The NYX Liquid Lipstick Round-Up

Monday, March 28, 2016

nyx lip lingerie liquid suede soft matte lip creams

NYX Cosmetics finally became easily accessible to us at the end of last year. And yes, we all went a little cray-cray and bought whatever was on our NYX wish lists as though we feared that window of opportunity would be taken away from us.

And NYX have been great at making sure we don't just treat them like any other high-street/drugstore brand. They've dangled carrots, we've drooled and eagerly anticipated the staggered release of exciting products we knew we had to have. Namely, their new lip cream colours and liquid lipstick lines.

Here's a quick rundown of each 'liquid lipstick' NYX has on offer and my experiences: 

best nyx liquid lipsticks

NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAMS 8ml (New Shades) | £5.50 (Full review here)

[I won't go into too much detail about these as I have already done a full blog post on them, with swatches which you can read here.]

NYX recently added a few newer and more on-trend shades to this infamous line of theirs. From a striking violet, a blue lip to a muted brick red, they have really stepped up the game for high-street brands when it comes to being bold and brave. I only picked up one shade - Rome - which to me was the shade that was missing from the original line-up. It is a deep, neutral mauve that looks very natural and beautiful on the lips.

The formula is still the same and smells just as sweet and yummy. It can be built up to full opacity and dries to a comfortable matte finish. Like before, I love the colour and just wish the formula packed more of a punch; I wish it were more pigmented and long-lasting. I get better use out of these when layered on top of a lipstick or when using a liner underneath.


  • A huge range of shades, including loads that work on deeper skin tones. YAY!
  • Very affordable.
  • Dries to a matte finish without being uncomfortable or drying.

  • Not pigmented enough. 
  • Not very long-lasting.
  • Needs to be worn over lip pencil or lipstick. 

NC40 swatch nyx liquid suede soft spoken, soft matte lip cream rome


Ah! Remember the race to get these, and especially the shade Soft Spoken, which I have here!!? I sat this one out and waited a good long while before I picked this up and I regret that so much now. And it's not just about how perfect this deep, brown mauve shade is on me...

This formula is incredible. It's a liquid formula that is highly pigmented, lasts a long time and dries to a comfortable satin-matte finish. I still have elasticity on my lips when I wear this and it doesn't get patchy when I press my lips together. I can easily build up the intensity of this shade by layering it after one layer dries.

I also really like the wand which is slightly flexible and really allows precision in getting the contours of the lips. And the packaging, while a tad chunky, has a cute touch in the illusion of a jewel encrusted lid. It's super cute.

Nyx liquid lipsticks best top


  • Highly pigmented.
  • Can be worn straight onto lips. 
  • Can be layered without flaking, peeling or cracking. 
  • Comfortable to wear. 
  • Long-lasting.
  • Affordable. 
  • Easy to use flexi applicator. 

  • Not enough 'everyday' shades to my liking.
  • Takes a little longer to dry.

my favourite nyx liquid lipsticks and lip creams


Finally, their latest product which promises long lasting, matte nude lips for the masses. The release of these was highly anticipated and for some reason (errrrm...Instagram hype!) I decided to jump right in there the morning they became available. This line offers a whole range of nude shades for different skin tones, from beige, peach, pink to brown and even a terracotta. These are creams that dry to a liquid lipstick finish, so almost like what the Soft Matte Lip Creams should have been. 

Firstly I have to state that these are super drying and uncomfortable, compared to the other liquid lipsticks I have. Although they are highly pigmented and dry completely matte, they have a tendency to sink into lip lines and dry out my lips like nothing else. They are also very high maintenance in the sense that I have to keep checking my lips in the mirror to keep an eye on the cracking or flaking. Especially when I've had to layer them as some of the colours can be streaky and patchy on application on my pigmented lips.

best nyx liquid lipsticks for nc40 warm medium skin tone complexion

I have found the best way to use these for me is not directly onto my lips but actually layered on top of a really hydrating lipstick with a lot of slip. It keeps my lips plump but matte and doesn't sink in the lines of my lips or crack. I love the lighter shades for also diluting bolder lipsticks that I don't enjoy wearing alone, helping me to make use of some beautiful, neglected colours whilst using these to an acceptable level of comfort. I'm really enjoying experimenting and creating so many different, gorgeous shades.


  • Beautiful selection of nude shades for different skin tones.
  • Affordable. 
  • Cute, stylish and eye-catching packaging.
  • Highly pigmented for opaque lip colour. 
  • Dries matte.
  • Lasts all day without budging.
  • Perfect way to make any lipstick matte and long-lasting.

  • Ridiculously drying formula.
  • Cracks and sinks into lines (not so much in the case of Exotic). 
  • High maintenance.
  • Some of the shades are seriously similar to one another - would have been nicer to have a few more deeper pink nudes.
  • Large applicator which can be tricky to be precise with.

NYX Lip Lingerie NC40 swatches swatch

My favourite formula of the 3 is definitely the Liquid Suede even though I only have this in one shade. It's the closest to a liquid lipstick in consistency, application and finish. It is super comfortable and I love that I don't need to have any extra preparations with this and I can just apply it straight onto my lips. Whilst I still really like the other 2 as well, I wish they would make the colours from them available in this formula. 

review nyx lip lingerie liquid suede soft matte lip cream

Overall, I think these are all very impressive liquid lipsticks for such affordable prices and I would highly recommend checking them out even just one shade from each line to find which works for you. It's nice to have access to so many cute and fabulous colours in this long-lasting matte finish without having to spend an arm and a leg. 

Which formula do you prefer and why? What would you like to see NYX offer next? Did you also race to order any of these the morning of their release?  

Sal xxx
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