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Thursday, May 12, 2016

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I think its fair to say almost every makeup junkie is well and truly on board the liquid lipstick train and there's really no need for me to repeat how obsessed I am with them right now. And when these cuboid tubes of lip colour goodness started appearing on my Instagram feed, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist for too long. 

Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick | £14

Known for their unique and clever click-lock packaging, that allows you to create any combination of 'palettes' with their products, I love everything I have tried by Jouer previously.

jouer lip creams vs nyx soft matte lip creams


I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy these just because of the super cute packaging because, really and truly, that was the main reason. Haha! It's quirky but dinky, compact, tiny and cute which fits perfectly with the brand and their existing line of products.

It comes with a standard doe-foot applicator which isn't too hard or too flimsy to use, allowing a decent amount of control while picking up enough product too. Because the formula is more cream than liquid, it isn't too messy either.

best liquid lipstick review

These lip creams also have the ridges that allow them to be linked and joined onto other Jouer products, which just adds to the cuteness if you ask me.


You get a decent 6ml of product in each of these which is really quite great for the price and considering this is a higher-end brand. When compared to the legendary Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, which only contains 3ml for £16, you can really appreciate what good value you are getting with these.

They smell sweet, like vanilla and candyfloss and I love the beautiful, delicious names of each shade.


Jouer have done a great job of selecting some really appealing, wearable shades from nudes, to pinks, brights and reds. Interestingly this line-up also includes some stunning metallic finish options that I don't see myself running out to get anytime soon but they look incredible.

best jouer liquid lipstick shades for medium asian indian skin noisette and petale de rose

I love the look of a lot of the shades and picked up the 2 that I wanted to try the most to begin with and 2 that weren't almost identical to one another:

  • Noisette (matte warm chocolate brown) - a beautiful medium brown that isn't too orange or too peachy or too grey. This only needs one layer for opaque colour and applies really well.
  • Petale De Rose (matte cool deep rose) - a pretty dusky rose shade. This takes two layers for opaque colour where my lips are darkest and can be streaky.

I really like both shades, though I do wish Petale De Rose had a touch of mauve about it as it can come off a little bright, but that's just my personal preference. I am surprised how much I actually like Noisette, considering I'm not a huge fan of brown lip colours. Mixed together, I get a stunning nude shade that really suits my complexion.

I hope to pick up Lychee, Dulce De Leche, Cassis and Melon in the future.

NC40 swatches jouer lip cream noisette petale de rose swatch
Top: Noisette
Bottom: Petale De Rose


These are a creamier formula than some other liquid lipsticks I have tried but dry matte and are long-lasting just like you would expect from the more fluid formulas. They remind me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams although those are much less pigmented and nowhere near as long-lasting on my lips.

The colour lasts on my lips around 3-4 hours, with a little bit of flaking and cracking and I do find the centre part of my lips to lose the colour a lot sooner. As expected, after eating I need to reapply these and the good thing about this formula is that you can add layers on top of another without causing any distress, which is not the experience I've had with many other liquid lipsticks. 

They are drying on the lips but not more so than any other liquid lipstick and definitely benefit from a balm used on the lips for a while before application. And of course, like any other formula, if you have plump lips to begin with, this formula will be much more flattering than if you already have lines and wrinkles on your lips. Luckily though, this doesn't exaggerate and accentuate any lines you naturally have or shink the lips the way NYX Lip Lingerie Lipsticks do.

It is quite a comfortable formula and only begins to get a little annoying on the lips as the hours wear on. It dries properly too allowing you to purse your lips together without too much stickiness.

My only criticism would be that they could be a lot more pigmented and little more long-lasting.

jouer cosmetics review

In all honesty, initially I was quite disappointed with these. This is mainly as I had built them up in my mind to be the ultimate liquid lipstick formula: offering amazing pigmentation, plumping and moisturising action while being long-lasting and super dinky and cute too.

But really, they're nothing extraordinary. They are lovely and I feel like I am enjoying using them more now that I have banished the random expectations from my mind about them. They do the job without blowing my mind.

I think they're great value for money and there is definitely a shade or two there for everyone.

jouer cosmetics uk review beauty blogger

Have you tried Jouer Lip Cremes yet? How do you find they wear on your lips? Are they on your wish list? Which shades appeal to you? Let me

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