, and it's great to know there is a worthy competitor for the luxurious but ludicrously expensive eyeliner pen I love out there.

I received one of these with a beauty box and quite enjoyed it. Its made from a soft, thin material, doesn't have a funky scent and fit my face relatively well. Its perforated along the nose, lip, and eye areas meaning you could tear them a little to fit your face a little more comfortably. They did have these rounded weird parts at the top that I couldn't understand so I just tucked them under my headband and pretended they were there to help me secure the mask in place?!? This mask is aimed at brightening the complexion and targeting any pigmentation issues for which Alpha Arbutin is a key ingredient. I found it wonderfully hydrating, slightly brightening and skin softening but can't really comment on the scar lightening after only one use. I feel like if you used this regularly, you could possibly see some incredible results.

DHC Oil Blotting papers

Because I sport an oily t-zone all year round, its always important for me to have some blotting products with me. I've steered away from applying blotting powders every couple of hours as I find they make my makeup look quite cakey but blotting papers do the trick without me needing to add more product to the face. These come in gorgeously cute and compact blush pink cardboard packaging that slides open to dispense each sheet. These thin sheets are pressed on oily areas to absorb all the excess oil and shine right off the face. The results are always grossly captivating - like how can my face produce that much oil? Haha! These are a must for the summer for everyone and for me all year round.

So this is what I've tried from DHC Skincare so far and I've really enjoyed getting to know the brand and their products. I feel like because they prioritise the effectiveness of their products over gimmicks and eye catching packaging, they've got something really useful and exciting to offer. If you want products that are reliable, easy to use and that serve their true purpose, I highly recommend you check out DHC Skincare. There's so much more I'd love to try if any of these products are anything to go by.

Have you tried the iconic DHC Cleansing Oil? Have you tried any DHC Skincare products? What would you like to try from what I have spoken about here? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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