End Of Year Empties

Friday, January 20, 2017

Its time for a LONG OVERDUE, epic collection of Empties. And no one is happier than the shelf in my wardrobe where I was storing all this recycling away until I could muster up the energy to put it all into a post. So here are all the beauty products I used up in the latter part of last year with some quick comments about how I feel about each one:


Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water gets of most of my waterproof/heavy eye makeup effectively but it's not something I would repurchase (I got this bottle free with purchase) because it leaves a weird film on my face and there are others that do a better job in the same price range e.g. Simple.

SuperFacialist Probiotic Miceller Cleansing Water (post) scores slightly higher than the Garnier for me because it does the job just as well without leaving a film. Again, nothing remarkable but I suppose how much can one really say about a micellar water really?

SuperFacialist Neroli Firming Daily Brightening Cleanser (review) did the job but is so highly fragranced that I won't be buying again. The SuperFacialist Neroli Firming Night Cream (post) on the other hand is just lush and the scent is nowhere near as offensive as the cleanser. I will definitely repurchase.

Nuxe Face Cleansing And Makeup Removing Gel (post) is another one that was so perfumed that I could only use it a couple of times before giving up on it completely. Such a shame as I generally like gel cleansers.

Superdrug Vitamin E Refreshing Toning Mist (post) is one of my favourite skin pick-me-ups and I already have my back-up bottle out. Strangely my skin has been reacting strangely to this recently. I'm not writing it off just yet though because we had some good times and I'm trying to figure out what's gone wrong.

Other repurchases that I've already got in use are Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads (post) which I love to use in the mornings, SuperFacialist Salicylic Acid Pore Purifying Clay Mask (post) which effectively unclogs pores and cleanses the skin of impurities and Pixi Glow Mud Mask (post) which is quite possibly my favourite mask of all time due to its effectiveness.

The GlamGlow YouthMud contains these weird black bits, like leaves or something which really freaked me out the first time and made me feel like I had a bad batch in which the plastic of the tube had started disintegrating. Otherwise its an effective mask but I don't think I'd be willing to pay quite so much for it. I do want to try the white one at some point though.

Now some moisturisers, Caudalie Polyphenol Lip & Eye Cream came with me in my travel bag and made for a pleasant hydrating eye cream but not one that I would invest in. I really appreciated the hydrating capabilities of Mizon Ultra Suboon Cream once the temperatures dropped suddenly and my skin started feeling dehydrated. I would definitely want to have another tube ready in time for the onset of next winter.

Good Things Manuka Honey Nourishing Hand Cream promised to be as luscious as the cleanser of this line which I adore, but in reality it didn't do much for my perpetually dry hands except offer some slight relief when first applied. I won't be buying again.

Moving onto oils, and I never really get through many facial oils because I am just using too many at the same time. But the beginning of this winter was so harsh, I found myself slathering them onto my face and my daughters' every morning. I used up No7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil which had an odd scent and wasn't nearly as nourishing as I'd have liked. Whereas Boots Botanics Triple Age Renewal Soothing Facial Oil really helped to soothe, repair and hydrate my skin and I would happily buy this again.

I used Good Things Argan Oil Perfecting Facial Oil (post) on my children because, even though I love the scent and how quickly it absorbs, its almost water like formula is something I just couldn't get along with. But for the girls it was perfect to layer under their moisturiser. The same goes for Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse which they love the smell of & sinks right into their skin. I don't like dry oils for my face and thankfully it is nourishing enough for their little faces.

Boots Botanics All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum (post) isn't actually an empty but I am throwing it out because it is no longer effective on my skin. There was a time when this gentle exfoliating serum would prep my skin by revealing some natural brightness but now it seems to do nothing. Therefore I wouldn't purchase again unfortunately.


I can't do a full review for each of these but I will mention some notable things I can recall:
Berrisom Water Bomb is a great mask for winter as the jelly is super hydrating and there's so much of the jelly in the pack that I can easily use it all over my body too.
Boots Sheet Masks, although priced a little too high for my liking, didn't completely disappoint me. They're not the best ingredients but they were moderately hydrating and enjoyable to wear.
Garnier Moisture Bomb masks are amazing but they are so cooling on the skin, I won't be using again until summer time when I feel like they will be more bearable.

Both the samples I loved but I don't know if I would part with that much money for them. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream was wonderfully rich but the warm spicy scent isn't to my liking. Sunday Riley Tidal was a auper hydrating treat for the skin and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I felt like it took me a century to finally use up OGX Extra Strength Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner, which I never felt really cleaned my hair. After washing my hair definitely felt silkier but I can't say this duo did much to help with breakages or dryness. I much prefer the volumising duo which even has a superior scent. I want to try the Niacin & Caffeine duo next from this brand.

I was sad to use up my Neal & Wolf Shampoo & Conditioner* (post) which smell incredible and leave my hair feeling clean, nourished and smooth to the touch. I wasn't the only one in my household who fell in love with the scent of these therefore these will definitely be purchased again ;)

I hate dry shampoo. I have yet to come across one that doesn't make my scalp feel dirty & congested. This Batiste Tropical version smells delicious which is the only reason why I carried on using it otherwise it just made me want to clean my hair faster and left hideous white marks all over my scalp.


I have truly savoured my Aromatherapy Associates Shower & Bath Oils and Relax Deep was one of my favourites both for the scent but the way it made me feel. I think if I ever were to invest in a full size, this would be the one for me.

So no surprises that I went through a few body butters with the cold weather and continued use of central heating making my already dry skin on my body even more dehydrated and irritated. Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream is usually a scent I crack open in the summer but to hold on to those warm memories a little longer I used this and loved it as always.

Another seasonal one was The Body Shop Body Butter - Glazed Apple which I'd been hoarding since last year. I really loved this but sad that they changed the scent to Spiced Apple this year so I won't be getting another tub. My favourite of the lot has to be Dames & Dimes Whipped Body Butter* (review here) which has an odd fluffy texture that melts into a beautifully rich oil when it's applied to the skin. It's been my saviour this winter and I'm just sorry I've used it all up.

A couple of random bits include a Paco Rabanne Lady Million Body Lotion which I found in a box. As is usually the case with perfume gift set lotions it wasn't very hydrating on the skin though it smelt amazing so was perfect to layer on top of the unscented Dames & Dimes Body Butter. Also, I was sent Coconut Body Elixir* and even though it smells like a Bounty Bar, it was so bitty and even dunking the jar in hot water didn't help. So I had to rub it in until the bits melted. It was an ordeal despite it being seriously nourishing.

Finally we have Mitchum because, well, its the most effective anti-perspirant product I've come across. The Garnier Hand Repair was truly disappointing as it did nothing to relieve dryness in my hands.


I finally used up my beloved Natural Collection Eye Shadow - Crushed Walnut (post) which I've been using in my brows for the past 2 years. I used it a lot but it still somehow lasted that long and I'm not complaining at all. It's a perfect shade to fill in and define my brows appearing neither to cool nor to warm. This will be a definite repurchase for me when I get through a few more brow products.

Finally a couple of mascaras. I've spoken about my love for Maybelline Lash Sensational (review) a few times before. For me, its the best mascara in the world! It does everything I need my mascara to do and it does it so well. It lengthens, curls, defines and volumises. It doesn't smudge or flake off and although it can get a little clumpy if you apply too much, I find that wiping off some of the excess before you apply it to your lashes really helps. This is a definite repurchase no questions asked, in fact I'm really missing not having it to hand right now.

Max Factor False Lash Effect was a favourite mascara for a long time but recently I found it doesn't do for my lashes what it once did. So sadly, after years of loyalty, I won't be repurchasing this anymore.

Hopefully next time I won't let the empties pile up so high and just get those mini reviews done in a more sensible manner. Let me know if there is anything here that you love/hate...

Sal xxx

*Contains PR/Complimentary product. All opinions are 100% honest & my own. For more information please see my Disclaimers page.

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