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Monday, April 04, 2016

best affordable drugstore highstreet makeup brand

There's something about gold makeup packaging that gets my heart racing and Milani Cosmetics have hit the nail right on the head right from the word go. Not only is the packaging stunning, simple and sophisticated, this highly affordable brand has filled it's golden containers with incredibly beautiful products I could look at for the rest of my life. And that's just talking about their appearance...

I was blessed to be gifted these gorgeous Milani products by the equally gorgeous Hidden Harmony World from all the way across the Pond. It was my understanding that we couldn't easily get ahold of Milani products at an affordable price point here in UK but I have since learnt that they are sold here on Milani UK, Cocktail Cosmetics and the Amazon prices have also plummeted too. I'm still glad these were gifted to me as they will always have a more special place in my heart because of her generosity.

favourite drugstore brand milani


milani baked blush luminoso indian asian medium skin nc40

As though you've never heard of Milani Baked Blush - Luminoso | £6.99 this is a beautiful peach blush combined with a gold shimmer that brings sunlight to the face. It's a highlighting blusher that I can see myself reaching for a lot in the coming months. I love that with this there is no need for a separate highlighter.

Best pink blush for indian medium skin nc40 milani tea rose

Another iconic product of theirs of course is Milani Rose Powder Blush - Tea Rose | £7.99 which looks like a luxury, high-end product to me. The rose design is not just an overlay or just the top layer of the product. From what I can tell most of the blush makes up this shape so it's beauty will last a long time. And the shade is a matte pink that would work on a lot of skin tones. My other blushes have to fight to get my attention now. 


Milani color statement lipsticks for nc40 indian medium skin

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks | £4.99 are very moisturising, creamy lipsticks that pack a whopping punch when it comes to pigmentation. They glide on easily and really fill the lips up with the illusion of plumpness and cover up all pigmentation.

milani plumrose milani pretty natural lipstick

Plum Rose is a wonderfully deep pink plum shade that I find a little bold for me straight from the bullet. I like wearing this under a lighter, nude shade to mute the boldness but still have some of that stunning plumminess showing through.

Pretty Natural is a shade that leans a little more brighter on my lips. With a deeper lip liner it works great and I love it for when my lips just need to take a break from the matte madness I have going on. 

I love the sleek golden packaging of these as they look and feel a lot more expensive than they are. I just don't like the scent too much. They smell almost like rotting melon to me, I don't know why (I have a similar issue with Rimmel Kate Lipsticks!). 

I am literally in love with the blushes. There is no question of a doubt that I will be building up a small Milani blush collection soon because you get such high quality products that are also gorgeous for such an affordable price. I'll probably try their matte lipsticks next or even their liquid lipstick offering as I've heard some interesting things about those too.

NC40 swatches milani luminoso tea rose

Overall, I think Milani is possibly one of the best drugstore brands I've ever tried and I'm making that bold statement having just tried 3 products. That's saying something!!!

Have you tried anything from Milani? What do you think of their products? What would you recommend me trying? What's your favourite Milani blush shade you have or you want?

Sal xxx
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