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Monday, February 15, 2016

too faced eyeshadow palette review flatlay

I am forced to begin this review with a big fat spoiler because I am completely head over heels in love with this palette and I can't contain my excitement to be finally talking solely about this beautiful little thing. I bought this as part of my first ever Sephora haul a couple of months ago and its bought me nothing but happiness since...and this is coming from someone who doesn't actually wear eye shadows daily.

Too Faced Natural Matte Neutral Eye Shadow Collection £32 is the matte version of the brand's best selling Natural Eyes palette and contains 9 beautiful, pigmented and smooth eye shadows. (Confusingly, it is called Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection on the Debenhams website which led me to believe that it wasn't easily available here in UK all these days.) The palette also contains a Glamour Guide which shows 3 looks that can be achieved with this palette, but of course what makes this palette fantastic is that it is actually highly versatile and the possible uses and combinations for these shadows are endless.

Best matte eyeshadow palette

Aside from the cheeky names, that I personally could have done without, everything about this palette is right up my street. A variety of gorgeous browns and beiges that are completely matte and easy to blend all in a dinky little compact tin with a mirror, that I can use for everyday natural looks to striking smoky evening looks? A girl would be considered ungrateful to claim it isn't absolutely perfect.

Each highlighter shade is great all over the lids and creates a great base to add the other shades on top of because they really let the browns show up better on my skin tone. I also like using them as matte highlighting shades along my cheek bones or bridge of my nose.

NC40 swatch of too faced eyeshadow palette
Nudie - Lace Teddy - Heaven

  • Heaven - a light, beige that comes off quite chalky and whitish on me but really makes the other colours pop. This is great for when I want to create a very dramatic look
  • Lace Teddy - a light peach that appears less chalky and can help cancel out darkness on my eye lids
  • Nudie - a light brown with a hint of yellow which is the perfect base shade for my eye lids and my favourite shade of the three

Top matte eyeshadow palette best favourite

Onto the brown shades, all of which look good enough to eat. There is a good selection here of neutral and warm-toned browns that all work well together in any number of combinations despite the palette being designed with 3 easy to achieve looks. Some of the shades are prone to kick off a bit of powder when picking up the shadow on a brush but I don't find this affects how they apply or how long they last. The shadows are soft and pigmented and blend very easily without dragging.

NC40 swatches of Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette
Excuse the reverse order of swatches of each row :/

  • Cashmere Bunny - A taupe brown shade that works all over the lid, as a transition shade and is also great for contouring
  • Sexpresso - A dark brown that is great for a smoky eye, lining the eyes and smoking out the lower lash line
  • Strapless - One of my favourite shades, a medium warm brown that looks great all over lid or in the crease
  • Risque - A less intense dark brown that is great for a smoky eye though my personal favourite use for this is as a brow powder
  • Honey Butter - Another favourite shade of mine, a light brown with a hint of orange that is great as a transition shade or all over for a natural look
  • Chocolate Cookie - A warm milk chocolate brown that is possibly my favourite shade of the whole palette that I enjoy wearing in my crease

I am truly impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows themselves but more with the selection of shades because there really is something for any number of looks. It is also great for creating the basic look before going in and adding shimmery shades or glitter on top.

If I have any gripes in addition to the names it would be that the small size of the pans of the brown shades can be initially shocking and I would have liked if all the shades were the same size as the highlighting shades. Also, I am not sure how well this palette would work on darker skin tones as the shades are not very intense. Of course, this is me being very very very picky and trying to find something to say for the sake of balance. ;)

best eyeshadow palette for medium skintone

I believe this is my perfect eyeshadow palette, though in all honesty I plan to get my hands on the Natural Eyes palette too. If you love matte brown shadows or are in need of a selection of good, versatile matte shadows then I believe you will find this an invaluable addition to your arsenal.

Is this palette on your wishlist? Do you already have this palette? What other uses do you have for the shades? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to follow me on my social media.

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