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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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I am a matte eyeshadow fanatic and a lover of the warm brown tones so of course creating my own little Anastasia Beverly Hills quad had been on my radar for a while. I'd only heard amazing things about the quality, pigmentation and performance of these shadows and couldn't wait to create my own. As soon as the ABH UK site launched, I placed my order for my own personal quad and I love it more and more every time I use it.

This past weekend I had to attend 2 weddings and despite it being the most hectic, exhausting weekend I've had for a long time, this little quad secured my makeup game for me. I had so many comments about my eye makeup and its all down to these babies so I thought I would share my thoughts and the shades I chose for my own quad.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Singles | £10 each

I can't even deny that the fact that they come with their own little compact/palette was one of the main reasons why I had been lusting after these. If you purchase 8 singles you receive a complimentary palette to slot them into (similar to the Contour Kit) and with a purchase of 4 singles you get this cute plastic compact with magnetic wells. If that wasn't cool enough, they also discount the price of the singles to £7.50 each if you buy 4 and £6.25 each if your purchase 8.

The choice of shades is huge with a selection of finishes. I of course had my eyes only on their popular Ultra Matte formula but their shimmers and metallics look and sound equally fabulous. For my quad I also picked up one of their Velvet shades which they describe as a matte but not completely matte shade. Personally I only chose it for the name ;) but as it turns out, its the shade I've used the most from the four.

The quality of these shadows is amazing and you really only need to tap your brush in once to get enough product to work with. They blend so easily and flawlessly that I feel bad for taking credit for my looks because the shadows do the work for me. They're pigmented and buttery and while there is some powder kicked up when you place your brush in, more with the Ultra Matte shades than the Velvet, its not enough for me to think its wasteful if that makes sense.

All of these shades work wonderfully to give me a complete warm brown smokey eye or a natural eye look, and of course they work alone as crease shades or all over the lid. There's just so many looks and uses I've been able to get out of this quad already and I am so glad to have it in my collection.

anastasia beverly hills eyeshadows bengal, burnt orange matte, morocco, fudge, abh singles review and NC40 swatches
Bengal - Burnt Orange Matte
Morocco - Fudge


Bengal (Velvet) - a medium warm brown with a slight orange undertone in a satin-matte finish

I have used this shade the most from my quad because it is that perfect nude shade for my skin tone. I like to use this all over the lid with or without other shades. It has a gorgeous satin-matte finish that looks matte but has a little something when it catches the light.

Burnt Orange Matte (Ultra Matte) - a light warm orange brown in a matte finish

This is a beautiful transition shade that works with any warm toned look. Especially on my skin tone, it helps to blend shades together and gives the crease a little dimension without looking like another shade altogether.

Morocco (Ultra Matte) - a reddish-copper brown in a matte finish

This looks a lot more alarming in the pan than it applies. Its a great shade to add to the crease to add a different touch to an otherwise average warm brown eye look. It also adds a pop of colour to the look when applied along the lower lash line.

Fudge (Ultra Matte) - a rich warm brown in a matte finish

This is that perfect smoking out shade I love adding to the outer-v to add extra dimension and depth to the look. When I use this for a daytime look I just run a little bit of this along the lower lash line only.

abh eyeshadow swatches, nc40 swatches anastasia beverly hills bengal vs burnt orange matte vs morocco vs fudge, abh eyeshadow quad

Have you tried any of the ABH singles? What shades would you use to create your own quad? I'd love to know...

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