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Thursday, March 23, 2017

review merumaya lip line restoration treatment

Since I've been getting through so many products lately, I have been happily able to introduce lots of new things into my skincare routine. I've been trialling a micro-needling kit, trying out some ampoules, there's a lip plumping cream and I have two new serums - one for morning, another for night. Here's a little round-up of how I'm getting along with all the new products.

I was kindly sent over some interesting products to try out by Look Fantastic from a brand called Babor which I had never heard about before but as it turns out they've been around for a while specialising in expert luxury skincare. I'm really enjoying their cleansing system which includes a cleansing oil and an activator. The Babor Hy-Ol* cleansing oil contains soybean, sesame and peanut oils and breaks down all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. You can use this straight up like this or you can add a few drops of the Babor Phytoactive Base* which turns the oil slightly milky and foams up a little for a thorough cleanse. This contains mint, birch and rosemary essence to invigorate the complexion. I like that I can do my entire double cleansing routine with only these two products though with the use of the base I do find a little stripping even on my oily/combo skin.

review babor look fantastic ampoules

Another interesting product is Babor Ampoule Concentrates which comes in a number of different strengths and formulations for different skin concerns. Ampoules are single dose capsules containing supercharged serums with a higher quantity of active ingredients. I have the Babor Active Night Fluid* & Babor Hydra Plus Active Fluid* ampoules, which come with a dosage of the product in individual glass capsules which you can break open with the plastic opener or by hand (use a tissue for safety). They may look small but they contain enough liquid to cover the face and neck easily and all you do it pat the product into the skin for it to absorb. I've really enjoyed both and find them to result in plump hydrated skin in the morning.

My favourite product from the range has been Babor Skinovage Daily Moisturizing Cream* which is a delightful light textured moisturiser that is intensely hydrating without being overly rich or greasy. It contains sesame seed oil, pomegranate extract and hyaluronic acid to provide hydration throughout the day/night. It has a light refreshing skincare scent and I find that it absorbs into my skin wonderfully allowing me to layer SPF products and makeup without any issues.

review swiss clinic skin renewal kit

Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal* | £84

I have never even thought about using anything like this and I know a lot of people have their reservations about micro-needling. The purpose of this treatment is to make small punctures in the skin in order to force the skin's natural repairing mechanism to kick in, helping to build bring about healthier looking newer skin. For me, I was willing to give it a go especially because Swiss Clinic has a very informative site with lots of tips and advice about the whole treatment. The Skin Renewal Kit comes with the Skin Roller and Rejuvenating Serum and there is a choice of two needle lengths depending on your skin concerns. The two products work together to induce collagen production in your skin and tackle fine lines, wrinkles, improve skin texture and the appearance of large open pores. (You can also purchase the Sanitizing Spray* separately.)

It seemed daunting at first but now that I've done it a few times its relatively straight forward. Making sure the tool is completely sanitary is of the utmost importance so you must begin by rinsing the Skin Roller and then spraying with some kind of sanitising spray. Then I very simply roll the tool over different areas of my face in various directions making sure not to drag it in any way and not applying too much pressure. I feel a slight tingle and no pain, thankfully. After use I apply the serum and then follow with my peptide serum and any of my other skin repairing balms/treatments I desire.

I love how the treatment helps my serums sink in deeper and I have noticed that my skin texture is far more refined and softer for a few days after use. I only use it every fortnight now having used it more often at the beginning and just reserve it as an occasional treatment especially when I feel like my skin is looking a little lack-lustre.

This would make a lovely gift for someone who loves trying new skincare products.

Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash* | £16.50

I am a huge fan of the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm and I have done a brand focus post discussing my favourite products already which you can read here. I was super excited to add their other cleanser to my collection which is targeted at those who are prone to breakouts and helps to cleanse and treat the skin with every use. It contains pomegranate extracts to lightly exfoliate alongside other antioxidant rich ingredients such as mangosteen and baobab, helping to clear, brighten and protect the skin. It is a gel that transforms into a slightly foaming cleanser upon contact with water and can be rinsed away. It leaves my face feeling hydrated and happy. This makes an invigorating morning cleanser and a great follow up cleanser in the evenings.

Merumaya Lip Line Restoration Treatment* | £19.50

An exciting new launch from the brand became available last Friday and its aim is to target the lines we often have on the upper lip, quaintly referred to as 'bar-code lines'. I have quite a full bottom lip but my top lip is riddled with these lines which are further accentuated whenever I use liquid lipsticks. So I was seriously curious about how this cream could help alleviate the problem for me. The cream contains a host of collagen inducing, skin firming and elasticity improving ingredients, including ceramid complex, hyluronic acid, vitamin e and oat lipid e. I'll admit I am not a huge lip cream fan and find the texture odd, but I apply a thin layer to my top lip when I begin my makeup to give it time to work. Even from the first use, I could detect a slight tingle and within 5-10 minutes the lines are significantly reduced. Now when I use a liquid lipstick, which are notorious for highlighting any lip deficiencies, my lips look more even and plumper. This product is meant to have some great long term results too so I'm excited to continue using it to see how effective it will be.

merumaya review, earth science a/b serum review

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream | £25.50 (full size)

Even though I am working through a couple of other moisturisers right now, I also added this to the mix that Binita kindly sent me a while back. It has a delicious delicate sweet scent which I find so uplifting and refreshing to use in the mornings. I'm so glad this is a smaller size tube because I can't say the formula is my favourite - it can be really tough to work this into the skin and get it to absorb nicely and doesn't play very well on top of other products. Otherwise it is lightweight and hydrating and really the scent makes this for me.

SuperFacialist Vitamin C Serum | £16.99

I managed to grab this for £14 off the retail price at TK Maxx which for a bargain hunter like me is a BIG DEAL! I've wanted to try this serum for so long especially because I love the cleansing oil from this range and I am happy to find out that this has the same delicious scent :) I've used this for the last few mornings and I've been quite impressed with how well it applies, absorbs and how easily I can layer other products on top of this. I look forward to seeing glowing results.

Earth Science Naturals A/B Hydroxy Night Rejuvenator | £19.83

I recently purchased this lotion serum which is reported to be a great overnight exfoliating treatment and results in luminous, refined skin. It contains a whole host of natural ingredients and a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acid to help keep skin looking rejuvenated and radiant. The lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin and aside from that usual sharp, pungent acid scent, I love everything about this product already. It glides easily on the skin and absorbs instantly allowing me to layer an oil, balm or moisturiser on top without it balling up. It tingles upon application but only enough to reassure me its working but not enough to worry me. The morning after I have noticeably brighter skin, it feels smoother to the touch and truly is rejuvenated. I would highly recommend checking this out if you are looking for a potent skin renewing serum that won't break the bank.

What new products have you introduced into your skincare routine lately? Is there anything here that sparks your interest? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx
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