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Monday, June 13, 2016

review new soap & glory lipsticks

I don't think I've ever recovered from the moment I heard the rumour that Soap & Glory would be discontinuing my beloved original Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks née Super Colour Fabu Lipsticks. I've made no secret of the fact that they are some of my favourite lipsticks, among them being Naked Beige, the only lipstick I've ever used up in its entirety. I finally found some closure though and I recently picked up a couple of the newly launched lipsticks, bearing the same name. And now I'm here to tell you how I feel they compare to their predecessors.

soap and glory lipstick review naked beige

The original Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks | review came in 2 finishes with 3 shades in the matte range and 6 shades in the satin finish. The selection was small, yes. But it somehow managed to cater so well to so many different skin tones, with only a couple of shades that would only work on really fair skin tones. Both formulas are pigmented and comfortable and have a sweet scent not dissimilar to MAC Lipsticks. The packaging is black, classy and weighted so you always feel like you're using a more luxury product, which is such a treat.

soap and glory cinnamon beige lipstick review

The new Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks come in 3 finishes - satin, matte & shine - and a whopping 24 shades separated into 3 colour categories - Nudes, Pinks & Reds. It sounds great on paper but I really struggled to find even 2 appealing shades that might work on my skin tone. And worst of all, my beloved Naked Beige and all the other wonderful shades that had such broad appeal seem to have been scrapped (except for Super Nude I believe) for a plethora of very similar, mainly lighter lipstick shades. It's very confusing and heartbreaking all at once. Soap & Glory do claim however that there are still dupes of the original shades in the new line up and they're happy to help you identify which one you need to get your hands on in its stead. 

Soap & Glory Naked Beige vs cinnamon beige
Old Vs New
Naked Beige & Cinnamon Beige

best soap and glory lipstick naked beige cinnamon beige NC40 swatch
Top: Cinnamon Beige
Bottom: Naked Beige

I chose Cinnamon Beige and I kid you not when I say, I prayed this was Naked Beige in new packaging and a matte formula. It isn't. It's close but not quite. Naked Beige is an intriguing nude shade on me, all pinky and brown in beautifully balanced measure. Cinnamon Beige is a brown with a hint of pink, and although it comes across quite similar to Naked Beige on my lips, it's lacking the pigmentation that the previous formula boasted and the alluring depth of Naked Beige. I find myself needing to layer this twice, even thrice in an attempt to cover my hyperpigmented lips. 

new soap and glory lipsticks swatches

Both shades I picked are matte. The formula itself is creamy and comfortable and not drying or tugging. If they had been a lot more pigmented, I think I would feel less deflated right now. Personally I won't be wearing Berry Kissable because it is too bright for me but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of Cinnamon Beige

Onto the packaging, and while I don't believe there was anything wrong with the old packaging at all, I really love the new tubes. Shiny, bright and all round sexy, they've definitely come more in line with the fun side of Soap & Glory. I love the rose gold shade selected for the Nudes line (who doesn't love Rose Gold?!) and I just wish there were more shades that called to me as I would love to line these gorgeous bullets up and just stare at them all day. 

best soap and glory affodable drugstore lipstick

Overall, I'm quite happy with Cinnamon Beige and will be using it a lot and I definitely will try to go in-store at some point and have a proper swatching session myself to see if there are any other shades I might actually enjoy. Until then, I'll carry on savouring the last bits of Blush Pink, Perfect Day and the prematurely discontinued though it makes no sense Red My Lips

drugstore lipstick soap and glory

Have you tried these new Soap & Glory lipsticks? How do you find they compare to the originals? What was your favourite shade? Which shades are you drawn to how? Let me know...

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