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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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I'm not a 'green beauty' advocate and enjoy using products from across the board as long as they are effective (and let's be honest, if they smell great hehe!) so whether a product strictly complies by 'green beauty' laws or not, I'm usually willing to give them a go. But if there's one brand that's got me all gaga for green, it's Mahogany Naturals.

This week's posts focus on natural beauty products although I am by no means an expert or 'green beauty' advocate, I just want to share some of the amazing things I've discovered along the way.

Created and run by the wonderful Tope, who has built up an impressive beauty portfolio over the years, the brand elevates the user's experience to sheer luxury and pleasure. If you'd like to read more about Tope and hear what she has to say about her brand and stance, please check out the wonderful in-depth discussion as posted by Binita - Hidden Harmony World here: Insight: Mahogany Naturals.

I've previously spoken about some of the wonderful bath and body pampering products by the brand here: Perfect Pampering Products and I squealed with excitement when I learnt that Tope had introduced a gorgeous line of skincare to her brand. She was kind enough to send me 2 products to try and obviously they were so lovely, I had to invest in the rest of the products too.

best natural skincare brand british luxurious mahogany naturals

Mahogany Naturals Soothing Cleansing Oil* | £35

I love a good cleansing oil and this one is the most luscious one I've ever tried. It's made up of a beautiful blend of oils including grape seed oil, olive oil and sweet orange oil making it very nourishing and it smells incredible. I use this on my no-makeup days or as a second cleanser to rid my skin of any impurities and I take time to really massage my face before wiping it away with a damp flannel. Often I will also use this as a facial oil because the ingredients are so skin-loving and hydrating.

I recommend this oil for every skincare lover out there who relishes the pleasure of using skincare as much as seeing results from products. The fact that it doubles as a facial oil makes this a bit of a bargain too.

Mahogany Naturals Manuka Mud Mask | £60

There's something about Manuka honey that gets me all excited - it must be that my skin loves the stuff and can't get enough of it. So when I saw this on the Mahogany Naturals website, I knew it was a matter of time till I gave in. It's an incredibly moreish mask made with Manuka honey, bentonite clay and infused with rich oils such as avocado and ylang ylang. This deliciously sticky combination results in a pampering treat to relieve all the stresses of the world. After half an hour on my face, this mask reveals brighter, more nourished skin that is positively glowing.

This product would make a lovely gift for someone special in your life and the amber glass packaging with the glossy black branding means this entire line of skincare would appeal to both guys and girls - just anybody who would appreciate a luxurious facial at home.

Mahogany Naturals The Blue Lover | £64

As much as I love the entire Mahogany Naturals skincare line, this is my favourite of the bunch. This face balm is gorgeous in every respect from the ingredients, colour and scent to application and results. This contains evening primrose and is combined with a number of rich butters and skin healing oils to create a balm so beautiful, it's almost an experience every time I use it. I use this when my skin is feeling very dry or irritated, when I'm feeling poorly and especially after using my PMD, as it is very soothing and healing and moisturises my skin like nothing else. The scent is described as an "aroma that soothes anxiety and stress" and it couldn't be more true. I genuinely feel transported to another world with this balm.

Again, this would make an incredible gift for anybody and is especially great for those suffering from acne or eczema because of its soothing qualities. A little goes a long way with this product too so it will see you through a long time.

Mahogany Naturals Manuka Face Cream | £50

This moisturiser wouldn't have tickled my fancy had it not been for the rave reviews of Binita, who has always claimed she doesn't usually bother with creams and goes straight to oils for her hydration. This is the moisturiser that stirred her world so it was only advisable that I see what all the fuss is about and it's this hydrating cream made with aloe, Manuka honey, avocado oil and shea butter. The first thing to mention is the cream is really light-weight and almost gel-like in texture which means it sinks into the skin almost immediately without leaving a greasy or tacky residue. It works as a great base for makeup but I personally use this when my skin is slightly inflamed or sensitive, and when I want something nourishing but not heavy like an oil.

This would be perfect for you if you want a face cream packed with goodness but not overloaded with essential oils. If you have particularly sensitive skin, then this will tick all the boxes without irritating or congesting your skin.

Mahogany Naturals Hydrating Repair Oil* | £50

The list of ingredients for this oil is incredible and makes my skin feel gorgeous just thinking about it. Evening primrose, marula, baobab, Vitamin e, camellia, rose hip, avacado, tea tree, camomile and rosemary make up this incredibly luscious but surprisingly light oil that is absorbed into the skin and gets to work right away. Again, with a dreamy scent, this oil is the perfect way to end a relaxing pampering session. When I use this at night, I wake up to softer, plumper skin and I've also started using this on my lips as an overnight lip repair mask which is a tip from Tope herself.

If you're after a natural facial oil that has more to offer than just hydration then this is the one for you. This antioxidant rich, rejuvenating oil will truly transform your skin and will be something you look forward to using every time.

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Mahogany Naturals takes the best of what nature has to offer and has something beautiful and luxurious to say for itself. In a constantly evolving industry where people are as crazy about advanced technology as they are about the carbon footprint, this British brand is sticking to using high quality ingredients and no faffing around.

Every single product is simple in appearance and ingredients but the reality is a whole line of versatile, effective and powerful products that can be used in combination with other skincare products or alone for incredible skin. Although the prices seem steep, you really do get what you pay for and these products are a cut above the rest. I am so happy to have this brand in my life and I know I will not want to be without it anytime soon.

Which of these products do you want to try? What is your favourite natural skincare brand? Do you only try to use green beauty products? Let me know...

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Sal xxx

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