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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Makeup Of The Day - One Brand Face

The world's worst kept secret is quite possibly my absolute love and obsession for all things Soap & Glory. I love their bath and body care products, they have some excellent skincare products and of course I rarely go a day without using something or another from their makeup line in my routine. I always get asked on Instagram which Soap & Glory Makeup I recommend checking out.

This One Brand Face post is my quick guide to Soap & Glory Makeup - the bits I love, the bits I'm not so keen on and everything I've tried in between in the handy format of a full-face makeup routine!


One Heck Of A Blot Instant-Perfecting Power Primer | £10

This light-weight primer has a lovely emollient texture that is easy to apply and spread over the face without sliding or dragging. It mattifies the skin but feels moisturising at the same time. This makes my makeup last and keeps it looking fresher for longer while unwanted shine is kept at bay. Also, it doesn't sink into my pores like some others I've tried so a huge bonus in my books.

Do you need this in your life? Heck yeh!

One Heck Of A Blot All Day Liquid-To-Powder Foundation | £12 | review here

This is a medium-full coverage foundation that is thick in formula and can be tricky to blend out evenly. I like using a buffing brush and then going over with a sponge just to make sure it's looking flawless. But once it's on, it's really lovely. It is very matte and benefits from bronzer, blusher and highlighter. But I love that it stays put all day. The shade range is unbelievably terrible though.

Do you need this in your life? If you can get a shade that matches AND you like a matte base, then yes it's worth checking out. If not, then you're not really missing out on anything.

Kick Ass Concealer Three Piece Camouflage Kit | £10

This is a 3 piece concealing kit in a nifty little compact that travels well. It contains a peachy corrector shade, a skintone shade and a fabulous mattifying setting powder. Personally I find the texture of the concealer very dry to work with, but the powder is one of the best I've tried. Again, with only 2 shades available, it's not aimed at the masses.

Do you need this in your life? Not based on my own experiences, but for 3 products in 1, it is not a bad investment if you like thicker concealers.  

Kick Ass Pressed Powder Instant Retouch Pressed Powder | £12review here

A light yellow tinted powder that melts upon contact with skin, this makes for a wonderful under-eye powder that sets makeup and brightens the area all in one. It is such a light texture that I like to press this over my concealer with a damp sponge for a flawless, crease-free finish.

Do you need this in your life? Heck yeh!

One Heck Of A Blot Powder | £12 | Review here

My favourite powder offering from Soap & Glory is this translucent, finely milled mattifying powder. It sets makeup wonderfully and keeps my face shine-free and flawless for hours. It even comes with a little powder puff pad which is why this compact travels with me wherever I go.

Do you need this in your life? Heck yeh!

Soap & Glory also offer a liquid concealer, colour correctors, highlighters, shimmer bricks amongst other products that I haven't tried yet myself but would love to.


Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush | £8review here

This is the dinkiest little thing that comes with a brow pencil on one side and a handy brow spoolie on the other. It is pigmented but not overly so, allowing me to build up the intensity without having to dig into my brow bone to deposit colour. It isn't hard or waxy and is so easy to use. The shade is also perfect for my dark but sparse brows giving me a very natural look. Best for travelling.

Do you need this in your life? Heck yeh! 

Archery Brow Putty Dip & Brush | £10

This is quite a pigmented cream that glides on without effort and sets in place but I'm struggling to fill and shape my brows with this without making it look super bold and painted on. The brush that comes with it is too big and splays making it useless. And I wish this came in a traditional pot rather than in this tiny tube because I struggle to pick up a small amount of product when I dip my brush in. But I still like the pomade for when I'm doing a full face of makeup.

Do you need this in your life? Ermmm...its not bad but I won't be repurchasing this unless they change the packaging. 

The Perfect Ten Palette | £10 | featured here

This eyeshadow palette is perfect for the girl who loves neutral everyday shades with the option to smoke it all out and look fierce. With a nice mix of mattes and shimmers, these shadows are buttery and blend easily, though some of them could be better pigmented. My favourite shade is Sunset which is a lovely rose gold shade. As much as I like this palette, the packaging with all the eyes, scares me a little. lol!

Do you need this in your life? It's great if you're new to eyeshadows and need a do-it-all palette.

Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Extreme | £6 | featured here

I love this eye liner pen when I am in a rush because it glides on and doesn't drag. It isn't super black which is great because it keeps the liner wearable for casual/formal makeup although sometimes I do find myself having to go back and build up the colour. The felt tip really makes it easy to build up a line quickly and is great for the quickest wings ever.

Do you need this in your life? Yes!

Smoulder Kohl | £5 | review here

I've been using this eye pencil for years and still it remains one of my favourite formulas. Its creamy and glides on effortlessly and is super pigmented. It is a gel formula that sets and doesn't budge for hours, especially the case in my preferred shade - Cocoa Bean. They come with their own sharpeners in the lids making them convenient to carry around for any bare-eyed emergencies.

Do you need this in your life? Heck yeh!

Thick & Fast Mascara Super Volume Mascara | £10

This mascara has the biggest brush of all the mascaras I have ever tried and to be honest, the drama it causes me when trying to use this without making a mess, isn't even worth it when I see the results on my lashes. It coats my lashes in mascara with a bit of extra volume but nothing significantly note-worthy at all. And I make a mess on my eyelids or cheeks or nose with this every time.

Do you need this in your life? Not really. 

Thick & Fast Mascara High Definition Collagen Coat | £10.50

This mascara is what I think the original one wanted to be. The brush is large but not ridiculously large so messes are not as common with this. This adds volume and defines my lashes beautifully and I love how wide and open it makes my eyes appear.

Do you need this in your life? High-street brands have a very strong game with mascaras so it's not a must-buy, but it's not a write-off either.

Soap & Glory have also got brow highlighting crayons, brow gels, eyelid primers and another mascara in their line-up that I haven't quite got around to trying but I'm sure they're all worth giving a go.


Solar Powder Bronzer | £11 | review here

A 2-part bronzing story sees one of my favourite affordable bronzers available that doesn't look orange or grey or shimmery or anything offensive really. The only downside to this is that it only comes in one shade and this just about shows up on me. I love how finely milled it is (S&G know how to do powders ok!!!) and that it isn't too pigmented so it's quite difficult to go overboard with this.

Do you need this in your life? If you have light-medium skin, then heck yes!

Sexy Mother Blusher | £9

This chunky twist-up cream blusher is pigmented and easy to use as you just swipe and blend. I personally wish the formula was a little creamier as it does tend to feel quite dry sometimes and can be hard to blend evenly. I avoid using this if my skin is particularly dry as it clings to dry patches.

Do you need this in your life? It's not my favourite cream blush formula so I'd say no.

Love At First Blush Multi-Shade Blushing Powder | £11 | review here

A striking wheel of shimmery pinks, this buttery blusher casts the prettiest pink glow on my face. It is brightening and feminine and makes an excellent highlighting blush. You can also use the individual triangles as eyeshadows.

Do you need this in your life? Again, probably not if you have a deeper complexion. Fairer skins, go for it!


Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks née Super Colour FabuLipsticks | £6 | review here

I think this is possibly one of my most mentioned Soap & Glory products from all categories because the shade Naked Beige is amongst my most beloved lipsticks of all time. The formula of these and the matte range is so creamy and easy to apply. They are super pigmented and comfortable to wear. At this moment in time though, we are awaiting the release of their new lipstick line which is meant to contain a whopping 24 shades in several finishes. I just hope Naked Beige remains in the line-up!

Do you need this in your life? Heck yeh, but here's hoping the new lipsticks are better!

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shine Lacquer | £7

I had such high hopes for this lip product when it was released a couple of years ago, especially because the shade Charm Offensive is that perfect dusky pink shade I love. But unfortunately I can't get along with the formula. It is stringy and gloopy and every time I wear it, it makes a mess. It transfers and slides around even though it is highly pigmented and smells yummy.

Do you need this in your life? Not in my opinion.

Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip 3D Lip Colour & Sculpt | £3.50 | featured here

Another newer release from the brand is this tiny little chubby crayon that packs a whopping punch when it comes to colour and pigmentation. I love the formula of these as they make the lips appear matte without drying out. It remains creamy on the lips therefore comfortable. The perfect little lippie to throw into your handbag.

Do you need this in your life? Heck yeh, if you love bold matte shades!

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick 3D Volume & Shine (now repackaged) | £3.50

I've still got these in the original packaging but these chubby sticks are some of the loveliest glossy lip products I own. Super creamy and pigmented, these glide on to lips or over lipsticks perfectly and make the lips appear fuller. It isn't sticky or irritating to wear and there are some amazingly brave shades to choose from.

Do you need this in your life? Heck yeh!

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss | £9

This is the first ever S&G makeup product I tried many a year ago (not this tube of course!) and I have to say, I'm not surprised this has become such a cult classic. It plumps the lips a little and gives a frightfully exciting tingling sensation when applied on the lips. If you don't have the fullest lips and want to quickly create that illusion, then you'll appreciate having one of these babies in your collection. There are so many colours to choose from now so if you can ignore it's super stickiness, you'll love this.

Do you need this in your life? For the girls who love glossy lips, yes!!!

So there you have my quick run-down of all things related to Soap & Glory Makeup. I cannot recommend checking this brand and their makeup out enough. I genuinely don't think I could survive if any of the above mentioned favourites were to be discontinued as I really do reach for them almost every day. And if you ask me, there aren't many other high-street/drugstore brands that offer the same quality in both product and packaging at such an affordable price-point consistently across the line...that is also as fun as Soap & Glory. But then, I would say that wouldn't I? ;)

Do you love Soap & Glory makeup? What are your must-haves? What do you wish to try from their line-up of amazing makeup? Let me know in the comments below.

Sal xxx
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