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Thursday, May 05, 2016

review of best cc cream it cosmetics with swatches NC40

We all know that foundations generally like to promise us the world and usually only stop short of "will give you the ethereal glow of the people of Paradise" and I have to say this product is up there among those trying to make the most claims of them all! I've been using this over the last fortnight and I'm ready to share my findings and feelings. Enjoy!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream With SPF50+ | $38 

Most people will have seen this silver pump tube on YouTube or Instagram over the last couple of years. It is one of the brand's best selling products and is popular among 'Beauty Gurus' especially across The Pond. I finally gave in and bought this recently. And overall, I have to say I am very impressed.


Personally, because I'm shallow like that, I was most drawn to the appearance of this. There's just something about the sleek squeezy silver tube with irridescent accents and a pump that just has me all excited. It also comes in a box with additional information, including its MASSIVE long list of ingredients.

I like how compact and light-weight it is considering it contains 32ml of product. The lid is also quite sturdy, protecting the all-important pump but can sometimes pop off if not properly secured (duh!).

review it cosmetics cc cream tan medium indian skin nc40 swatch


Mainly this product claims to be a full coveragecolour correcting cream that provides anti-ageing benefits, hydration and a high level of sun protection. The brand promotes this product as a multitasking gem:

"It's 7 steps in one! It's your moisturizing day cream, anti-aging serum, pore minimizing primer, skin brightener, dark spot corrector, and full coverage foundation, and sun protection all in one."

I'm going to dive right in and just say this here: This contains SNAIL SECRETION!

It's listed high up there among the first few ingredients and I genuinely did not know this until I started preparing to write this review. Yes, I have been applying snail slime to my face unknowingly these past couple of weeks. It's especially funny because its the one thing I've been saying I'm not ready to introduce into my skincare regime just yet. Snail slime is known for its moisturising, protective and regenerative qualities, and this is produced cruelty-free.

Now, this also led me to discover that this product is manufactured in Korea. I very recently started using Korean skincare products and I'm really impressed by the results so this fact paints this CC Cream in a whole different light for me and makes a lot of sense actually.

The very concept of all-encompassing skincare/makeup products is something we have adapted from Eastern Asian beauty regimes in the first place. Knowing it is produced where Beauty Balms came from is reassuring and actually shows in how the product perfoms.


This is a very light-weight cream that is almost gel-like in texture. It has a lovely, refreshing citrus scent that I normally attribute to skincare. This can be blended easily and doesn't bunch up, crumble or ball up when applying. The pump dispenses more than enough for a full-face of makeup but you can also carefully pump out a little less if you want to.

I like that the formula is easy to work with, blend out and build up. It feels so light on the skin and keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. Despite this, I still feel like you need to moisturise before applying this or it can be patchy and cling to any dryness if applied straight onto a clean face.


The product comes in 5 shades - Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, & Rich - and is said to adjust to individual skin tones on application.

This part is always the most stressful for me when it comes to base products and I actually spent a long time searching for real, reliable swatches and descriptions of all the shades. I eventually opted for Tan because, from what I could tell, a lot of ladies with significantly fairer skin tones used Medium.

In all honesty, Tan is a tad darker than my skin tone and has a very neutral undertone that comes across slightly cool and bronze on my face. It does tend to look more closer to my skin tone as the day goes on. I can still make it work, once I've powdered and highlighted, but I just wish it was a tad more warm and yellow. It works but is not perfect by any means. I am curious to see how Medium would actually work so hopefully when this product becomes available in UK I may just have to get it to compare.

NC40 swatch of it cosmetics your skin but better CC cream best top favourite
It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream - Tan
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Cashew
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H - 045 Sable Beige
MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NC42


The formula of this makes it easy to apply in any number of ways. I personally don't like applying base products with my fingertips but you probably could and get quite a nice blended finish too.

I like to use a dense buffing brush starting at the centre of the face, and blending my way outwards. I then go over with a damp sponge to get rid of any streaks or any excess product sitting on my face. This also works really well with just a damp sponge, providing excellent coverage this way too. 


The most striking thing about this foundation is the amount of coverage it provides while being virtually weightless on the skin. If I use a whole pump, it covers every dark mark and evens out all areas where my pigmentation differs. The finish is very natural looking despite being medium-full coverage, looking like really good, healthy skin rather than a mask. It has a satin finish on application that develops into a very dewy finish after a while.

With my combination skin, I find I have to use this with a primer. When I've tried it without a primer, my naturally oily t-zone quickly breaks the product down and it starts to look really bad, really quickly. But with a primer, it lasts a long time and looks freshly applied for hours. I also make sure I powder my t-zone because the finish is so dewy it can look a little too shiny after a few hours.

Generally, I've found it to last amazingly well up to 6 hours without transferring too much or breaking down. After this, it starts getting patchy around my nose and mouth which is fine and not completely uncommon for me with any base product. I like how this looks so fresh throughout the day though.

The product is great at reducing the appearance of my pores, which regular readers will know is one of my greatest issues. They don't disappear by any means, but the product doesn't sink into them or exaggerate them. It also has a way of smoothing over fine lines and doesn't crack around the mouth or anything. It's got a very skin-like elasticity that really helps in making it look so natural on the face. 

In terms of its anti-ageing properties, while it is packed with lots of amazing, skin protecting and regenerating ingredients, I can't say I've noticed any huge differences in terms of fine lines or wrinkles because of this product alone. Having said that, it's a bonus to have some good ingredients in my makeup that helps repair and rejuvenate the skin. I haven't used it long enough to comment on its long-term benefits to the skin either, such as brightening and colour correcting which the brand claims.

I've never had to reapply this because it is so long-wearing though I have to powder a few times because it does make my t-zone very shiny. The rest of the face looks glowing and radiant throughout the day though. I think this product will be absolutely perfect for me when it's winter and my skin is looking a little lacklustre.

best cc cream foundation for dry dehydrated skin dewy satin glowy base


This isn't as readily available here just yet. I purchased this as part of my First Beautylish Haul and while the shipping was quick but it did mean I had to pay customs and taxes on top of the price of the product. 

Thankfully, It Cosmetics has finally landed here in UK and is sold via QVC. They haven't got this CC Cream yet but it will be available soon. 

The best things about this product:

  • Medium-full coverage
  • Extremely light-weight
  • High SPF
  • Dewy, glowing finish
  • Natural-looking
  • Easy to blend
  • Compact, attractive packaging
  • Convenient pump
  • Cruelty-free
  • Contains beneficial ingredients

The not-so-great things about this product:

  • Shade is a tad cool & dark
  • Colour-matching not so easy
  • Not yet available easily in UK

ummbaby beauty makeup of the day flatlay
Makeup Of The Day

Personally I am absolutely in love with this product and I love the way it looks and feels on my skin. The healthy looking glow and the light-weight full coverage formula is something I am really enjoying and even though the colour could be a better match, the performance of the product is impressive enough that I can overlook that. I know that I will truly appreciate this during the winter cold, but I still find myself wanting to use this purely because the finish is so beautiful on my skin.

If you have dry, dehydrated skin and you need something to give you that glow of good health and hydration, you will adore this product. I assure you! :)

Do you have this CC Cream on your wishlist? Did you know it contains snail slime? Do you prefer a matte or dewy base? Let me know...

Sal xxx
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