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Thursday, March 17, 2016

top tips for finding best concealers for medium NC40 skin tone

There was a time a few years back when I owned more concealers than any other makeup product. This isn't because I have ridiculously dark, stubborn under-eye circles but rather I was on the hunt and struggling to find the perfect concealer for my skin tone and with a formula to my liking. Now I have a rather small selection of concealers in my arsenal because I've found some incredible concealers and have learnt some tricks that fulfill all my concealing needs.

So let's talk concealers; what shades work for me, which products I swear by and how I get the most from them in my makeup routine. Oh and I've snuck in some of concealing secrets too...


Let's just get this out there in the open: most of the concealer shades available from high street or drugstore brands are just plain wrong for my skin tone. Being a girl of a medium warm complexion, the usual offering of light beige concealers with a pinkish undertone just appear ashy, clash-y(!) and plain wrong. And so the original purpose of using a concealer is undermined by a more ghastly issue. There are a lot more options from the higher-end brands. Having said that I've discovered two drugstore gems that I swear by.

Best concealers for dark circles medium NC40 skin

I find that neutral toned concealers work best, with a balance of peachy undertones and yellow beige colouring. I also opt for shades that are a couple of notches lighter than my actual foundation shade because it really brightens my under-eye area and makes me look wide awake. I've got NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer | £22.50 in the shade Ginger and whilst it's a good colour match, I wish I had opted for Custard instead for a brighter, highlighted look. 


I definitely steer more towards creamier formulas which I feel are easier to work with and don't seem to dry out my under eye area or cling onto blemishes. I find concealers that come in pots and pans to be much dryer and thicker in texture so I personally avoid them though a lot of people swear by them and Into The Gloss has a fabulous run-down of The Best Concealer Pots on the market. 

For day-to-day under-eye concealing I prefer something that feels light but has enough coverage to get me through without frightening myself when I see my reflection. Maybelline The Eraser Eye - Nude | £7.99 (review here) is that perfect light texture that I can quickly blend out and I love how it covers without feeling heavy.

For more full coverage needs - either when the babies have been up all night or a special occasion - I like something more akin to a foundation that will offer complete coverage. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer | £17.50 is a fluid formula that is highly pigmented and ensures that whatever you need to hide gets hidden. I use the shade NW25 which is both a tad lighter than my skintone and also has a more pinky peach undertone thereby offering colour-correcting, concealing and brightening all in one. 

A formula that sits in between is L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer | from £3.38 (review here) which is creamy and almost mousse like in texture and packs a punch when it comes to coverage and pigmentation. It can be diluted slightly for more daily use by using a damp sponge to blend it out.

best concealers for dark undereye circles


It usually depends on what I have at hand and which product I'm using. If I know I'm going to be using a full coverage concealer such as L.A. Girl then I make sure I don't start my makeup routine without getting my damp sponge ready. The pointy end of Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | £5.99 (review here) fits perfectly into my under-eye contours and around my nose to ensure beautiful, seamless blending.

Whereas when I use Maybelline The Eraser Eye, I will usually blend it out with my ring finger because the heat of my fingers help move the product around evenly. And if I apply it to the bridge of my nose, forehead and chin, I like to use a synthetic, slanted brush such as e.l.f. Studio Angled Contour Brush | £4.50 or Bdellium Studio 788 BDHD* | $14 brush to stipple the product and blend out the edges.


  1. It's not really a secret but a reminder to always set your concealer in place. The last thing we want is all that hard work to slide away or disappear revealing what no one, except our nearest and dearest, should see.
  2. I don't have time for the fad method of 'baking' the under-eye area and let's face it, most people don't. But what is really effective is taking a damp sponge and pressing a soft pressed powder such as Soap & Glory Kick Ass Instant Retouch | £12 (review here) over the top of the concealer to ensure it is set in place and no creasing will occur. The results are highlighting and flawless.
  3. When using a full coverage concealer and you're short on time, instead of using a brush to buff it in quickly, which may leave the concealer streaky and prone to creasing, take an old fashioned paint-on foundation brush and pat away. I use Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush | £32 to quickly conceal my under-eye area with MAC Pro Longwear Concealer because it gives an even, full coverage application.
  4. Take your favourite concealer with you when shopping for new ones that way you can swatch your existing one and compare potential purchases alongside it and check for undertones and suitability.
  5. When buying drugstore concealers, never purchase without checking your swatches in daylight. This is true for all base products but more so for drugstore concealers which have a tendency to be horrifically wrong in reality whilst looking completely perfect and 'Holy Grail' worthy inside the store.

I hope you find my tips and secrets useful. If you have any secrets that you swear by when in comes to concealers please share them with me in the comments below.

Sal xxx
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