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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

top luxury high end personalised gifts for her this christmas

Today marks 5 years since my Husband and I got married, alhamdulillah (All Praise to God). It seems like it was only yesterday. But then, so much has changed in that time that is also feels like it was forever ago. One thing that still remains the same is that I have way more possessions than any one person requires in life, really and truly. And I know I'm really hard to buy gifts for because of that reason. I feel bad for him really because I want to be spoilt but I haven't left him much choice of what to be spoilt and surprised with. LOL!

So I've picked 5 gifts available this season that would put a smile on anyone's face, even the girl who has everything.

hourglass ambient lighting edit, laura mercier, real techniques bold metals, arp


Last year the must-have palette was definitely NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette, which I secretly rushed out and splurged on the moment I saw it was sold out online (like that was ever going to make it to the Xmas sales?!? Pfft!). And this year, after months of rumours, sneak peeks, Sephora emails and Instagram overloads, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit £65 finally landed on our small island and it had to be mine.

This palette contains the immensely celebrated Ambient Lighting Powders, Blushes and a Bronzer which is perfect because you get everything you need for cheeks and complexion all in one insanely beautiful compact. Even though this costs a lot more (A LOT MORE!) for a lot less product in one full sized compact, what you're really getting is a highly-useable collector's piece. It's perfect for the girl who hasn't ever dabbled in these powders before because with this she can try 6 shades from the brand. Its also perfect for the one that has too much makeup because it will blow her socks off so badly, she will think twice before asking for more makeup again (that's what happened to me!). This, for me, is the ultimate gift this season.


The Real Techniques Bold Metals Essentials Gift Set £64 (currently only £!) is a great gift option if you are not sure what to get for a makeup lover at any level of her game. In the set you get 3 brushes, one of which is exclusive to this set, which makes it perfect for the girl who has everything because she will definitely not have that brush. The brushes are as soft and luxurious as you've dreamt they would be just from looking at them alone. My favourite of the three is 300 Tapered Blush Brush, which fits perfectly into the Hourglass Palette, and just so happens to be rose gold!!! This set would make any beauty lover happy because we all know, you can never have too many brushes. 


It is always a safe choice to gift a girl something lovely for her to enjoy some 'me-time' with, but these gifts choices are not safe. They are lush.

My favourite way to unwind (eek...cliché) is to take a long hot bath and Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Bath Jewels £58 is a great option because your recipient gets a whole range of oils to choose from, all housed in a beautifully decorated box. Even though I'm still working my way through the oils from last year, I would be just as giddy to receive a brand new set. They're too lovely.

Along with that, another treat that any girl would appreciate, is Laura Mercier Le Petite Soufflés Collection £45. Not only are the adorable little pots pretty to adorn your bathroom with, it's also a fantastic way to have a taste of all the scents & flavours available (yes, they smell and feel like they should be just as edible)! The quality of these body butters is unlike any other. They're dreamy and delicious and make me smile every time I see them, let alone use them.


I think a personalised gift can't go amiss, unless of course you spell the name wrong!!! And for a woman who doesn't need anything else, you can always be sure that a gift bearing her name or initials will bring her some joy. And MiaFleur is just the place to for it. This Black Silk Monogrammed Makeup Bag* £19.95 is handmade, classy, understated albeit personalised, pretty and versatile and any girl would be happy to receive it. There's something about a gift that is tailor-made that makes it all the more special!

top luxury gifts for makeup lovers this christmas

So there you have my Top 5 Gifts For The Girl Who Has Everything, because obviously even having everything isn't ever enough! I hope this helps somebody out there finding it hard to choose something for a wife, sister, daughter, mother, friend, whoever. Any of these will only increase the love between you ;)

What would you gift to the girl who has everything? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me. As always, you're more than welcome to come and say hi to me on my Instagram.

Sal xxx | @ummbaby

*This post contains a complimentary product.

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