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Monday, July 03, 2017

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In what feels like the blink of an eye, 2017 is half way done. And it's been a wonderful year so far for beauty discoveries for me. I've cut down how much makeup I buy and I couldn't be happier because it's given me a real chance to enjoy what I already have and to only add some real gems to my collection. The wonderful Beautylymin did this post on her blog and I thought it was a great inspired by her, here are my favourite beauty discoveries of the year so far.


I feel like I haven't stopped talking about this since I purchased it back in February. This is precisely the base product I've been missing in my life. It provides enough coverage for me with enough skin showing through to look natural and not obviously made up. The finish isn't too matte but rather more velvet and subtly glowy like natural skin, and it lasts all day. It quickly became an everyday favourite and I am so happy that it's a part of my collection.

After my disappointment with the Radiant Creamy Concealer which creases on me, I was eager to try their new concealer in the hopes that it would be rather more impressive. And thankfully it is. This concealer is surprisingly creamy with enough movement to easily blend it out and it isn't as prone to unflattering creasing as it's predecessor. It is full coverage without looking unnatural and has a lovely velvet matte finish. It isn't drying on the under eye area and lasts well throughout the day.

These are my favourite makeup discoveries of the year so far and I haven't even had them that long. I love using cream shadows as a base or as a single shadow almost daily. And these are incredible. You quickly swipe the crayon over your eyelids, blend and you're done. They last all day, don't crease and I love the neutral wearable shades both in the matte and shimmer finish as neither of them are too obvious on the eyes but give enough colour and definition to look polished. I only wish they were retractable because I'm lazy when it comes to sharpening pencils but have been needing to with these a lot because I use them so much.

This year has seen my eyeshadow collection jump from a couple of palettes and a handful of singles to a whole host of palettes - more than I can do justice to in all honesty. And my favourite of the lot is the quad I created for myself from ABH UK site when it launched. Obviously the shades are perfect and beautiful and I love the matte finish, but more than that it's the formula that I'm impressed with too. They are so silky and blend so well on the eyelids and last so well throughout the day too. I really want to create another quad or two based on the quality of the shadows alone, but I'm being sensible ;) for now.

Similarly, my once small highlighter collection has grown significantly this year. And this one is my favourite of them all. I'm generally not into highlighters that are too gold and thought this was just hype but really and truly this is well worth it. The shade is a beautiful gold tone that flatters my skin tone without appearing too yellow or bronze. And the finish is the closest I've ever achieved to that glossy/wet highlight look that we love from the magazine editorials. It makes me appear youthful and luminous and glowing and I love it so much!


I love cleansing oils to remove my makeup and whilst I have my favourites, I have to say this has stolen the lime light for me lately. Combining micellar technology with rose water and plant based oils, this gentle oil effectively removes makeup and grime leaving skin soft and hydrated. You can use this as a morning cleanser too and really massage your face with this beautifully scented oil for a supple start to the day. I prefer to remove this with a warm damp flannel and love that it comes with a convenient pump.

I love a good exfoliating toner although this year I haven't discovered any new ones and am still loving my previous favourites. Hydrating toners have been a revelation for me and my dehydrated skin. And this one is pretty special in that it hydrates, tones, preps skin, balances the PH level, helps any subsequent products absorb more effectively into the skin and removes any excess sebum or dirt at the same time. I use this either by placing a few drops on a cotton pad and swiping all over my face, or I put a few drops into my fingers and pat it onto my skin.

I bought this after hearing it compared to the iconic Sunday Riley Good Genes which is also a creamy exfoliating serum, and while that one is lactic acid based, this serum contains a mix of both AHAs and BHAs for an effective but gentle overnight chemical exfoliant. This light lotion contains Salicylic, Glycolic and Lactic acids and works overnight under moisturiser/facial oil to brighten and renew the skin, revealing glowing fresh skin that looks healthy and feels smoother and plumper too. I love the results of this serum so much and try to use it 2-3 a week. The packaging is quite bulky and heavy being that the bottle is glass so not great for travel but comes with a handy pump so can be easily decanted.

BonVivant Botanical Mask Pack Sheet Masks

It was quite difficult for me to choose just one brand of sheet masks as I enjoy quite a few but this range has been a stand out for me in many aspects. Mainly, the fit and material of these sheet masks makes these a joy to use. They don't wrinkle up anywhere on my face awkwardly, I don't need to constantly pull it over my chin or head and the materials is so thin and flexible that it fits right into every contour of my face and I feel like my skin is getting the most out of the serum altogether. The different "flavours" are lovely too and overall very hydrating, soothing and leave my face plump and bright. Annoyingly these are a little tricky to get ahold of in UK.

When it comes to the brand shaking up the beauty industry, I have to admit from the handful of products I've tried so far I am generally left underwhelmed. There is however one clear winner that I highly recommend everyone try! This retinoid serum is gentle, has a milky texture that layers over toners and under serums really well, and keeps my skin in check with regular use. Combining two types of retinoid that don't irritate the skin in the way retinoids are known to, this genuinely helps maintain a more healthy, youthful skin appearance. After a few uses I noticed a beautiful glow in my complexion and I have full faith that this has helped diminish some of those early signs of ageing - fine lines seem less obvious and my skin appears plumper.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50

This is an excellent sun protection cream at a very affordable price point that is actually enjoyable to wear. It has a very light-weight texture which helps it melts into the skin without leaving an overly tacky or gritty texture. I find it layers so well over any moisturiser without balling up and under makeup and primers really nicely too. This product does contain a fair bit of alcohol but I don't find it to be irritating or drying, in fact this gives my skin such a beautiful glow. I have already ordered another tube because this is the best facial SPF I have come across.


This is one of my newest beauty obsessions and with good reason. For years I've bought can after can of dry shampoo hoping to love it the way the rest of the world seems to but they always left a hideous white cast all over my scalp, made my head feel weird and some even gave me headaches. This is revolutionary because I finally get what the obsession with dry shampoo is. It doesn't leave any chalky residue behind (very important, if not most important) and leaves my hair looking and feeling fresh. It helps lift my roots too giving my hair the appearance of vigour and volume. And yes, it smells INCREDIBLE!

Of course this perfume had to be included. I mean, look at it. It's the cutest thing I own and housed inside this pretty packaging is a scent that could've been made with me in mind. I love my sweet, fun scents and this one is just the perfect balance delicious and sophisticated. With notes of sugar orchid, springtime tulips and whipped vanilla cream, this has quickly become the scent I reach for over all others. I also love the little pump too which adds to the cuteness and the whole pleasure of the experience of using it.

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So there you have my favourite beauty discoveries of the year so far. I will be interested to see if these current favourites hold their ground till the end of the year. I'm sure a couple of them will remain unbeaten while there is possibly room for other things to overtake some of these beauties. Let's see what else remains to be discovered in this latter half of 2017...

What is your favourite beauty discovery of the year so far? Do you share my feelings with any of these? I'd love to know.

Sal xxx

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