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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The cuteness of ColourPop Cosmetics is completely undeniable and more difficult is of course sitting by looking at post after post, swatch after swatch and telling yourself that patience is a virtue. Which of course it is! But it's easier said than done when it comes to resisting ColourPop. And I found myself no longer able to sit by without getting some of that ColourPop lip action ;)

I first experienced the magic of ColourPop last year when I ordered 3 of their Super Shock Shadows (review here) which I still love and use regularly. The quality of the products astounds me and I have a ColourPop wish list that seems to grow daily. Even though I want so many of their blushers, lip liners, highlighters and gel liners, I decided to make my first order simple: pick up every lipstick on my wish list!

But the prices some sellers in UK are asking for is absurd and what are meant to be drugstore products are being sold here for next to high-end prices! So after hearing that my InstaSister/makeup artist extraordinaire Blogcreatifa, and blogging superstar Jasmine (Jasmine Talks Beauty) had positive experiences ordering directly using a 3rd party shipping company (as ColourPop don't currently ship to UK) I decided to take the dive and place an order myself. I did exactly as Jasmine describes in this post here so if you're looking to place an order, this post is really helpful.

NC40 swatch ColourPop Lumiere, Brink, Contempto


These lipsticks have been coming up on my Instagram feed for the longest time and when I first saw them, I knew I had to have them in my life purely based on their cuteness alone. The white pen style packaging, with corresponding coloured necks and ends, all with the ease of twist-up application is about as perfect a lipstick design as I can think of. Simple and effective.

There are so many colours and a number of finishes available although I have had my eye on these 3 which all happen to be matte finishes. I would say the finish does have a tiny sheen to it although it is long lasting on the lips and comfortable to wear. 

Colourpop Brink, Contempto and Lumiere swatches

Colourpop NC40 brink contempto lumiere

Brink: warm dusty taupe
This is a peachy nude shade on me that is quite brightening and flattering. It is very different to how it appears in swatches online as I thought it would be a lot deeper nevertheless I really like it because it's a little different. 

Contempto: mid tone dusty rose
This is that classic 'me' shade that I can't resist. Pink. Neutral. Gorgeous. Very similar to MAC Mehr so of course I love it. 

Lumiere: dusty mauve pink
This is such an easy shade to wear that I think almost everyone would love this. It's a balanced mauve pink that appears almost as an MLBB* shade on me. 

best colourpop ultra matte lip for NC40


Now onto the product that I was most excited to get my hands on. These liquid lipsticks are thrown at my face daily...not literally of course but they might as well be. These colourful tubes of long lasting matte lipstick promises are insanely beautiful and I am over the moon to finally finally have all the shades I wanted (now of course I have another list of shades I need to add to the collection). 

To say that I'm obsessed with these babies is a bit of an understatement. I adore them. I love the weight they have. I love the ridiculously stiff doe-foot applicator. I love the colours. I love the pigmentation. I love the longevity. I love everything about them. Although I think the packaging is beautiful, I do wish they had made the packaging a matte silver because now with the release of their Ultra Satin Lip they are identical to one another. Either way, it's still a gorgeous product all round. 

top colourpop ultra matte lip swatches

Personally I find that you need to work quite quickly with these as they dry very fast so really there isn't much room for error as I do have with say Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick or Sephora Cream Lip Stain. They dry a little darker than the tube colour which is ok for me and my lighter shades but with the deeper shades, it gets a lot darker. I find the colours generally look different in the daytime to the evening, more so with the dark colours again. And although they are drying, they are comfortable in the sense that the product is very light-weight and you can forget you're wearing anything and there's no obvious tacky feeling left on the lips. The lighter shades do emphasise lines and can settle in the cracks of the lips but that's usually the case with lighter colours while the deeper shades appear more seamless. They are also transfer proof and have survived meals and drinks which I find so refreshing. 

Now onto the colours I picked up and 5 of these are for me while 2 I bought as gifts (it's family so I'm allowed to swatch and try before sending them off to make someone happy LOL!). 

Colourpop Ultra matte lip swatches NC40 solow beeper clueless stingraye chillychilly bumble lumiere2

Solow: neutral nude pink
This is a beautiful light pink that I can only pull off with a full face of makeup otherwise it can look odd and wash me out a little.

Clueless: dusty mauve pink
Like Contempto, this is my favourite shade of lipstick that I'm always drawn to. It's a pretty pink with a bit more depth than Solow making it my perfect liquid lipstick shade. 

Lumiere 2: a deep mauve pink
This is a lot darker than its Lippie Stix sister and leans a tad more purple too. This is that perfect shade for my complexion that is easy to pull off anytime. 

stingRaye: cool toned mauve brown
This is a lot deeper than it appears on swatches online. It's also more purple on the lips in the daytime and more brown in the evenings.

Beeper: warm mid-tone taupe
This is about as dark a brown lip as I'm happy to try right about now. I prefer the classy look of this in the evenings whereas I find it quite jarring in the daytime. 

Bumble: dusty warm terracotta
This colour confuses me the most. I still don't know if I like it or not. I think it's because I imagined it to be a certain shade and not only is it not that shade, but it's also very bright and bold and out of my comfort zone. Having said that, there's no doubt that it is absolutely stunning when worn!!!

Chilly Chilly: muted plummy brown
This shade gets darker and darker as it dries. And if you're into the brown lip trend and you like warm shades, then you might just love this. 

colourpop ultra matte lip bumble swatch NC40

I think ColourPop have done a fabulous job with both these products again. Seriously, if they become easily available in the UK, they will become a drugstore/HighStreet force that most existing brands will struggle against because the quality of each product is so good.

I have my eye on their blushers and highlighters next and of course a few more lip bits but I'll have to fight every bone in my body to wait a while before placing another order. Interestingly, despite paying for 3rd party shipping, insurance, taxes and customs, each individual lipstick still works out cheaper than a lot of our high street lipsticks here.

best colourpop haul uk

Remember you can read my review of their incredible Super Shock Shadows here.

Have you tried anything from ColourPop yet? What have you got your eye on? Are there any lip colours I would love that I need to add to my collection? Let me know in the comments below. 

Sal xxx
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