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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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My favourite way to get my house smelling great is to fill it with the smell of freshly baked goods or freshly brewed coffee or by using home fragrance oils. So when Simple Candle Co. contacted me about their monthly subscription box I was delighted to give it a go. Although monthly boxes generally don't tickle my fancy, this box gives you great value for money and makes for a delightful surprise to enjoy at home every month.

What is it?

Wax melts are essentially candles without wicks that you place in the dish of an oil burner and they melt from the heat of a tealight. As they melt they release their fragrance over a number of hours, filling the rooms with their unique scents. They melt faster than candles and the scents are slightly more concentrated too. Simple Candle Co. Melts Monthly Box* is a collection of 8 wax melts, each a different scent and a surprise for the recipient every month. 

What makes it different?

Simple Candle Co. are based in East London and make every item on site ensuring quality control of these handmade British products. They use soy wax which is a natural and vegan alternative to paraffin wax, therefore there aren't any of the usual toxins released when they're burned and the products last longer. This monthly box isn't the usual kind of box as this one is for all the family to enjoy together. 

monthly subscription box

How much is it?

Simple Candle Co Melts Monthly Box* costs only £10 per month including P&P. The actual value of the products and postage is £18.95 making the subscription service a great value for money. Each wax melt usually retails for £2 each so if you do the maths you'll see how much you'll be saving. 

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What do you get inside? 

The box contains 8 wax melts and the fragrances are a surprise each time. There is a mix of classic, current and new scents. The September box also contained a surprise personalised melt in the shape of the recipient's initial in a seasonal fragrance which is a lovely touch that's bound to make you smile. Each wax melt is individually wrapped and labelled and a card is inserted giving more detail about each fragrance which is helpful when it comes to the difficult task of choosing which one to actually burn. The entire box is wrapped and presented in such a pretty and chic way making the whole experience a delight. 

british handmade candles and wax melts review

Are the wax melts any good?

I'll be honest, at first I was dubious about how strong the scent pay-off would be as I find oils to be pretty concentrated. But I was pleasantly surprised. These are strong enough to fill my entire house if I burn one in the kitchen downstairs. The scent lasts a long time as the wax doesn't burn through as quickly as an oil. You also don't need to use the entire wax melt - both my oil burners have small dishes so I use a quarter of a melt and it lasts for a very long time so they make good economic sense in that respect too.

Additional points of interest:

  • fits through standard letterbox
  • box smells incredible
  • can create unique combination scents
  • each box ships out between 2nd-5th of the month
  • great way to test out scents before committing to the corresponding candles
  • taking orders for October box till 29th Sept so hurry!!! :)

Do you use wax melts? Which of these scents tickles your fancy? Let me know...

Sal xxx
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*Complimentary product. All thoughts are my own and 100% honest. Please see my Disclaimers for more information. 

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