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Thursday, June 16, 2016

dames and dimes skincare body products review

With Summer fast approaching, I'm making time and putting in more effort to get my body soft and smooth. Basically I want it looking like it wasn't completely neglected throughout the colder months (does anybody else just slather on some body lotion & throw the woolies on for fear of freezing in the bathroom?!?). And what better way to get my skin summer ready than with natural, organic products that are handmade right here in the U.K.? 

review natural skin products dames and dimes

Dames & Dimes is a brand focused on effective products that get the skin glowing and beautiful using only natural ingredients and avoiding the use of any synthetic colours or fragrances. As such, they have created a line of handmade products that are skin friendly and would be suitable for even sensitive skins. On top of this, they've gone above and beyond in putting together a fun brand, from the packaging to the site, that is quirky, intelligent and bound to make you giggle.

dames and dimes review

Dames & Dimes Peppermint Salt Scrub* | £15

Formulated from a concoction of Epsom, Sea & Dead Sea Salts - this scrub takes my skin from dull and dry to smooth and shiny. This body scrub is not like any other I've used before. It has a dry crumbly texture that seems like it wouldn't be quite as effective as the paste-like emollient scrubs I'm accustomed to but honestly, it's better. It's infused with peppermint oil so it smells incredible, as though it should be perfectly edible (although it isn't...sadly!) and leaves a lovely light layer of moisture when rinsed off. This makes it great to use in the shower or tub without leaving that usual oily residue on slippery surfaces.

dames and dimes peppermint body scrub paraben free natural skincare reivew

This works wonders on elbows and callous knees and I'm loving what it's doing for my feet, which need more than a little TLC at the moment. It's harsh in the sense that it gets the job done without half as much effort but it's still somehow gentle thanks to the balance of oils used in the formula. 

This product would be great for someone who is blessed with scaly legs like me, and indeed someone who didn't bother to exfoliate during the whole of winter. You get a whopping 450g tub of this good stuff too making it more than worth it for the results and the assurance that you're only using the best stuff - no micro beads, no synthetic irritating fragrances or harsh chemicals. 

Dames & Dimes Whipped Body Butter* | £14

And of course no body scrubbing session is complete without a good moisturiser to seal the deal. This whipped body butter is fantastically rich and a little really does go a long way. Containing organic unrefined shea butter alongside coconut, kukui and rosehip oils, this beautiful mousse that envelops the skin in luscious moisture and keeps my body hydrated all day long.

dames and dimes whipped body butter natural organic unrefined shea butter review

The lightweight texture melts on contact with the warmth of the skin and leaves it silky smooth to the touch. Because it doesn't contain any synthetic fragrances what you're left with is the wonderful, natural nutty scent of Shea which is comforting and reassuring all at once.

This is an excellent body butter for anyone suffering from severe dry skin on their bodies as it really is rich enough to leave your skin happy. Gone are the days when I'd moisturise and then my legs would be screaming from the dryness within hours. This will be a definite staple in my stash come winter too. 

dames and dimes uk handmade natural skincare brand

Both of these products have since been repackaged and are now available in transparent tubs that are more compact which is great news for any fellow product junkies who need to cram in as many products into every crevice around the house as is possible. I like that the brand is constantly adapting and adjusting because it shows that they're thinking about the consumer at all times. Yay!

I'm really impressed with the quality of the products, which are handmade in small batches to ensure everyone is receiving the concoctions at their best.

I love that Dames & Dimes haven't gone down the usual route of natural skincare = serious skincare. The element of fun and quirkiness makes them stand out from the crowd. They're also very approachable and I know would be more than happy to receive questions regarding their creations and on the origins of their ingredients.

The Dames & Dimes line up also contains: a hand & nail balm, a foot butter and a lime scented body scrub. So if you're looking for some natural, non-irritating and all round awesome skincare for this summer then be sure to check out their site and Instagram where they have discounts and more information on their creations. 

review dames & dimes

How do you get your skin summer ready? What's your go-to product to make your skin glow? What would you like to try from Dames & Dimes? Let me know...

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