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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

blank canvas cosmetics uk review

If there's one thing I'll always have an unnatural soft spot for its makeup brushes. As much as I've worked on cutting down my makeup collection, I can't seem to let go of my brushes. I'm up for trying anything and everything - I have my snobby brush side where I believe the better the tools, the better the makeup will come out, and I have my guilty pleasure of ordering cheap as chips brushes from Hong Kong that shed like crazy.

Most importantly I love me some brushes so when this massive and generous package from Blank Canvas Cosmetics landed on my desk I squealed like a kid, jumped for joy and nearly dislocated my arm from the excitement of it all!

best affordable professional makeup brushes

Blank Canvas Cosmetics has been growing steadily since its launch in 2011. Based in Ireland, the brand specialises in professional quality brushes and makeup without the usual hefty price tags. Their focus is to enhance the natural beauty of each 'Blank Canvas' - each face - and allow women to express themselves confidently through the use of makeup. They use cruelty-free natural goat or pony hair bristles and have an extensive range of synthetic taklon or nylon hair brushes which are all vegan friendly. On their site each brush is clearly labelled so you know exactly what your brush is made of.

(I was also kindly sent their stunning eyeshadow palette which I will be talking about in a seperate post soon)

blank canvas cosmetics 12 brush set with cup holder review

"My Face And Eye" Professional Set 12 Piece Brush Set With Cup Holder* | £70.20

This set is perfect for anybody and everybody: from the makeup novices because it contains every type of brush you would need to get your makeup journey started, to the makeup professionals as every brush performs so well and comes with a brush holder which makes it easy to protect the brushes on the go, to everyone in between as in those of us who love makeup and can't get enough of brushes! Each brush is made to an exceptional standard and it's great to see a range of brushes for the face and eyes without any duplicates/similar brushes. The set contains both natural hair brushes and synthetic hair brushes so if you're only interested in the vegan brushes, you'll be glad to know all the brushes are available to purchase separately.

The brushes included in the set are as follows:

F02 Double Ended Painter Style Foundation Brush (foundation/concealer application)

F03 Large Duo Fibre Stipple/Highlight Brush (foundation/blush/highlight application)
F15 Small Tapered Red Bristles (contour application) This is my favourite brush from the whole set because its that shape and style of brush that I love. I love it for setting my under-eyes with powder, contour and mostly its perfect for my highlighter. I actually love the red bristles because it stands out wonderfully from every other brush in my collection.
F25 Large Powder/Bronzer (powder/bronzer application)
F20 Hot Pink HD Flat Brush (Foundation/Powder application)
E23 Short Pencil (Outer v shadow application/ eye smudger brush) 
E24 Flat Shader (eyeshadow placement)
E25 Round Top Blending Brush (eyeshadow blending brush)
E26 Blending Brush ( eyeshadow/concealer blending)
E28 Ultra Fine Liner (Eyeliner brush)
E30 Brow/Spoolie (brow grooming/mascara/browgel/powder application)
L29 Lip Brush/Winged Eyeliner Brush (lip liner/lipstick/gel/liquid eyeliner application)

best blank canvas cosmetics eyeshadow brushes

best Blank Canvas brush for highlighter wayne goss no 2 dupe

I love that the set includes the cup/holder which is great for travel but also doubles up as 2 brush pots. And it's great value too since each of these brushes individually retails from £7-£14. This set would make a great gift for anyone who loves makeup or anyone looking to get into makeup because it really does contain everything you need.

blank canvas makeup brushes review, best foundation brush

F01 Quick Brush* | £14.03

This gorgeous hot pink brush boasts a beautiful gold ferrule, a shorter handle and a large domed head perfect for blending liquid/cream makeup and powders too. I didn't expect this brush to perform quite as well as it does since I've never gotten along with larger head brushes before but this is a game changer for me. Aptly named Quick Brush, I can apply and blend my foundation flawlessly in less than a minute thanks to this brush. It literally takes seconds to buff the foundation in and then a few stippling motions later I'm done. It's amazing! There's just the right balance of movement and stiffness to work with foundation and the size of the brush helps to cover larger areas quickly. You can also use this with setting powders and bronzers.

F31 Targeted Contour Brush* | £13.16

Although I'm not the most skilled when it comes to the art of contouring, I do find a good brush to help me along can make all the difference. And this brush is just the ticket to help even the most helpless contouring newbie achieve a sculpted look. The short dense bristled brush can be used with creams or powders and is great for precisely placing contour products in the right place. I like to use this from my ear downwards and lightly mark out the area ready for contouring before taking a large brush and buffing the product out. It's also a great one for nose contouring. The metallic rose gold also makes this immensely appealing.

blank canvas uk review, top affordable makeup brushes gift makeup artist kit

Airbrush Blender Sponge - Pear Yellow* | £6.13
Airbrush Blender Sponge - Slim Pear Pink* | £6.13

I've only tried more traditional egg shaped blending sponges so I've thoroughly enjoyed playing around with these funkier shaped ones. The pointy sides are perfect for blending concealer in under the eyes. I have to say these sponges didn't blow me away. I found them best for achieving an airbrushed finish to foundation that had already been applied and buffed in, and these really help to get rid of any streaks. I also am not crazy about the fact they don't have as much bounce in them as other sponges and that when I washed them the colour leaked a lot. Otherwise they're good to have to hand especially if you're a makeup artist and constantly using sponges on clients.

Overall I am super impressed with the quality of these Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes. They appear and feel as professional as my higher end brushes which is amazing considering these are quite affordable, more so if you purchase them in sets. I am so glad these are not just another set of pretty brushes that look good in pictures but in reality don't perform or are constantly shedding. These do the job incredibly well and feel great to use. I have definitely discovered some new favourites here that I will cherish with every use.

Have you tried any Blank Canvas Cosmetics products? Which of these brushes catches your eye? What is your favourite foundation brush? I'd love to know...

Sal xxx

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*This post contains PR samples sent for review purposes. All opinions are my own & 100% honest. Please see my Disclaimers for more information.

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