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Thursday, November 10, 2016

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I generally steer towards lighter fragrances that are sweet for my everyday scent and reserve the deeper, muskier scents in my collection for special events. I like scents that make me feel happy, fun and lively because in all honesty, that's not how I always feel with a million and one things going on constantly. And while I love my perfumes, I mostly reach for a body mists to lift my mood and envelop me in sweetness. Here are 3 of my favourites:

Victoria's Secret Love Addict Body Mist | £10

Even though this is a body mist, the strength and notes of this fragrance make this more akin to an eau de toilette. Its a lovely giant bottle, in an eye-catching colour and design that houses a mist that not only is uplifting, its also sophisticated and deep with notes of blood orange and wild orchid. I spray this all over my hair and body when I want to feel good about myself and mostly I love how the Husband is always asking me what perfume I'm wearing when I use this. It lasts a really long time and even though I've used this so much and I've had it for so long, I'm still not halfway. This is a body mist that means business.

review neal and wolf aura hair and body fragrance

Neal & Wolf Aura Hair & Body Fragrance* | £21.95

When I first tried Neal & Wolf HairCare - read more here - the one thing that I fell in love with instantly was the scent. Created by a world famous perfumery, the scent is deep and mysterious and transports me to a world from my dreams. So I squealed with joy when I learnt that Neal & Wolf had launched a hair and body fragrance in their irresistible signature scent which is made up of orange blossom and white thyme with notes of saffron and vanilla and really comes together to revive the senses.

If the clean, crisp and simple glass bottle wasn't attractive enough, the mist itself is beautiful and can be used on the hair as well as the body. When I spray this, I instantly smell divine and I love how interesting and layered the fragrance is so its continually revealing a different note over time.

This doesn't last as long on my skin as it does in my hair, and its a great product to spritz all over the locks when they need a quick refreshing or when I want to feel revived without putting in any effort ;) This really complements the whole Neal & Wolf. I love using this with Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil to make the fragrance last as long as possible. It provides shine and UV protection to hair too which is a total bonus for an already fabulous product.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Spray | £4

This cheap and cheerful offering comes in a small fun pink bottle that actually packs a punch. There is a whole range of signature Soap & Glory scents to choose from, and although I really miss one of original line-up - Glam A Lot (a lovely musky, sexy scent) - my next love is Sugar Crush. Its sweet but zesty and so it smells fresh but fun. Whenever I feel poorly or just want something to cheer me up, I spritz this over my body and I instantly feel perky. It doesn't have the longest lasting power but when it's freshly applied, it smells intense and lovely. Also, for that price, I can't complain.

What is your favourite body mist? What type of scents to you steer towards for daily use? Let me know...

Sal xxx

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