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Monday, September 26, 2016

Without talking nonsense for a whole paragraph or two as I normally do, I'm going to jump right in and give you a quick review of all the beauty bits I've used up over the summer. 


I'm going to start with the most exciting because it is exciting when makeup gets used up. I use the Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl Eye Pencils | post almost daily, alternating between the black and brown shades (mostly I use the brown but the black seems to have shortened alongside it). It's a gel pencil which means it glides on easily, is pigmented and sets in place. I do get some smudging as the day goes on but my eyes tend to do that with any product except it's not as bad with these, especially Cocoa Bean which stays put a little better. 
Repurchase? Absolutely. I've gone through many of these over the years and I can't see that changing anytime soon. 
What's next? A fresh set of these 2 bad boys all ready to go!

Last year I was so into setting sprays and whilst I think I would benefit from using them more often, especially on my summer oily skin, I don't really reach for them anymore. I finally used up this oldie but goody MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist which makes sure my makeup stays put and doesn't go sliding around. It doesn't control oil and doesn't mattify the skin which would be my only gripe, but it does help makeup look more beautiful on the skin. 
Repurchase? Not right now as I'm using a similar one up and I have my eye on a couple of others to try. 
What's next? I'm still using up Makeup Revolution Oil Control Spray and plan on picking up a NYX one soon. 


I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Soap & Glory Shower Jelly | post when it was launched and boy was I pleased when I did. It's fun, it's wobbly and packed full of good old S&G scents. As much as I love it and enjoyed using it, I don't think it's as good value as the regular shower gels they do and I lose so much product down the drain. Lol!
Repurchase? Maybe when I feel like it but I'm not dying for it. 
What's next? Why Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash of course ;)

Speaking of which, I used up Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub which is great for flaky legs or bumpy arms. I don't find it that effective on my knees as it's just not harsh enough but it does leave my skin smelling zesty and feeling smooth. 
Repurchase? Always and forever. 
What's next? Still using Dames & Dimes Peppermint Body Scrub

Nothing smells more summery to me than coconuts, although it's a warming scent I love even in winter. Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Lotion is a milky lotion that quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Really though, with these it's all about the scent and this one is delicious and divine. 
Repurchase? Yes! I love all the scented body products I've tried from the brand. 
What's next? Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter of course. 

I feel like I always have a Soap & Glory Heel Genius in every empties so I won't go on about it here. I'll focus instead on The Body Shop Hand Creams. They're just handy little tubes to carry around, moisturising the hands while leaving a light, pretty scent. 
Repurchase? Most likely as I usually throw a few in my basket when I'm at the counter about to pay. 
What's next? I've already got a number of hand creams open and in use right now including a giant tub of Atrixo for my kitchen and Garnier Hand & Nail Cream in my bedroom. 


I've now got into the habit of removing most of my eye makeup using a miceller water and then going in with an oil or balm to make the makeup removal process so much smoother with much less drama. Good Things Acai Berry Miceller Water smells ridiculously scrummy and breaks down even my most stubborn eye makeup. It doesn't remove every trace but it does the job I need it to do just fine. 
Repurchase? If it's on offer, yes I don't see why not. 
What's next? I'm using SuperFacialist Probiotic Miceller Cleansing Water which I'm almost done with actually. 

For makeup removal I used up No7 Cleansing Oil | post which is a great affordable cleansing oil that removes every last bit of makeup and grime. The only thing to note with this product is that it does contain mineral oil so steer clear of you are prone to breakouts, clogged pores or just sensitive to mineral oils in general. Otherwise it does a great job. 
Repurchase? Probably not as there are even more affordable options which don't contain mineral oils. 
What's next? One such an affordable option in the form of Good Things Argan Oil Cleansing Oil.

Cream cleansers are my favourite thing to start my morning with besides coffee and Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser has quickly stolen my heart and made its way onto my list of favourite cleansers ever. Its a luscious cream that works so well on damp skin, brightening and cleansing the skin all in one go. My skin is always left feeling and looking healthier, smoother and all round more energised. 
Repurchase? YES PLEASE! 
What's next? I'm currently trying out Sukin Charcoal Cleanser & Good Things Charcoal Cleanser

One of the first acid products I ever tried was First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads which contains 5% glycolic and leaves my face softer and more radiant with regular use. In all honesty, these have since become neglected due to the other acid toners in my collection. I tend to go for these when I want a very gentle treatment. 
Repurchase? I don't think so. Nothing wrong with them, except I prefer the Nip+Fab ones which are cheaper. 
What's next? I use a whole variety so there isn't really just one product that replaces this. 


I've gotten through a whole host of sheet masks recently mostly due to owning so many varieties but also because I no longer wait to use them when I get time to myself because I never do. I just slap one on whenever I can and carry on about my day. It's been amazing. I won't go into detail about each one but briefly speak about my favourites from the bunch:

AHC Soy Isoflavone - the serum this mask is soaked in was beautiful on my skin. It felt lovely, left my skin brighter, plumper and all round a lovely experience. 
Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask - found these at a bargain price and I'm glad I picked up 2 boxes. This mask is literally a glass of water for the skin. Only downside is that it's an awkward fit for my face. 
Lanocreme Soothing Face Mask with Manuka - I love everything about this mask. Excellent ingredients that truly nourish the skin and it fits like a glove. 
Tony Moly Pureness 100 - I like their I'm Real masks but I feel like these are slightly better. The material is more durable and feels more saturated. 
The Cure Tea Tree Collagen Essence Mask - Soothing on the skin and not a bad fit. 
Berrisom Animal Mask - FUN! The girls flipped when they saw me with this on. Totally worth it!

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the various products I managed to use up over the summer. And hopefully, I'll be back to blogging a little more regularly as I'm starting to adjust to the new family schedule.

Have you used any of these products? What have you been using up lately? Let me know...

Sal xxx
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