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Thursday, February 02, 2017

I'm not going to lie...I'm quite proud of myself for finishing up this many products in the last month. Especially considering I used up a fair amount by the end of last year. It just feels great to see so many things emptying up so I can move onto other products I've been hoarding. I'm going to try to keep the reviews as snappy as possible as there's a lot here to share with you.


L'Oreal True Match Foundation | post

Firstly, I made makeup history in my world by finally using up a foundation. Even though I was late to the party and the shade was a touch too neutral (and they reformulated soon after I purchased this!) I'm so glad to have had it in my life. I love the medium-buildable coverage which is easily achieved as the formula is quite runny and easy to work with. The finish is a gorgeous satin that makes my complexion look radiant. Finishing it up started to drag for me but that's more because I had it in my life for a long time and I wanted to move onto so many other base products. If I can figure out what shade to get in the new formula, I would want to use it again in the future. 

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum

I used the matte version of this primer last year and quickly used it up. This version is perfect for me during the winter when I need something a little more hydrating. I love the serum-like texture of this primer, it makes makeup look great and last and I love the glass bottle with convenient pump so is definitely one I'd repurchase.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner | post

After using this liner on and off for a year I am finally glad to see the end of it. This wasn't as black as I expected or as long lasting and did this weird thing where it would remove liner if I went over the same place twice.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Collagen Mascara | post

This mascara surprised me because I've used the regular Thick & Fast before and hated it. The brush was far too big and didn't do much and I expected this to be similar. But actually this one got better with time. It's great for volumising without clumping and really opened up my eyes. I like the packaging too and is one I'd happily use again.

Chanel Dimensions De Chanel Mascara & MAC False Lashes

These two sample mascaras failed to impress me. I don't know if it's because they're samples but they barely coated my lashes let alone anything else. I used these up on days when I needed to wear mascara without looking like it...no mascara mascara if you like. I don't like to buy high-end mascaras so definitely won't be purchasing full sizes of these. 


Simple Miceller Cleansing Water

I love this miceller water so much as it's cheap, you get a whopping great big bottle of it, it takes off most (not all!) of my eye makeup, doesn't sting my eyes and doesn't leave my eye area feeling dehydrated. I've purchased the giant reverse pump bottle of the infamous Bioderma, so when that's used up, regardless of whether it turns out to be magical or not, I'm going to refill the bottle with this one.

Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm | post

I like this cleansing balm especially while my skin is dehydrated as it is very nourishing and hydrating. I don't like that it doesn't emulsify so well which is a personal preference. I don't think I will repurchase even though it's not a bad product just because there are so many others I prefer.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser | post

This is definitely a drugstore gem. Its perfect as a morning or second cleanser. It's hydrating without being too rich, the cream is easily massaged all over the skin and leaves my complexion looking refreshed and bright and feeling super soft. It contains fruit extracts which gently exfoliate the skin. To me, this gives me similar results as my beloved Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser but in cream form and without the heftier price tag of course. I will definitely repurchase and thankfully it's often on sale too.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

I was gifted this bottle of 'gold' by my lovely friend Nassima (@beaussima) and after only 2 uses I bought 3 full sized bottles! Why? Because it instantly brightens my skin and gives my complexion a natural glow like nothing else. I use this every 3-4 nights, and very often will apply it and leave it on for half an hour for a longer-lasting exfoliating treatment.

Bare Minerals Skinlongevity

I chose this serum sample from Love Me Beauty just to use up points and didn't really expect anything from it. It was a pretty decent sized sample too so I really got to try it out. Apart from making my skin feel silky smooth when I applied it, I can't really say it did anything valuable for me. I won't be purchasing a full size but I am glad to have tried it.

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum

This sample, on the other hand, instantly became an invaluable part of my skincare routine to the point where I had to purchase a full-size quickly in order not to be without it. It's the perfect hydrating serum for my combination but dehydrated skin because it's lightweight and helps keep my face hydrated all day long. It's a great texture for layering under/over other products too as it sinks in straight away and gets to work (also perfect to use after retinol products). I don't know how effective this will be for dry skin types though as it is quite light.

Mizon Collagen Firming Eye Cream

I bought this eye cream when I first started trying out Korean skincare. And I have to say, aside from being mildly moisturising, it didn't really do enough for me to warrant a repurchase.

SuperFacialist Neroli Firming Eye Cream | post

This is my second tube of this eye cream and I've got a back-up already in my stash. It's hydrating and gives a subtle firming sensation when applied which helps to awaken my under-eyes.


I won't describe each one but I will give some notes on a few that I distincly recall:

Berrisom Water Bomb Jelly Mask - Moisture
This sheet is literally oozing with the jelly serum and my winter dehydrated skin has been drinking it up. The jelly essence contains grapefruit, milk and honey extracts high up on the ingredients list. This really helps boost the moisturising abilities of this sheet mask and makes it a great one for protecting the skin from pollutants. There is so much jelly left behind that there is more than enough to apply this all over your face and body too.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask
I really don't like this mask. The fit is one of the worst I have ever encountered but additionally I don't find the serum as hydrating as other masks I've tried. It dries far too quickly and my skin doesn't feel plump or significantly hydrated after use.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Goggles Eye Lock In Aqua Mask
The super fun packaging houses an ultra thin gel mask is for the eye area and stretches and moulds perfectly around all the contours and bones. The 4th listed ingredient is niacinamide which is what prompted me to buy these and I'm so glad I did. My eye area was left plump, fine lines seemed to have filled out and it was just a pleasure to use.

Tony Moly Pureness 100 Masks
These are my little cheap thrills. The masks are slightly thicker than their more popular I'm Real line, so able to hold more serum. I love the Propolis, Hydrating and Ginseng ones. They hydrate the skin beautifully even if the title ingredients aren't included in high quantities to make them more effective.

Aeria Skin Intensive Hydrating Mask* | $25 for box of 5
I'm really enjoying using these organic cotton masks that effectively hydrate and plump up my skin. Containing organic rose flower water which hydrates the skin and edelweiss extract which helps to protect the skin, these are a great fit and a real pleasure to use knowing good quality ingredients have gone into the serum and mask itself.


Bubble T Hibiscus & Acai Berry Bath Fizzer

This was part of the Xmas Look Fantastic Beauty Box and I was super excited to try it out as I have a fondness for hibiscus products. It turned the water in my bath tub pink, smelled nice and was mildly skin softening but nothing too exciting to warrant a repurchase. Me and my girls like a good bit of drama when it comes to bath fizzers and this wasn't all that exciting.

Original Source Skin Quench Body Butter - Vanilla & Sweet Almond Oil

This body butter smells delicious and it's almost torturous that it isn't edible. It smells like caramel, vanilla, creme brûlée, toffee, butterscotch and has just been a delight to apply. The yummy scent lasts on the body all day too making it a repurchase item for me for sure!!!

Atrixo Hand Cream

This isn't the most exciting hand cream but it's a classic one that I always repurchase as it does the job without any frills. I keep a tub in my kitchen as I'm constantly washing something or another and this just protects my hands from drying out.

Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream

I got this in the M&S advent calendar and used it straight away. A thick hand cream that keeps my hands feeling nourished without being overly greasy. I don't know that I loved it enough to repurchase but a pleasant hand cream nonetheless.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius | post

And what would an empties post be for me without yet another tube of Heel Genius. I go through so many of these as it's the only foot cream that works for my dry heels and I enjoy using it. Of course I have back up tubes of it at the ready!

Have you ever used up a foundation? Do you spot any faves here? Let me know...

Sal xxx

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