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Monday, October 17, 2016

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Green beauty products seem to be all the rage now with natural alternatives available for every category of products. Lots of people make sure the products they use on their face, hair and body are made from naturally and responsibly sourced ingredients and without the use of any synthetic components. Personally, I'm quite neutral on the topic and I'm happy using skincare products that work, that I enjoy using and I try my best to avoid harmful synthetic ingredients without it being a strict prerequisite for me.

This week's posts will focus on natural beauty products although I am by no means an expert or 'green beauty' advocate, I just want to share some of the amazing things I've discovered along the way.

jacynthe rene maquillage review

Maison Jacynthe is a renowned natural skincare brand founded by Jacynthe Rene who is an author, actress and producer. Her award winning line of skincare promotes the beauty within and around us. She focuses on the harmony of the physical natural world surrounding us and the goodness we feel inside us.

She now has a line of natural makeup made from natural and active ingredients to provide beautiful natural makeup products that are a pleasure to use and look great. The products are infused with green coffee, known for its anti-oxidant qualities, and claim to be nourishing and soothing. This is my first time trying out natural makeup and I have to say I am impressed with the quality and the products pack more of a punch than I thought they would.

Maison Jacynthe Blush - 01 Romeo* | $26

This looks positively alarming in the pan while at the same time being completely stunning. It's a deep reddish coral shade that I feel like would be fabulous on darker skin tones especially. I literally can only tap my brush into the pan to use this and it's enough to add the most beautiful flush of colour to the cheeks. It's a great shade for Autumn too. This formula is silky smooth and blends out really well so I'm not left with a bold red blotch on my cheek. It also lasts really well on the skin and has a luminous matte finish.

Maison Jacynthe Eyeshadow - 04 Cappuccino* | $22

This neutral caramel brown makes a beautiful all over shade and works wonderfully in the crease to add some definition and as a transition shade. I love how buttery the formula is and while there's some kick-back when I put my brush in to pick up the product, it blends really nicely and looks flawless. The colour is really pretty too and I know that I would use this more often if I had a compact or palette for this as I love shades like this for day to day wear.

NC40 medium skin swatches of maison jacynthe makeup

Maison Jacynthe Terra Cotta - 01 Mattina* | $32

Again there is some powder kicked off this bronzer when I put my brush in this, and it is quite a fragile powder as I've managed to scratch and dent it a few times already just getting it in and out of the packaging. Having said that, this is one of the smoothest bronzer formulas I've tried. I wish the shade was slightly deeper for my skin tone, which you can see from the swatch barely shows up on me. I still like to apply this with foundations that aren't quite the right shade as it does work all over my face to deepen the shade slightly or as a discreet, natural blusher.

natural skincare natural makeup review green beauty

The brand has created incredible wooden compacts of varying sizes to pop these refill pans into. So please bear in mind that these are pans only as that shocked me when they arrived. The pretty compacts are sold separately.

Currently the site is only available in French with the English site coming very soon (though you can toggle Google Translate if you wish). Regardless it is easy to navigate and figure out what the products are, except for the fact that the wooden compacts are sold separately. The quality of the products is clearly very high and if you're trying to include only natural makeup into your collection, then this is a good brand for you to check out.

Have you tried any natural makeup? Is it important to you to use only natural products? Why? What other natural makeup brands should I check out? Let me know...

Sal xxx

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