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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The past couple of months has seen me catch a cold, recover, get sniffly again, go days without being able to breathe through my nose, recover and then go through it all over again...and again. I do love winter but I hate battling with severely dehydrated skin, flaking around my nose and general dullness in my complexion. However there are a few products, some old, some new, that have been my constant companions and helping me out with my skin struggles. These are my Winter Skin Saviours:

My biggest frustration with winter skin is that tight pulling feeling I get mainly on my cheeks and chin area. Despite having a super oily t-zone the cold air sucks all moisture from my skin leaving it thirsty and uncomfortable even just half an hour after applying a hydrating serum/moisturiser. This is where Face Balms come to my rescue. I will either skip moisturiser or pat them on top to inject some nourishment in.

My first favourite balm Mahogany Naturals The Blue Lover | review | £70 is heavenly scented and instantly soothes and calms my irritated skin. This solid blue balm contains a wonderful blend of oils including evening primrose, marula, blue tansy, baobab and camellia and melts when rubbed between fingertips. I then gently massage it over my face for a soothing remedy to my dry skin. It's nourishing and healing and I've been enjoying sleeping with a layer of this on during the winter. I also come to this amber jar when I need a skin pick me up or if my skin is reacting badly to something.

Although I'm not a huge fan of the scent, Mahalo Balm | £76 contains a host of regenerating and skin repairing ingredients and is a great one to use all over the face for a super nourishing treat or over dry patches or sore nostrils. Turmeric, macadamia, carrot, neem, sea buckthorn and rosehip are among the line-up to help regenerate the skin and moisturise it back to good health. I'm planning on buying a full size of the Rare Indigo Balm soon as I much prefer the scent and texture but I am glad to have this for when I need some serious skin damage-control (I've been lucky enough to be sent samples of both by my dear friend Binita).

I was also gifted Trilogy Everything Balm | £13.50 by Binita (Hidden Harmony World) a couple of months ago and I love it. This delicately scented balm contains sweet almond, soybean, evening primrose and rosehip oils among others along with papaya fruit extract, vitamin e and honey. It's pretty solid and needs a little warming to melt on the skin. It is extremely lightweight but is thoroughly moisturising. I've been using this all over my body, especially my arms & legs which get driest. It instantly soothes any itching and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. I also use this on my little girls arms and legs when they complain they feel itchy and its working wonderfully on them too.

I never really thought to try Weleda Skin Food | £6.95 until I read Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes. This is a natural product packed with essential oils and plant extracts. Because the winter makes my already dry hands even drier and feeling quite irritated all the time, I find this to be the best overnight hand mask. I apply a thick layer, and yes it's greasy but it's so worth it. I wake up to softer hands that remain happy throughout the day. I still have to apply hand cream constantly but my hands never reach that stage of cracking or irritation thanks to this.

Finally we the infamous Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream | post£27 which I've previously talked about as one of my go-to products when I'm feeling poorly. Instead of using Vaseline, which is also a petroleum jelly based product, I prefer the thicker more resilient texture of this. The 'no fragrance' scent is hideous to me but I love how protective this is. Before I get to that stage of needing to apply the Mahalo Balm to repair the skin around my nose, I slather this on around my nostrils to reduce the soreness and amount of peeling I get. It's also great as a robust hand cream during the day, a lip balm and softens rough elbows and knees.

What products have you been relying on to get you through winter? What is your skin loving at the moment? I'd love to know...

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Sal xxx

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