10 Surprisingly Disappointing Beauty Products

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

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It's tragic that we live in a time when everyone now feels they have to begin with some kind of disclaimer when it comes to talking about the products that didn't reach the mark for them. If we pay for something that doesn't quite meet our expectations, we shouldn't have to apologise for that. What's worse is nobody seems to console to the poor person who's money was wasted on something that didn't work out for them. Instead people get personally offended that something they love is being called out for not suiting another person or causing an allergic reaction on someone else or just being plain rubbish in their opinion.

Either way, whether we admit it or not we all LOVE to read about what products disappointed others and why so here's my little collection of things that haven't quite worked out for me as I'd hoped and products I regret purchasing.


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer | £22.50 

This concealer quickly became known as one of the best concealers around, claiming to offer medium to high coverage, skincare benefits, light diffusing technology and a luminous finish all available in an impressive selection of true to skin shades.

Why is it disappointing?

Despite all the positive reviews, I find the formula of this concealer incredibly drying and just sits on my under-eye area uncomfortably, dries it out, exaggerates any lines and doesn't ever feel as light and hydrating as it claims to. I really expected this to be a lovely, creamy formula that blends easily while providing plenty of coverage but on me it's so drying, it becomes difficult to blend out nicely and evenly. Perhaps it would be better as a spot-concealer.

Why is it surprising?

I've seen so many people rank this as their top concealer or holy grail if you like. It boasts of so many benefits too beyond just makeup that I'm actually shocked this feels so awful and drying. NARS even recently added a whole bunch of new shades but didn't re-formulate which means they really do believe they're onto the winner here just not a winner for me.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner | £16 | post

All I ever heard was that this was the blackest and longest lasting liner around. It was claimed that there was no other liquid liner like it making it a must-have for me.

Why is it disappointing?

Aside from the fact that the packaging is to die for, as soon as I tried this I was left completely underwhelmed. The formula is dark but not something I would call the blackest. It also doesn't last more than a few hours without my wings smudging off regardless of whether I use a base/primer or not. The brush is really lovely and allows an accurate line and caresses the lash-line nicely, but I can't ever go over the same area twice because it removes the original line. I can't go back to fill in gaps or even it out without it messing the whole thing up so I always have to use another liner to get it looking perfect. It's really not ideal and I know that once this is dried up, I'll probably try to use the brush with other liquid or gel liners but I won't be repurchasing this again.

Why is it surprising?

The hype around this product made me order this from Sephora, which is a big deal for me and makes the disappointment even more real because now its available in UK and had I got it from Debenhams, I probably wouldn't judge it as harshly as I do. But this is called the 'tattoo' liner implying that this will stick to your skin for a very very long time without budging and I just don't find that it does.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip | £16

Marketed as 'smudge proof' with accompanying videos of people failing to wash these off using running water and soap, this liquid lipstick promises longevity like no other on the market.

Why is it disappointing?

I love the packaging...a lot! It's pretty, fun and eye-catching with a touch of rose gold. I love the shade of the lipstick a lot too - Ginger Snap - a beautiful orange brown shade. BUT I despise the formula. It's pigmented and applies beautifully but once it's on the lips it's downhill from there. It's super drying which would be fine if it actually dried down but it doesn't. It remains tacky and the formula is so sticky that when I purse my lips together, which I do inevitably to deal with how drying and uncomfortable it is, it adheres together and one lip pulls off the lipstick onto the other lip. It sounds strange because it is very strange as this hasn't happened to me with any other liquid lipstick before. I've tried it with so many different balms underneath and it's made no difference. It's unflattering and uncomfortable and ain't nobody got time for that.

Why is it surprising?

It's a shame because this brand is becoming a little bit iconic on Instagram with their demonstrations of just how long lasting this Lip Whip is. I'm shocked that the formula is so awful as they seem to have a loyal following and even released a gorgeous brown nude set of these for this season retailing at the shocking price point of around £70. I adore the packaging and really wish it was as good inside as it looks on the outside.

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick | £6.50 | post

These seem to have become a bit of a 'Marmite' product with some claiming them to be the best nude liquid lipsticks around and others resenting buying into the hype as they're so uncomfortable to wear. No surprises but I happen to be among the latter.

Why is it disappointing?

I was one of those eager beavers that placed an order for a whole bunch of these on the day they were released here. The promise of a line of nude liquid lipsticks to suit a spectrum of skin tones was too good to resist. But apart from the shade Exotic (pictured here) the other shades were so drying and awful I had to get rid of them. They were patchy, settled into lines, made my lips look shrunken and needed touching up constantly which wasn't exactly easy to do on an already crumbling lipstick.

Why is it surprising?

The launch of these products was so over-hyped and everyone was made to feel like these would be the answers to everyone's prayers. They didn't answer anything for me sadly, except the shade Exotic which surprisingly has the most tolerable formula of them all.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick - Birkin Brown | £23

Packaged in the iconic rose gold tube, the Matte Revolution formula is praised for its ability to make lips appear fuller and irresistible while being comfortable on the lips.

Why is it disappointing?

I bought this lipstick to commemorate a wonderful day I spent out with a friend, who purchased her first ever products from the brand. I chose this shade because I finally find myself branching out of my safe pink lipsticks. Unfortunately this lipstick isn't very pigmented and applies to the lips in a very odd way. It's patchy and sheer and I can't really build it up as the formula is so slippery. Its not at all what I expected for such a deep shade. I've tried it with and without a balm, with and without a lip liner and every time its such a disappointment to the point where I've now resigned to the fact that this is a purchase I shall forever regret.

Why is it surprising?

The Matte Revolution formula is one of my favourite matte lipstick formulas I have ever encountered. I have two other shades (see swatches here) and they're both lovely and highly pigmented, they glide onto the lips evenly, give the appearance of matte plumpness while being super creamy and comfortable to wear. I'm shocked this same formula doesn't seem to carry through with this shade though.

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REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial | £32

This mask is meant to be a super quick treatment that gives instant noticeable results using water-activated Vitamin C to brighten and rejuvenate the skin while leaving the complexion glowing and radiant.

Why is it disappointing?

I've always thought I've got a bad batch of the stuff as my tube contained a super runny messy mixture that's grainy and so runny it's impossible to apply to the face without it sliding right off. Then after adding water to activate the ingredients, I found that it just washes off what's left on my face so really after a minute I was just rinsing off whatever was left. The scent is weird too and makes me think of some kind of laboratory and not in any kind of pleasant way. I don't see any of the promised results and I'm just glad I got this as part of a beauty box and didn't purchase this full-price.

Why is it surprising?

This has such a huge fan base including some big bloggers who swear by this to prep their skin for a full face of makeup for events and such. I latched onto those promises just to find myself making a mess with a liquid that doesn't even smell appealing.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo | £15.50 | post

As soon as someone mentions having a bout of breakouts on their face, there seems to be an army or two screaming the name of this product. Famed for being the best at combatting blemish-prone skin, this this gel cream is meant to unclog pores, correct the appearance of blemishes, refine skin texture and help with excess shine.

Why is it disappointing?

Whilst I do have oily/combination skin, I don't suffer from break outs half as often as I once used to. But every now and then a bugger will take residence on my face so I bought this thanks to all the accolades for just such an occasion only to find it does nothing for me. I really like the fresh scent, the gel texture, heck I even love the packaging but this doesn't help me in the least. I've tried it as a spot treatment, I've used it all over as a moisturiser and still nothing. Now I'm just using it in order to use it up just for the scent.

Why is it surprising?

Because of all the rave reviews. There are so many people I know and whose opinions I fully trust that swear by it. Some people say that the moment they stop using this they get spots on their faces. Some say that as soon as they get any spots this treatment works instantly. So for me, its very surprising that it didn't perform quite so well.

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension | £4.90 | post

One of the most talked about skincare launches of the year, this new brand under the Deciem umbrella has been the talk of the town with people trying something or another from this surprisingly inexpensive line of products. Claiming to contain Vitamin C at its most effective level, this serum is meant to help with signs of ageing.

Why is it disappointing?

The first time I used this it was messy and painful. I think they have repackaged this into a tube now, but mine is in a glass vial with a dropper but the formula is quite thick making it difficult to be picked up by the pipette effectively. It went everywhere and the texture, confusingly quite powdery, didn't help either. On top of that within seconds of applying, my face felt like it was burning, had turned red and started throbbing. I had to wash it off completely. Even though they state that it takes a while to get used to such a high level, this wasn't just a slight tingling sensation which I'm usually okay. This was traumatising. Though not enough to stop me trying again after a few days, after which the same thing happened so now I know this is definitely not suited to my skin for whatever reason. I'm just glad it cost me less than a fiver.

Why is it surprising?

So many people love this and are claiming its been a game-changer in their skincare routine. I know a few others who have also found the formula and packaging hard to get along with, and another skincare blogger had a similar experience to myself but overall everyone seems to be loving this. I myself had such high hopes for this too so its a shame it didn't work out.

ElizaVecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask | £11.61 | post

A couple of months ago, everyone was posting fabulously hilarious clips of them using this clay mask with a difference - faces were transformed into cute, cuddly looking 'Care Bears' as the mask bubbled up over time and got people going crazy for this Korean brand.

Why is it disappointing?

Aside from the fun of the bubbles and the fresh, zesty scent, I didn't find this mask to be significantly purifying or cleansing. And really and truly I'm most disappointed with just how difficult and messy it is to remove from the skin. Instead of being air-filled bubbles and a light texture that can be easily wiped away, it was a gloopy sticky mass of a bubbly paste that almost adhered to the face. I could only get this off with a hot cloth but it was at least another 10 minutes of work getting my face clean. I don't expect a mask to be quite so difficult to remove especially one that only gives mediocre results.

Why is it surprising?

Well to be honest, its not that I'm surprised because anybody claimed it to be less messy or easy to clean. I'm surprised because everybody was happy to flaunt the fun side but nobody talked about the gross formula once the bubbles had come about. I'm not too fussed though because it was entertaining and I have a new ElizaVecca mask that obliterates this one in performance.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir | £11.50

A cult product that is revered throughout the beauty world, this fine mist housed in a luxurious glass bottle claims to smooth fine lines, tighten pores, refresh the skin, and diminish any dullness in the complexion.

Why is it disappointing?

I was shocked to find that this is such a highly scented formula laden with essential oils that makes my skin tingle (not in the good way) and my eyes water. It doesn't do anything for my skin either other than feel a little cooling while its wet before feeling like a light burning sensation as it dries. I literally am so afraid to use this again after my eyes got so irritated (obvs my eyes were closed when I've used this) that its been sat in the drawer looking pretty and nothing else.

Why is it surprising?

I had such high expectations of this product as I've only ever heard amazing things and essentially had gotten the impression that this was some kind of bottled miracle mist for the skin. I've seen some bigger YouTubers randomly just spritz this over their makeup and claim that it's so refreshing and the perfect way to perk up the complexion. I might try this on a cotton pad instead of spraying it and see if I can see any of the benefits it claims to provide.

So there you have my round-up for my 10 Surprisingly Disappointing Products. Some of these I will continue to use until they finish, others will be sold or passed onto a new home to see how they fare there and a couple are heading straight for the bin. Either way, I'm sad that I've spent money on these products and regret purchasing them, but I am so glad to have gotten all of this off my chest ;)

What products do you find surprisingly disappointing? Do you love or regret any of these that I've mentioned? Let me know...

Sal xxx

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