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Thursday, February 16, 2017

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A few months ago I made the decision to cut down my makeup collection, keeping only the things that I use often and enjoy using. Although I have significantly fewer products I am happier now with my makeup collection than ever before. It can definitely be trimmed down a lot more and I've somehow accumulated a few extra bits and pieces since decluttering. I thought I'd share which products remain in my collection for each category and why I kept them. And also use this as another opportunity to see if there's anything still lurking here that I can get rid of. Oh and I've snuck in my wish list for each category too ;)

N.B. I use recycled Ferrero Rocher boxes for storage and use this as a limit for how many products I can keep for any given category. Generally this works great, in some cases this hasn't worked at all. You'll see...

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I think I'd class myself in the "all or nothing" makeup camp. I'll either cake on the foundation or I'll leave out any base product altogether. I have a few medium coverage products but I generally tend to look for full coverage foundations. I am quite comfortable with my natural skin, but for me makeup is my art and I feel like my skin is as much a canvas as my eyes.

If I was out and about and in the company of other people on a day to day basis, I'd definitely be interested in a good tinted moisturiser with much less coverage but since I'm usually just playing with makeup at home or wearing it on special occasions, full coverage suits me better for now.

My skin can get very oily throughout the day therefore I lean more towards mattifying foundations. I do have a couple that have a more glowy finish but generally I find that if I start the day off with something with a dewy finish, I'll look unflatteringly shiny and wet in a matter of hours. So I start with a matte base which usually develops into a natural looking sheen as the day goes on.


Estée Lauder Double Wear - 3W2 Cashew | post | £31

I wasn't initially impressed with this foundation because there was so much hype around it and for some reason I just didn't get it when I first applied it. But slowly, I grew to love it to the point that I can now easily crown this as my favourite foundation of all. The coverage is buildable to a flattering full coverage that doesn't look abnormal or mask like. The matte finish isn't completely flat or and it lasts on the skin all day. All day! I think that's what gives this foundation the edge because if I know I have to go somewhere and I'll be out all day and there's little to no time to touch-up I can rely on this foundation to just stay in place and not get me looking too oily. The shade match is great for me, even if it is a tad golden, and that's the only reason why the Lancôme doesn't surpass this in my books.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H - 045 Sable Beige | post | £30

I tried a sample of this from Boots a few years ago and it's been an obsession ever since. Sadly the colour isn't quite right for me being quite neutral, but I find that once it's on my face and blended out with all the rest of my makeup on, I can pull it off. A perk of being a hijab wearer of course is that the foundation doesn't necessarily have to match your neck every time ;) It's weightless on the skin but is super full coverage and somehow manages to look skin-like. This one is perfect for oily skins because it stays put and has a natural satin finish but never gets shiny. I'm nearing the end of this bottle and hopefully will find a better match from their new shade selection for when I repurchase, because repurchase I most certainly shall!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless - Natural Beige 220 | post | £5.99

I've said it before, I'll say it again - I cannot believe this foundation costs £6!!! Although it's meant to be a mattifying foundation, I find the finish to be more satin on me and performs more like a tinted moisturiser. The runny formula is quite pigmented and is easily worked into the skin. It leaves a very subtle, natural glow on the skin, so not dewy by any means but definitely not a flat matte powdery look. I also love the shade and think it's a great match for a foundation available on the high street. This isn't as long lasting on the skin as the others but I don't mind at all because for the price I'm more than happy that that's my only complaint.

Garnier BB Cream - Medium | post |  £9.99

I've been using this for many years now and continue to repurchase it because it's a base product I can always rely on. It's a zesty scented gel texture that glides so easily over the face, packs a decent amount of coverage and gives my face a radiant finish. I've worn this to a couple of weddings and both times been asked by several people what foundation I was wearing because it looks so good on the skin. It covers redness and makes my skin look healthy and luminous. The shade is a little on the bronze side but I find that when I blend it out all over my face and apply concealer and powder, it works. I'll be repurchasing yet another tube of this soon.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - Barcelona | £32

Controversial bold statement: This could easily be the only foundation I ever have in my collection and continue to use for the rest of my life.
Ok, a little bit over the top but I'm seriously in love with it and cannot kick myself enough for not buying it sooner. I chose this foundation as my little reward for using up an entire foundation because it was the best from all the samples I'd tried and I was shocked that the hype wasn't just hype. It's offers medium-buildable coverage, has a lovely lightweight texture that blends beautifully and it sits tight on the skin without grabbing at dry patches or sinking into my pores. I changed my shade from Stromboli to Barcelona as I feel like my skin has become slightly darker this year and it's a perfect match. A lot of people misjudge the formula due to the name but I feel like the name comes from the fact that the actual glow effect you get from this foundation is sheer. Its a great all-rounder and I appreciate having something that lasts well on the skin that isn't full coverage and matte.

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Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot - Caramel | post | £10

This foundation gets a lot of stick and I can see's super thick, takes a lot of effort to blend to get it looking decent and the shade range is outrageous. But I have to say I really enjoy using it. For me it comes down to a couple of things - the finish and the shade. This is a medium-full buildable foundation that keeps the skin matte for hours and lasts well on the skin. The shade matches me really well even though horrifically this is the darkest shade they have. I'll admit, it can cling to dry patches and will often gather up around the creases of my nose but I actually still enjoy using it. I would recommend this for someone who is super oily, needs something affordable and has a lot of time to blend this onto the skin properly.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation - Warm Natural | post | £24

I recently reviewed this and concluded that I was unsure about it. Since then, I've found that I quite like using this in certain circumstances. It's great for travel because of the convenient packaging. Mainly I like it because for someone like me, who gets super conscious about having layers and layers of makeup on my skin when I'm around other people, this is great because it doesn't offer much coverage and doesn't last very long on the skin. So I get the comfort of knowing I'm wearing some makeup without looking like I'm wearing anything on my face. It makes sense to me anyway. Haha! I also like the shade match. I don't think it's one I'll rush to repurchase but I am glad to have it for those situations.

nc40 foundation swatches, maybelline fit me matte + poreless 220 uk vs us foundation swatch, nars sheer glow barcelona vs st moritz, lancome teint idole ultra 045 sable beige nc40 swatch
Useless swatches but I really wanted to include this ;)

THE ONES I'M UNSURE ABOUT (and could/should get rid of)

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless - 220 (US version)

There's always a lot of comparisons between UK foundations and the same ones in the US. For some reason there's always some disparity but I didn't really find there was much difference in the formula of these. For me, the issue is the colour of the foundation. I am so glad the British version has a warmer more yellow base to it. This one is so pale and neutral that it makes me look odd and ghostly. I've had to use it with bronzer all over my skin but really I don't have the time or inclination to do that every time. I'll most likely have to send this on to a new home.

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint | post | £30

I've shocked myself with this one because I did get a lot of use out of this in the summer when my skin is at its oiliest. It gives a nice velvet finish to the skin but there's just something about it that never really wowed me. Despite having an oily t-zone, my forehead and cheeks can get quite dry and I find this can cling to those areas in an unflattering way. The coverage isn't that decent when I think about it. And isn't really one that I'm excited to reach for. I don't think it's a bad product by any means, I just don't think it's for me and I wouldn't miss it if I no longer had it. I think the Maybelline Fit Me (UK) is similar and performs better.

It Cosmetics CC Cream - Medium | post | £65 in 4 piece set

This is the one I'm most sad about because it's the second time I've been disappointed by this product. The first time the shade wasn't right but I loved the formula. This time, I feel like the incredible formula I fell in love with (which is why I used it so much even though it made me look dark grey!!!) isn't the same with this shade. It's not as pigmented as I remember, it doesn't give me a flawless, bright, radiant finish like last time and again the shade is better but not quite there for me. It takes some effort to pull this off and I just don't enjoy using it. So yet again, I may have to sell this one. And it's more annoying as I ordered this from Sephora only a month before they finally released this here! Boo!

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Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder - 6 & 7 - I've got this in a couple of shades to see which works best. I've heard so many good things about this but I just don't know if it will work for my skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - 7 - I'm super curious about this one because there's such a mixed response to it.

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation - 54 - This is a sample I've hoarded for a long time. I don't even know if this shade is anywhere near my skin tone.

Milani Conceal & Perfect - 06 Sand Beige - I was sent this by Zahra (Beauty & The Muslimah) and I'm so thankful to her because I love it. I will be purchasing the full size soon. It's an affordable full coverage matte foundation that lasts all day and matches my skin tone. Hooray!

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless - Stromboli & Barcelona - This foundation is actually really good but the only thing that lets it down is that it has the tendency to cling to any dryness. Also, I hate that Stromboli is literally yellow. It's just far too yellow whereas Barcelona is a better match for me.


I know, I know...I claim to have found my favourite foundation and the one that I could use forever and still I can't help but want to try some others I hear so much about:

Too Faced Born This Way
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
Marc Jacobs ReMarcable Gel
Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Stick Foundation

ummbaby foundation collection, foundation collection, makeup collection
Makeup Collection | FOUNDATIONS

Let me know if you love/hate any of these foundations in my collection. What is your favourite foundation? I'd love to know...

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