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Monday, August 01, 2016

irresistible me hair styler review

I don't often talk about hair care or the products I enjoy using very often here on my blog. This is mainly because I find it quite difficult to describe hair care products in an exciting way and also because it isn't easy to 'swatch' hair care products to show you guys what I'm talking about. For my usual readers, you will know that I don't publish selfies or pictures of myself in any way so I avoid talking about hair products but I hope you'll stick around to hear my thoughts on this beautiful bright red hair tool - spoiler: It's amazing! ;)

irresistible me review

Irresistible Me is a New York based brand specialising in hair care products ranging from hair extensions to heat tools. With a growing reputation of delivering quality products to happy customers, I was super excited to be given the chance to try this hair straightener out.

On the occasions when I make the effort to style my hair, I am always left disheartened by the fact that my hair never holds the style for more than a few hours. Whether I straighten or curl my hair, within a few hours, my fine hair is back to its usual wavy mess. So I was ready to put this to the test to see if this could tame my locks for a little longer.

review hair straightener


The product arrived quickly and well packaged and comes in its own box with a magnetic closure and all of its features illustrated inside along with an instruction manual. It can be easily repackaged for storage and is a compact and slim box that stores away without needing much room.

amazing hair tool review


I like that the tool is lightweight and easy to grip and use. I hate when I am styling my hair and the weight of the product is causing an additional strain on my arms. Thankfully with the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler I don't have to worry about taking my time.

I love the green light strip along the top which lights up according to the set temperature. It makes the product appear sleek and modern without compromising on being pretty.

best hair straightener for fine hair

I am happy to see how many functions this product has that considers the day to day usage issues that a customer would face. It heats up quickly and beeps to alert you that it has reached the desired temperature, which can be easily adjusted according to the hair type and preference of the user. I am relieved that this product doesn't overheat especially with little ones running around.


In just a few minutes my hair goes from frizzy to sleek with this hair tool. It glides through my hair without tugging or dragging which is greatly appreciated. It also leaves hair frizz free and sleek, straight and shiny. Somehow it makes my fine hair appear thicker and my hair definitely feels and looks healthier. 

The best part is, that the style lasts longer than usual which is an important factor for me. It means all that time and effort isn't wasted within minutes and I can actually enjoy my hair style.

irresistible me


This styling tool can also be used to achieve loose curls or waves among other styles.

This is fitted with a US plug therefore an additional adapter is required if you're based elsewhere, and I picked a US to UK adapter up for about £5 from Argos

Be careful where you place this tool while using or when waiting for it to cool down. As it is made from plastic, the plates heat up the plastic on the sides and I find that I need to put a heat resistant mat down on my table while using it. 

The shipping is super fast so if you live outside of the US you can buy with confidence that your product will reach you soon after you place your order. 

I'm so impressed with this light-weight versatile hair tool and love having it around as styling my hair doesn't seem like such a chore now. I'm enjoying it more and my hair is holding the styles better thanks to this Diamond Hair Tool. So thanks Irresistible Me :)

What do you use to style your hair? How long does your hair stay straightened or curled after using a heat tool? Let me know...

Sal xxx
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  1. I'm rubbish with styling my hair. I think it's because having naturally straight hair means that it constantly reverts back to being flat and straight. Maybe investing in decent appliances would help me though! These look great.

    Jaynie Shannon * / Morphe & Zoeva Giveaway Running


    1. My hair is stubborn too, I envy you and your stubborn straight hair ;) Yes, this tool is great...I highly recommend it xxx

  2. I'm so lazy with styling my hair, I reach for my curling tools maybe a few times a year, haha! I've read great reviews about the Irresistible Me hair tool and if I ever want to invest in one I will definitely keep that recommendation in mind. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I am generally lazy too...hehehehe! This tool is so light weight and quick that its made me less lazy with my hair now xxx

  3. I straighten my hair every day but I'm pretty loyal to my GHD's! These look so eye catching!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. Yeh, I love the way these look too. That light is so fancy..hehehe! xxx

  4. I've got their curling iron and I love the magnetic box it comes in, it's so satisfying to open and close haha!
    Charlotte //

  5. I was also sent these straighteners and I love them! Use them every other day after washing my hair and they curl it wonderfully x

    Gemma Louise

    1. They're so good aren't they...deffo helping me enjoy styling my hair more often xxx

  6. I love this straightener too! I don't often straighten my hair but these have made me want to xx

    LPage Beauty

    1. I know right...I'm deffo styling my hair more and more thanks to these xxxx

  7. I have this too and have to say that I love how lightweight it is & it does a great job at straightening - my only problem was that I had to re-straighten the next day but I've never seen anyone else say this so it makes me think that it is just my hair!! xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

    1. Yes, I think something is wrong with my hair! This one lasts a little longer than my old straighteners but my hair can't hold a curl at all! So annoying especially after all that effort xxx

  8. Love it. Nice post.


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